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Weight Loss
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Hit a plateau and need advice what to do!!!!!!!!

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For the past 6 months, I've been trying to lose weight. I am a big boned 27-year-old woman (6.5" wrist circumference), 200 pounds and am 5'6".

In August, I started my weight loss routine (214 lbs at the time) which involved cutting calories. My intake was cut to roughly 1400-1600 calories. It was hard to keep accurate track as I travel for a living during fall months. But, during that time I managed to peel off 14 pounds between September-November.

In November, I hit a plateau, staying at a constant 200 pounds. I had finished traveling and with help of the downloaded Calorie Count app, I started keeping my diet to 1400-1500 calories. So from, November-December 15, 2011 (6 weeks) I maintained at 200 pounds.

A friend suggested I might be undercutting too much and may have killed my metabolism. So, I increased my diet to 1800-2000 calories and started exexercising moderately (Heart rate 140-170 average workout for 30 minutes).

I have been doing this increased diet/exercise for roughly 4-5 times a week for 4 weeks now and still haven't budged on my weight. Still at a disturbing 200 pounds and actually have gained four inches (in thighs and stomach).

Do you have any suggestions to what I may be doing wrong and what I have been doing right? Any advice would be welcomed. Please help. I really want to lose weight and am willing to do whatever it takes, whether it is weight training (doing that too every other day) or starve myself to the 1200 bottom-line calorie intake.

Thanks, look forward to your response.

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Weight training+diet should yield fat loss.  I am not sure why this isn't working for you.  I can recommend two different courses of action.

One-see a specialist, a nutritionist or an endocrinologist.  You might have a hormone imbalance or something causing an under active metabolism.  

Two-try intermittent fasting.  You would eat and fast in cycles each day, so you would still be able to eat 3 meals a day.  They would just be within a certain time frame.  Try 10 hours eating, 14 hours fasting.  This should get your body to start losing fat.  You might want to see a specialist first before you try this because I don't know if it would complicate any problems you might be having. 

Hang in there.  You seem to be doing the right things.  You just need to figure out why they aren't working as of yet.

How are your clothes fitting? Maybe you are toning and weighing the same down to muscle addition, muscle takes up less space than fat, so you can be slimmer and weigh the same.

I can totally relate though, I went the whole of 2010 and ended up only five pounds lighter than the beginning of the year! I just had to keep telling myself stick with the plan don't go back to your old habits or you'll end up bigger. Sorry I cant add anything more an aside in 2011 I was ill and had to stay in bed for three months completely still. I decided at the outset to be so strict with my calorie intake and kept to between 1400 and 1500 each day. Over thsoe three months i lost 16 pounds! I think part of my problem,not for a second suggesting you are the same, was picking between meals and not being hones t with myself. With no exercise at all, just controlling calories and portion sizes I lost weight (fortunately my husband was looking after me and weighed all my food for me at every meal!) 


Thanks for replying. A year ago, I was questioning my sudden weight gain as I had lost 30 pounds two years ago (by doing same thing I am currently doing now) and a year later it crept back on. I didn't think I had changed my diet by overeating but must have been apparently.

I have a tendency of weight gain/weight loss in the past (Yes, I'm a yo-yo)so I was wondering if I had a thyroid problem. I went and got tested and the doctor claimed I was in the "normal range" of my levels and that it wasn't that. I apparently just over ate. It was discouraging because I hadn't thought I was actually eating more than when I had lost the first round of weight. 

Now, I am religious about counting calories and seems to be harder than it ever has been before. Guess it comes with age, even though I'm not that old :(


I've been measuring myself  on top of exercise and I find that more encouraging than a scale. However, I haven't lost any inches unfortunately. I also invested in a scale that measures body fat, water weight, bone mass and muscle and that hasn't changed significantly either. Though, I take that with a grain of salt. Not sure how it really "knows" those figures ... i think it makes stuff up, but at least it's consistent I guess. 36% fat, 40.4% water, 37% muscle, 4 % - how that is equal to 100% body mass, you got me :)


Congratulations on the weight lost so far. It sounds like you are doing the right things. I wouldn't drop your calories back down to 1400, that is too little for you. It may be that your metabolism wasn't reacting too well from eating so little. But it is also a good sign that you were able to increase to 1800-2000 without gaining weight.

4 weeks to repair your metabolism is not that long. Also, you probably put on a little water weight with your new exercise routine, so it's possible that you lost a little fat. You may start to see progress again soon, even if you don't change anything. 

I think you could drop your calories a little, but I wouldn't go below 1700. If you get more strict, and keep them close to 1800 that should help. And then add in a little more exercise to burn a couple hundred more calories.

Your scale is not going to give you reliable body fat numbers, so don't pay attention to that, just use it to measure your weight. Taking measurements of areas where you store a lot of fat is a better way to monitor your fat loss progress.


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