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Hip Pain - getting worse with weight loss

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Now this is strange, I always thought that the pain in my hips would get better with weight loss, instead it is getting worse.  I have lost 63lb, and my hips, pelvis, and sacroiliac joints are killing me.  I am seeing my pain therapist on Wednesday for a massage, and I am hoping that it will help.  It could just be a phase that my arthritis is going through, or that it is the middle of winter and freezing outside, but the pain is far worse than what it was last winter when I was much heavier. I am already on fairly strong pain medication, and still I can barely walk. 

Has this happened to anyone else?

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It could be that without the protective layer of fat your hip is more exposed to cold than it was before.  It could be the winter weather kicking in.  As you've been losing weight have you made any drastic reductions in particular foods?  I ask because when I tried a low-carb diet once, I got terrible pains in the joints of my fingers.  I understand that very low fat diets can have a similar effect.  

I hope your therapist will have some better ideas and remedies for you so best of luck.  

It could be increased exercise. That could lead to strains and even worse problems if you aren't gradually building up.  If it is just the arthritis, try taking a hot bath in the morning, or get a cordless hotpad that you can strap around your hip.  I hope it gets better!

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