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Weight Loss
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I hold all my weight at my stomach

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So I am 19 and 5'3" and I weigh right around 125. Yes, I know that is fairly small. But my problem is that I hold all my weight at my stomach. Has anyone had this problem. Any tips or tricks to help out?
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Me too.

Work on your posture, you may be standing in a way that allows your stomach to look more pronounced.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to reduce fat only in that area.

Lifting weights through a full body program like Female Body Breakthrough, Starting Strength or any of the New Rules books will help with your posture and strengthen your body overall, and through the programs you may lose some of that fat.

I find that eating a high protein, low carb diet really helps to get my tummy flat. I'm not saying carbs are bad (so don't go after me, Carb Police!). From my personal experience, I always see a truly noticeable difference when I temporarily change up my diet to low carb.

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I tend to agree with the above. Being small myself I find I bloat really easily if I eat too many processed foods or carbs. Fresh vegetables, fruit and "white meats" (chicken, fish and such) keep my stomach looking flatter.
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