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what are your hip measurements? and what size pants do you wear?

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Hey everybody!! I was just wondering what your hip measurements were compared to your jean size! I know a lot of other factors play a huge role in this too, but im just curious :]


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This is so weird to me. I am the typical "apple" shaped gal. I hate it so much, plus it's the most unhealthy. My hip measurements are the same as some of you wearing several sizes smaller than I do. Same with the thigh measurement threads. It's so disheartening Cry

Apparently I'm 32 inches around my hips where I wear my jeans, but I almost always buy a 28 in jeans. :|

I am 33/26/35 and I wear a size 0/1, depending on the store. I have literally NO butt.

Ditto spirochete! My waist is 36, my hips and the widest part of my tummy are both 41, and I wear size 18 jeans. I can squeeze into a 16 but they're skintight.

I am 33, 24, 33. I can go anywhere from 00-3.

I am 35" around the widest part of my hips. I have no butt either but my stomach is bigger (I'm apple shaped) so sometimes I can fit in to 6's but mostly size 7/8.

hmm I can't say for sure my hip measurements because I lack a tape measure but I'm a UK size 12-14 atm which is depressing as I used to be a 10! D: this is what summer vacation does to you!

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40 and I wear a womens size 14 or 12.   Amazing how little the clothing sizes most are wearing for the same hip measurement .

I was thinking the same thing I saw some that were close to my measurement but they wear such a tiny size.I see yours is more realistic for me.but I guess it does depend on the way clothes are made,brand etc.

My hips at the widest point (around the butt) are 37" and I wear a size 4. :)

40" at the widest point and I can wear a size 10 or 12 pant/jean

I'm about 35 inches around the widest point of my butt, 26.5 inches at the narrowest part of my waist, and I wear a size 3 or 5 in US juniors.

I'm 37" around my hips, 30" around the smallest part of my waist, and I wear a size 7 jeans.

34" around my hips; i only wear low-rise jeans but I don't know the US or UK measurements; I've got a size 36 Romanian pair which is now a bit loose. I've got to wear ALL my jeans wt a belt lol I'm 27.5" over the waist (narrowest point); and I'm 5'2"

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I'm 33/29/37 and I wear a size 7 in juniors sometimes a 5. In "misses" i am a 4 or a 6, depending on the brand of courseCool

Hips 32" inches, Jean Size 23 - 25 (depending on brand); Pant Size 0 (US), 36(EU), 4 (UK).

I have 47 inch hips and wear a UK size 18 (which I think is a US 16, but am totally confused with the US Clothing sizes) If anyone knows the difference between UK and US I'd be pleased to know :)

Sounds like vanity sizing is everywhere or this thread explains tight jeans and muffin tops.

31 at the natural waist 34 at the navel and 41 around the widest part

 I wear a 10 in dress pants and a 12 in jeans

"Sounds like vanity sizing is everywhere or this thread explains tight jeans and muffin tops."

aye...i've got 32" -  33" hips no butt and i usually wear a size 3.  but lots of people with larger measurements than me seem to wear 0/1...

hips 39" and my size 10 Levis are very baggy.  my 8's are a little tight.

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