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Contrary to many, many people - I NEED calories. I tend to wake up around 10 AM and have a hard time eating back my calories while keeping it healthy. I need high calorie food suggestions that aren't ridiculously salty or sugary...I know, it's tough for me to find them as well.

I am 19, 5'6" and weigh about 202 pounds. Today, I will end up eating 1800 calories, burning 2400+ including my run. This is a good day. I usually end up eating about 1250 (not counting the calories I am eating back).

Here's an example of what I eat in a day:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with Splenda, jello and 100 calorie pack.

Snack: Sunchips (small bag for the calorie content)

Lunch: tuna sandwich and another 100 calorie pack.

Snack/Lunch part 2: ravioli. (only on running days)

Snack: Ritz crackers and Laughing Cow cheese for salt.

Dinner: Potatoes, chicken and peppers with a bit of mozzarella cheese.

Last snack: Gnu bar for fiber.

Thanks in advance!

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My boyfriend is an endurance athlete who drops weight easily in season, so I have gotten pretty good with the calorie-dense foods!

For snacks, Almonds or almond butter on multigrain bread will do the trick for you.  Trail mix is another example (watch the sugar here). 

If you eat salads for lunch, you can get some more calorie dense stuff on there, like beans, avocado, sunflower nuts, soy nuts.
Or a protein shake with fruit and soymilk if you are looking for breakfasty stuff.  Also keep an eye out for low sugar granola for your yogurt.

There's always the Big Mac (kidding!)

I actually dislike nuts, but I never thought about beans! Thank you!

If you're running, you need lean meats and good quality protien.  Turkey, chicken, fish, bison, and lean beef.  Clif BodyBuilder bars rock.  Protein shakes are another one. 

Thanks! I'm already getting too much protein as it is, but I'm trying to tack on at least 200 more calories on running days. Hmm...

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