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Weight Loss
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Hi, I'm new here and I have a question. Cals/per hour?

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Hi!  I hope everyone is having a good day.  Well,  I am new here and there is something I'm wondering about.  How many actual calories are burned per hour.  Ok bear with me,  I will use examples..  Lets say you burn 1,400 calories per day - sedentary - that comes out to 58.3 cals per hour. (1,400  divided by 24 hrs.)  OK.  Now lets say you burn 500 calories biking - in an hour.  My question is, is that actually only 441.7 calories extra burned - being you would have burned 58.3 calories anyway that hour just existing? (500 - 58.3 = 441.7).

I just want to figure out (yet estimate on the side if caution) how much I can lose monthly through adding specific exercises to my base calorie burn. 441 x 30 divided by 3,500 = 3.78 lbs.  Whereas 500 x30 divided by 3,500 = 4.28 lbs.  Not as if this is a huge difference but in 6 months time thats 3.1 pound difference..  I just do not want to be let down yanno.. 

Thanks in advance!


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First - Let me welcome you to CC.  I have personally found this site to be a wonderful life saver!

If you stick with the numbers the tools here on CC give you and keep motivated, you won't be let down.  NO matter what, do not give up.

It's taken me a year and a half, but I have successfully lost 50lbs and over 21inches total.  I have battled the dreaded Plateau three times and the first time was about 5-6 months (had to battle the binge then!).

Best way to get the most accurate numbers is to be honest in setting up your profile - set your activity level at sedentary and when you work out, log the exercise you have performed or if you use a treadmill with meters, you can log based off that (if you've got your info programed in).

Please don't hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions. :)  I'd be happy to help!

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Hi cjeka.

Thanks for the response.  Congratulations on the weight loss, 50 pounds is wonderful especially getting past a 5-6 month plateau!!  This site seems really cool and the logging of the calories really keeps you informed - i do not like that all the miscellaneous calories add up (gum - crystal light calories milk in coffee) --but it is what it is.

I am trying to understand how the burn meter ect work, I am sure I will figure it out though.

I have been on here since Sept. 25 so (2 weeks).  I had started with a 3 day fast so of course I lost 2 pounds very fast and after that 1 more pound.  CC will only show you what you will lose on a 1,200/day diet..  I sort of want to see if I eat a bit less (what the weight loss will be).  I know lower is not recommended and unhealthy not to mention a possible set up for failure but I would love to see how much more weight loss it would be.

Anyways when I am about to eat more or not log every single thing in I like to try on clothes that have become a bit more loose.. that has helped me so far.


First example - yes. You really burned the lesser amount. That is why when you log it the burn meter doesn't go up by 500 calories, only by 441. This has confused many a new CC'er. I simply don't do exercise, so I rarely worry about it. XP

Good luck on your weight loss! CC helped me realize that losing weight as actually possible. Too bad I donated away all my skinny clothes, lol!

One thing that helps keep me from getting discouraged is I have a measurements journal. I started it in May 2007 and once every two months or so, I'll pull it out, grab my tape measure and take my measurements.  Even if the numbers on the scale dont move, seeing the numbers on the tape measure move makes me feel good. 

And, any amount of calculating on paper will look good and look like you'll lose more if you eat less, but your body is not a calculation, it is a living organizm that must be fed fuel in order to stay alive.  I don't recommend that you try any experiments with eating less.  Stick with/a bit above what the tools on this site recommend and you should do fine.

Remember: you didn't gain the excess weight overnight and it will not come off overnight.  Baby steps - take it slow to make sure it stays off!  Focus more on developing healthier habits and living a healthier, longer life! :)

Good luck!

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i am so not ready for the measuring tape - that would seriously kill me i think, maybe later on as i progress.  i do use clothes i have tighter jeans.. and they can help you see progress.  i didn't fit in a pair AT ALL 2 weeks ago (the wouldn't zip.. last night i squeezed into them! =)  next goal to be able to wear them again.

yes i like to pre calculate things often i think i just like playing with numbers.  hey is there anywhere on this site that you can estimate how much you will lose by putting in the planned exercise - and seeing how long (weeks/ months)it will take to loose a certain amount.  i realise you can not predict the exact amount of exercise you will do every week -there is always illness or injury or rain if you workout outdoors that may prevent you from doing so certain days-   it would be neat to see the predicted weight loss.. guessing you will workout the set times you plan.

to be honest i didn't gain the weight overnight but i did gain it in 3 months i'd say!  i am talking about 30 pounds at least (how embarrassing) but i did kept it on for the following 9 months.  it will likely take me 6 months to get rid of it - i'd love to do it quicker in 3 months though!!  i'd really like it to be like when i was younger - it was so much easier but i'm upping the activity slowly and surely.


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thank you - i just actually watched the burn meters number before i entered the activity.  the number that it adds to your burn is e amount of the exercise minus the just being number (if you did nothing) so the 441 number added to the amount burned daily number. i am glad i am not the only one who was stumped by this  ...  i do not feel as bad. ;)

i can't believe you donated your skinny clothes while it is a very nice thing to do - its one thing i could never do - maybe i just cant let go of certain things. if i lose the weight my clothes will only be about a year + ttime it takes to get back into them.  and honestly i do have some clothes from college just for the fact - i like to compare my size then with the size i am. now thats funny.  i didn't keep everything i've ever owned but i kept jeans from certain times and sizes. yeah i must be very weird.


sfredbull: It's WAY more depressing for me to keep these clothes around! I just look at them and say to them: "well, I'll never wear YOU again...."

But prior to finding CC, I really didn't think it possible to lose weight. I don't know why, but I suppose because I was never on a diet before, so I just didn't know how easy it was. I just resigned myself to being 30 pounds overweight forever. I had no concept of what a calorie was and I after how violently my body reacted to the South Beach Diet, I knew I couldn't do a prepackaged diet like that.

But now I know the wonders of Calorie Counting where you can still go out to eat if you want and can have icecream every night as long as you pay attention to the calories. It's awesome! =)

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