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Hi, i am new on the website. Is there somebody here who is 40 and + ?

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I am 40 years old, 5"5 and 148 . My goal is 137 and i  should be 137 by July. Would like to find  somebody to do this together, to support and to help to reach goals.

have a great day , everybody

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Hey there!  I'm 42 and have been thinking about doing the buddy thing, cause I've got 10 pounds that I have not been able to budge.  I'm 5'3" and around 132 (I haven't weighed myself in awhile) and want to be around 122, so we have about the same amount to lose.  Something about being in your 40's...it just doesn't come off like it used to! :-)

I have a two year old and I just don't get to the gym consistently the way I used to - Moms just don't put themselves first.  I also eat her potty training M&M's when I get stressed.  Might be good if I stopped that nonsense too! 

So, what are your strategies going to be to lose? What kind of eater are you?  I'm a stress eater.  Can't wait to hear from you!


Hi there!

I'm 44, 5'0" and currently at 126 lbs.  I started out at 133  about 3 weeks ago.   My goal is 115 , something I haven't weighed since I got pregnant with my first child 13 years ago!

It would be nice to chat with people in similar age ranges.  It does seem to get harder in your 40's.  I noticed a gradual "creep" of weight over the last couple of years, and I'm determined to get it under control.

I joined a Curves-like circuit gym at the same time as starting my diet, and the two together seem to be working fairly well so far. 

Hope to keep chatting!


Hi Alimpalmer,

I was so glad to get your reply. I agree with you , everything is so difficult with weight loss when you  are 40. I just decided that i need to do something with this 10 pounds and found this website surfing Internet.  Before i was trying to skip meals, didn't eat after 6 o'clock. But nothing really works , i gained instead of loosing weight. I even tried South Beach Diet, i lost 15 pounds for couple months but then i gained it all back plus couple pounds. So,  i had really bad experience .

As for my strategies, i try to eat 1700 cal  as it was calculated on the website and i go to the gym 3 - 4 times a week doing cardio for an hour on treadmeal  or eclipse. But i have difficulty to eat exactly this amount of calories, i eat at about 1400. I am stress eater too :-) so for me it's very difficult to keep myself from eating something every 5 minutes when i am stressed or worry about something. Now i eat  3 meals a day and 3 snacks. I am eating small portions and i am getting hungry in 2 hours after i ate. But  as i have read it 's good.  What about you ? I understand that you don't have much time for yourself when you have a baby to take care. How are  you  eating ? How often can you go to the gym?

I think that buddy is a great idea !!!

hope to hear about you soon

my real name is Leila

Hi Kurtcourtney,

It feels great to be able to chat with people the same age range as you are. For us, in 40 everything is more difficult with weight loss. I am a member of Gold's Gym and try to get there 3 - 4 times a week and to spend an hour doing cardio. That's great that you lost 7 pounds, that's impressive. I would be so happy when i will do that.  How many times a day do you eat and how often?


Hi Leila -

I tried South Beach, too and had a similar experience.  Just couldn't keep it up with a family begging for bread, pasta and goldfish crackers!  Also, the grocery shopping and prep just kill when you're already busy!  I'm supposed to eat 1300 calories a day according to this website, and that's not hard to achieve - when I'm logging everything and plan my meals, I definitely succeed.  I haven't been to the gym much lately, but when I make it a priority, I can get there 3 times a week and throw nice run in on the weekends.  I am going to start taking a "boot camp" class that combines weights with cardio (heavy on the cardio).  I used to take this class before baby and it rocked. 

I too eat 3 times a day and 2 or 3 snacks, but am always fighting the nighttime snacking thing.  My hubby sits down with a bowl of chips and I get tempted.  At 5'3" it doesn't take much to go up a size.  So my focus will be on upping that cardio, and to stop nibbling on my family's snacks and reducing that nighttime eating.  And water instead of juice.  And no M&M's. Ok - I'll make my list in private; this is getting embarrassing!

Kurtcourtney:  I'm very inspired by your weight loss!  It's exactly what I'd like to do.  Congrats!  Bikinis, here we come, right?

And my name is Alison :-)

Hi Alison,

I need to eat 1700 calories a day, and that is not so easy for me. I eat about 1400 -1500 a  day, but i think that i will use your tip with meals planning. Maybe this will help. I think the same about myself, for my frame 148 is too much. Before i got married 5 years ago, i was 134 and i felt comfortable. I want to get there first and then maybe i will go for loosing more weight. I just want to start loosing weight.  We don't have this class in our gym, but i saw DVD with this workout, maybe i will just buy it if it is so good.  When do you weight yourself and how often? I am addicted to the scale and i am trying to do this only once a week. What snacks do you eat? I am snacking on fat free yogurt, fruits, trail mix bars,cheese.



Hi Leila - I think anything that combines cardio with strength is great, no matter what it's called.  I love classes and videos because they make me work out harder than I do on my own. As an adult I've always been between 115 and 120 (although I did have a weight problem in my teens), so being 130 - ish feels very strange to me, like it's not the real me, you know?

I do not weigh myself every day - I don't even own a scale!  I use how my clothes fit to tell how I'm doing and then weigh myself on Monday or Tuesday at the gym, always on the same scale.  I haven't done it in a while, so I'm not sure of my exact weight, but I'll get it next time I'm there and post my weight every Monday or Tuesday thereafter.  I find if I weigh myself everyday it colors my whole day and I think there's more to life than that :-)  But I used to do that.

Snacks!  I also love yogurt, but nothing with fake sugars because my little one always ends up sharing with me.  Peanut Butter is my achilles heel; I LOVE it.  Bad thing to love!  Fruit, crackers and cereal.  That's an honest assesment of what I snack on - I could probably do better.  I've done better today just because of this post! Thanks for starting it!

It sounds like you're doing everything right.  Are you having trouble losing the weight or have you just started trying?  Do you drink a lot of water?



Hello turquoise67,

No, no bikinis here!!!.  Just to look good in a tankini would be OK for me!  I actually eat very little right now, between 1100-1300.  Being only 5'0", it doesn't take much to add on weight.  I eat 3 regular meals, with breakfast helping the most.  If I eat something before 10 am every day, I have way less cravings to eat at night.   I was actually very surprised at how much difference this has made.  I eat snacks only if I really feel like something - rice cakes in caramel chocolate flavor are very satisfying.  Or, my weakness, junior mints, I just eat 2 or 3 for a snack.  I eat a less than 300 calorie breakfast every day, which often includes 1 tbsp peanut butter on toast.

I weigh myself every day, after coffee, this seems to be my lightest time of the day.  I guess I need to see some result to stay motivated.  Every 5 lbs I lose, I buy myself something small as a reward.

I'm actually doing something called the Cheaters Diet - there's a book on it, where you don't diet on weekends.  I don't go nuts, but I don't count calories either, which helps you not feel like you're going off your diet all the time.  I  count everything between Monday and Friday, then I kind of go easier on the weekends.  I have 3 kids,8, 10 and 12,  so this helps me just live life.




Good morning Alison,

I started on May 8 on this website and hopefully i will start loosing weight soon. How long did it take you to start loosing weight? I have read that some people need a week or two for the start.  Try to drink a 3 - 4 bottles a day and besides that i drink coffee in the morning and tea couple times during the day. I dont' know why but to drink water for me is the most difficult thing. I drink it with a lot of ice and a piece of lemon, then i can drink a lot of water. Actually i like group exercises in gym but the ones that combine cardio and strength. I can't find something like that. I go to body step, but that's just cardio without many strength exercises. I used to do aerobics for 10 years and i really loved it. But you can't find anything like that here. Actually i am from Russia and the aerobics i had there combined cardio and strength and i could loose weight for one class, it was so  much sweating and strength exercises for all problem body parts :-) If you know what i mean. That was unique and i can't find anything like this here.  I do have couple DVDs with  pilates and cardio, but i need to combine two DVDs to get what i want.

I have done better yesterday and this morning too, because of this post  :-) I spend an hour in the gym yesterday doing  cardio and felt really good about myself. I really love chocolate, but dark that doesn't have a lot of sugar. I have scale at home and i am going to weight myself once a week on Fridays. So, my next  time will be on next Friday, i figired i just started on 8 of May, i will give it a time.

have a great day


Hi Liz,

Is that amount of calories you need to eat for the day according to the website? I need to eat 1700 cal a day, it was difficult for me  and i was eating actually less then i suppose to. But i am getting better now, i try to eat close to 1700. I like rice cakes too sometimes, i also snack on chese and yogurt, fruits. How long time did it take you to start loosing weight?

have a nice day


I haven't lost any weight yet, that's my problem and why I was so happy to see your post :-)  I went for a run this morning which I haven't done in forever, but it felt really wonderful. It was a mile and 1/2 - I think I'll be sore tomorrow.  And I've done great with my food so far today.  I just love being accountable to you guys - I keep eyeing those M&M's and saying NO!  Unlike Liz, I can't stop at 2 or 3.  And I don't think I could even have junior mints in the house - they are so good!

Breakfast: Coffee and 1/2 bagel with 1 tsp cream cheese,

Snack: Small bowl of cereal with skim mlk

Lunch: Salad, applesauce, whole wheat crackers with tsp of peanut butter.

Not too bad, but not enough water - I have trouble with that as well.  I have to make myself drink it, which I will do as soon as I've stopped writing.  I'll also look at the cheaters diet next time I'm at the bookstore.  Is it family friendly?  Must be, Liz, since you have 3 kids.  Wow!


Hi,  I'm 47 and 158lbs.  I'm 5'5 1/2" aiming for 144 (I weighed that 2 - 3 years ago and looked great).

I've been doing CC for about 6 weeks but with not much to show on the weighing scales so I upped the exercise to do cardio 6 x a week and strength training 3x a week - I do turbo jam.  Anyway, I've only done this new w/out program for a week so its too early to tell yet.  One thing I have noticed though is I look better in my clothes and have noticed I  have lost about 1" off my waist and 3/4" off my abs in the last couple of weeks so something's happening.

Any how I'd better just stick to being called VM cos my name is Alison as well!LOL.

Take care all.

I didn't loose any yet too :-) but i hope that i will start soon. I am good today too, my breakfast was:  scrambled eggs, toasted whole wheat bread and two cups of coffee with evaporated fat free milk.  Then i had a snack banana. For lunch i had green salad with chickpeas and Tb.s of honey musturd dressing fat free. For snack i had an apple and a cup of blueberries. I like M&M's :-) just  don't  let myself eat them. My husband loves them and we have them always around.  I tried once Skinny Cow ice cream, but i really didn't like it. It doesn't taste natural for me, i have now idea what they put in there. Instead i like frozen yogurt fat free or yogurt blend from Eddy's. Just one scoop will do . I didn't have enough water today, maybe will drink some more later.

it's good to be able to  chat about all this

have a nice evening


Hi VM,

It's nice to meet you .  How many calories are you eating a day? I have heard about this turbo jam, but never took a class. Is it really difficult to follow all these moves? I think that it's great that you loose inches, i have read that it is better when you start from loosing inches and then go to loosing weight. But you know, everybody is so different , it works different for everybody.  I am 40 148 pounds, 5'5 and shooting for 137. I just started on May 8 and didn't weight myself since that day yet, i am going to do this next Friday. I suppose to eat 1700 cal a day and i pretty much do it most of the time, i do cardio 3-4 times a week and walk when i can and use stares all the time instead of elevator. What is your eating hobbits? I eat 3 meals a day with 2-3 snacks,mostly fruits,cheese.


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Hey, I'll be 40 in four months time - can I join in?

I posted my workout in the Fitness form asking for advice on looking good at 40 and no-one replied!

I'm 5'5 and currently weigh 135lbs would like to be 126lbs in time for my birthday.  I'm trying to avoid chocolate and desserts at the moment, I'm also vegetarian.  My workout is as follows:

Monday: 45mins Spin Class, 90 mins walking to and from work.

Tuesday: 1hr Ashtanga yoga, considering switching to Body Pump(?) walking as above.

Wednesday: 45 mins (mat based) Pilates, walking as above.

Thursday: 1hr Extreme Spin Class, walking as before.

Friday: 45 mins Pilates, 1hr Hip Hop dance class (I'm the oldest one there), walking as before.

Sat/Sun: Collapse.

Would love your tips for improving my workout...




Hi Leila - nice to hear from you!!

CC has me down as needing 1700 to lose and I pretty much achieve that (give or take 50 cals!!)  This week I stayed the same on the scales but lost another 1/4" off my waist, 1/4" off my arms (I think you call them chicken wings in US - LOL!!) and 1/4" off my widest part of my stomach since last post (I only weigh and measure once a week). 

The cardio dvds - cos they're quite fast - do take a bit of getting used to (in terms of choreography) - I experience "two-left-feet-itis" in the beginning of most of the cardio tapes!! but once you've got it, its great.  Some people find the presenter annoying, others love her to bits - so like you said its up to the individual.

Her strength training tapes are a bit slower (to get the form right) and so I find them much easier to pick up.  Her abs tape is a killer!!  I even felt it yesterday when I sneezed - LOL!!

In terms of eating I eat pretty much like you (3 meals with 2-3 snacks) because I'm vegan I don't eat meat, fish, dairy, eggs or honey and I eat whole grains, pulses, fruit and veg, nuts and seeds (1 portion to get healthy fats) and no processed food.  I don't drink tea or coffee (gave up 2 years ago) and no fizzy drinks.  I also get plenty of water.  I haven't felt so fit in years. 

Alison - I bet you must burn off a load of calories running around after your toddler!!  I could do an hours cardio but I doubt I could keep up with a toddler! 

Liz - I'm with you on the tankini - definitely no bikini on my bod!!


Hope the day is going well for everyone - bye for now!!

Hi Bunny_hop,

You are almost 40 :-) couple months is nothing ... Wow, you exercise a lot, that's great. Unfortunately i don't have so much time to go to the gym, but i go 3-4 times a week. How you are able to keep on 1700 cal beeing vegetarian? That's impressive. I personally like Body Pump and Body Step and take classes in gym. I also have some dvd with Pilates and  do this at home as well. When did you start on CC website? Did you loose any weight?

have a nice day


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Hi Leila,

I just joined CC a few days ago, I'm just finding my feet on the site!

The gym is right next door to my flat, I open the bedroom curtains and there it is staring at me everyday!  I try to go at 7am so I can flop on the sofa in the evenings!

I was 158lbs and thought I'd join for that little bit of encouragement to get down to 126 - I'll try and step on the scales this weekend!

Take care... Bunny Hop


Original Post by bunny_hop:

Hey, I'll be 40 in four months time - can I join in?

I posted my workout in the Fitness form asking for advice on looking good at 40 and no-one replied!

I'm 5'5 and currently weigh 135lbs would like to be 126lbs in time for my birthday.  I'm trying to avoid chocolate and desserts at the moment, I'm also vegetarian.  My workout is as follows:

Monday: 45mins Spin Class, 90 mins walking to and from work.

Tuesday: 1hr Ashtanga yoga, considering switching to Body Pump(?) walking as above.

Wednesday: 45 mins (mat based) Pilates, walking as above.

Thursday: 1hr Extreme Spin Class, walking as before.

Friday: 45 mins Pilates, 1hr Hip Hop dance class (I'm the oldest one there), walking as before.

Sat/Sun: Collapse.

Would love your tips for improving my workout...


 Hi Bunny_hop - Nice to hear from you!!  I posted mine just before yours arrived on my oh-so-slow PC so please don't think I was ignoring you!! 

Well, my workouts are:

Monday  CardioParty1 (40 mins - kickboxing based)

Tuesday TurboSculpt (40 mins weights) and AbJam about 20 mins ab work

Wednesday Punch Kick and Jam (cardio 40 mins kickboxing based again)

Thursday TurboSculpt (40 mins weights) and 20 minute turbo jam cardio w/out

Friday CardioParty1 (40 mins cardio) and AbJam - 20 mins

Saturday TurboSculpt (40 mins weights) and 20 mins cardio

Sunday rest


Usually I walk for about 2 miles on Mondays and Wednesdays as well but this is to get my daughter to kickboxing classes and she isn't going at the moment as she is unwell :(

I sometimes have dessert but its usually very small - like yoghurt or fruit and I don't have chocolate cos getting the vegan stuff round here is a nightmare!  (So its done me a favour - LOL)

I know what you mean about being the youngest in a class - I'm the oldest in the turbo jam forum but I know there are people in their 50s doing it so its OK. 

Anyway - where are all you guys from?? 

Hi VM,

I really want to try turbo-jam, sounds like something that i would really like. I guess in the beginning it will be difficult because you need to learn all the moves.  Wow, you are vegan, that's increadible. Was is difficult to start and why did you decide to start eating this way?  It is really something  new for me, never met anybody who would be vegan. I have heard about this of course.  Don't you miss meat and milk, fruits at all?


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