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what are your hip measurements? and what size pants do you wear?

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Hey everybody!! I was just wondering what your hip measurements were compared to your jean size! I know a lot of other factors play a huge role in this too, but im just curious :]


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37" and a standard size 12-14, which is usually a catalog size 6-8, but I found out today that I can sometimes wear as small as a 3.

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xD I just ran upstairs to figure this out.

I'm 35" around my actual hipbones, but closer to 40 at my widest point (Is that very much? I look like I've got some junk in the trunk, but a five inch difference doesn't strike me as very much...). I think my favorite jeans are a size 7 or 8, but the tag has since fallen off and I can't quite remember. I usually shop around that range, but it varies of course :)


So I measured 3 different spots :) Where my jeans would actally hit my waist is 30. Around my actual hip is 32. At my widest (around my butt) is 37.

I wear a size 4-6.

At my largest its 45" and i wear a size 16 UK. Is your 14 UK or US?? cuz I dont think I need to lose THAT much to fit a 14?!Undecided

36" around the widest part. size 8 standard

38" at the widest part, 37" around the hipbones.  I usually wear a size 4/6.  I'm thin but I have wide hip bones so I'm usually off the size charts a little.

40 hips and 7/8 pants.

42" around the widest part and about a size 10 US 

38" hips - size 7-9

40", and not in a good way.  my size 8s are tight and my 10s are baggy.  gah!  five pounds lighter and my 8s fit great, but the difference is more in my waist than my hips.

About 44 and I wear a 14. :(  I've had "baby bearing hips" since I was about 14!

34" size 1/2

Wow, it's crazy how different it is for everybody even with similar numbers... I'm 37" and a size 4 or 6 depending on the store...

I have a 31" waist and 39" hips at widest point.  I wear a size 8 generally.

Well I just measured...45'' was the biggest measurement I could get off my butt at any point, and at the smallest part of my waist I am 30. Quite a difference eh? Im a freak lol. I wear a size 10-12-14... But size inflations and stuff...The most accurate way is probably jeans. The tag on my BKE jeans says 30 x 35 1/2 ...but I measured around the waist just now with a measurin tape and it wasnt 30 it was 34! I dunno....I usually wear a 12...Im 5'10 161lbs small/medium frame.

I'm 35inches are my widest point. I typically wear a 4/6.

i'm 35.5 and i typically wear a 3 or a 5 in the juniors department... sometimes a 1.

40 and I wear a womens size 14 or 12.   Amazing how little the clothing sizes most are wearing for the same hip measurement .

wow, it is weird how different everybody is!! I'm 34 inches around my hips and I wear about a size 9. anything lower and i usually get a muffin top.

I am 45 3/4 around the widest part of my hips and I wear a size 14, but they are starting to get a little baggy on me.

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