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Weight Loss
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Hip hop abs! Does it really work? please help!

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Okay, i have hip hop abs and ive had it for a while. i did it for about 3 to 4 weeks while i was in school but never really had the time for it so now since i only have a day of school left and then be out for the summer i decided to do it again. but this time i want results..good results.

The first time i did it for that period of time i did lose a little tummy fat but maybe like several pounds but thats still okay. im trying to lose about 15 or 20 more by possibly the middle of june or the end of june.

I do 100 sit ups everyday and i hula hoop for about 30 to 45 minutes almost everyday. i drink about 6 to 9 cups of water a day and on a pretty good diet for a 15 year old.

im just wondering if anybody knows how long it takes to lose that much weight(belly fat) by that period of time by doing all that i said above? i really want to lose this! and fast! if i can do anything else like jumping jacks or stuff like that please tell me! i dont want to have to buy anything! just need info on the whole hip hop abs!


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Hip Hop Abs is awesome - especially for people like me who have been told in no uncertain terms by a doctor that they aren't allowed to do crunches or sit-ups. (spinal alignment issue) I'm on my 6th or 7th week and I can see more definition in my abs (a lot more), my posture's improved and my core overall feels tighter.

As far as your weight loss goal...15-20 pounds in one month seems a little on the extreme side of weight loss, especially at age 15. Based on my experience with HHA, I seriously doubt you'll be able to lose that much weight (especially targeted to your abdomen) in such a short period of time. It might be more realistic to set an inch goal and try to reduce your waist measurement instead of setting a pound goal.

But results vary...

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Yeah that's why my aunt told me. I'm 30 and a half inches right now and I would like I get to about 20 to 22 inches by then or maybe by July. Is that possible?

It really doesn't sound like you have much to lose, honestly. It sounds like an extreme inch loss goal to me. (At your age, I probably weighed 125 - I'm short - had six pack abs and a waist measurement of 25" or so). I have no idea if what you're talking about accomplishing is even healthy for your height and body type, much less if it's possible - in the time frame you're shooting for or at all.

Maybe someone else will take a go at this question. Sorry.

1-2 inch lost around the waist a month is considered very good progress. I think depending on several factors 0.5-1 inch off the waist a month from eating right (with deficit or maintaining) and exercise (strength/cardio combo) is more realistic. So by July average 0.5-1inch, 1.5 inches lucky and 2inches if you lucky in combo with great genes. Most fitness results start show 6-8 weeks + (good inch loss and/or start seeing muscle tone), while I'd say caloric deficit is more like 4-6 weeks (3-10lbs lost depending on start weight).

Since March, I have probably lost 2-3 inches off my waist and 7lbs lost. Results take time, not just hard work. I myself am hoping and crossing fingers to get 1-2inches off my waist by July and maybe 1 more inch after that. And 20-22 inch waist is too small even for some one 5'0", I'd say 25 inch waist is about smallest one should try for at your height (5'4" I saw on another post).

Thanks for that. I had no concept of how much inch loss per month was reasonable. (I feel better about my 1" waist loss now.)

I have to admit, looking back...125 and a 25" waist was just too tiny. I would never attempt to get back to those numbers. I'm happy with curves, just not the flabby ones. ;)

Still totally recommend HHA though. To anyone.

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Thanks For all the tips! I knew that would probably be a little too much! I'm just tired of feeling this flab on me and looking bad when I sit down and stuff. Do y'all know of anything else I can do that involves danceing and is fun for like the wii or something? I have the just dance games but I'm tired of them.. Just something fun and works me out to where I can lose a good bit of this fat!

Well, if you want to burn good cals and have happy parents, chores! I have been busting my butt helping out at my grandmothers house (big house/big property) the past while: mowing (361 cals burned per hour), scrubbing the deck (249 per hour), washing cars (197 per hour), vacuuming (320 per hour), some of these are real cal burners and I find once I get into a groove I don't mind them at all ;P :)

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What kind of mowing? Like sitting down? Or push mowing?

Exercise only works if your DIET works. 

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