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Weight Loss
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Hi! I'm new and am looking for friends To support each other :)

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You can see from my journal I have a loong road aHead. I know I already hit a huge milestone by quiting smoking. And I am turning a new life with my diet. I'm eating a LOT of spinach salads and making sure to add protein. I'm starting to exercise AGAIN. I way over did it this weekend and and to rest for 3days before I could move normally again!! lol I was NOT thinking that I was THAT out of shape hahaha. I started today again a bit easier. VERY brisk walking for 20 mins with intervals equaling 5 mins of running/jogging. I feel like I'm off to a good start. LAst year was suuuper hard with a lot of illnesses. I was in and out of the hosptial and broke my ankle severly. But, I'm now on the Road to Redemption, so to speak, and can use the support/advice/butt kicking as much as possible. SO here we go! And I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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Hi, I too have begun weightloss, and stopped is very hard to do both simultaneously, maybe we can help each other

I think so! And yes, quitting smoking was definitely the first step to a healthier me!!

I don't smoke -  never have, but I'm new. Not new to weightloss, as I've fallen off the wagon many times in the past, but new here. I'd love some support and friends and I'd love to lend my support to anyone out htere.

Awesome! I glad this is starting to take shape (har har no pun intended)!

morning ladies, just checking in to see how you both are doing...I am disgusted with my scale right now, so I am having a bad day so far lol...I am eating all of the right things...and not sure what I am doing wrong!

Uggggghhhhhh.....I miscalculated my lunch at more cheese on those...also the healthy "flat-bread" has more sugar AND calories!! Also the ( whole wheat has tons of sodium...:( booo  .......gonna have a lot of working out to do tonight............hopefully you gals have better luck!!! ..mmm black bean salad for dinner will be yummy!

I'm quite bored this evening. However, I did find a new workout that I absolutely love. I was in my room the other night, and I had poppy music playing ( Soulja Boy, Three 6 Mafia, T-Pain etc) and a lot of those songs have a great rhythm to them. Anyways, just for fun I did a video of a fun (not too dirty) grind for my BF, and I realized how much of an ab, leg, butt, thigh, cardio workout it is. I will definitely be dancing more. :D

HI! I'm new as well. Just started 3 days ago. looking for someone to talk to re: web site. Still learning how to use different areas,to get the best results on my weight loss journey. Any thoughts?Laughing

Emilybab - when I go to subway, I don't  eat the bread. Like I might eat a little of it for taste, but honestly I like the veggies/meat on the sandwich better. I love subway though :D

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Hi all, I'm 5'3 and weigh 170 lb. I blame my weight gain on my twins but they are 5 now can keep blaming them. I need help !! Have tried weight loss and always fail. I would to be part of a team and weigh in weekly
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I am new to this forum and wanted to start off by telling you a little about me. I am 29 years old, around 200 pounds, and am only 5ft 4inches. I want to go back to the weight I was when I was 19 before I met my fiance. I was only 130 and wore a size 13. I am not in a 16-18 and am very depressed with the weight.  I have a friend that is really skinny and she used to be over 200 pounds and now is 145. I look at her and it makes me not like myself even more. I want to get rid of the fat belly, the chubby thighs, and flabby arms. I want to lose weight all around. The only thing is I want to lose it all by July so I can wear a bikini or a bathing suit that isn't a one piece. I want to feel good about myself instead of hiding behind jackets and long shirts. I want to be able to wear smaller close that make me look hot. I want to be skinny, attractive and all around feel good about myself. I need help. I want to start speed walking everyday but it is so hard to get motivated. I want to have someone work out with me but my friend is already skinny and she just keeps saying she wants to tone up. She buys backless shirts and it makes me jealous that I cant go out and buy something like that. I need support on this. How can I get more motivated to continue on a weight loss path. I have no money for a gym membership. I don't make enough money to buy healthy food and have to resort to quick box foods. Can someone help me please!!

Ya... I learned that the hard way lol. I think I'll stick to their salads. It wound be great if they got lettuce wraps! I just has NO idea how mch salt was in the bread. Or calories in a shot oh Guess any rinks like that will be off the list till I get more in shape!! I really really diging my black beans(low sodium canned) and spinach salads. I cn eat almost as much as I possibly can nd stil barely have any calories. Trout as well awsome!

Hi mgomes I know how you feel! My daughter is 6 and no longer an excuse lol!!


Hi operat. I'm pretty new myself. Try posting a topic/question in the forums. One of the older members might be able to answer you better!

Hi peppamnt!I truly know how you feel. But if we are here we want to strt changing. It will take time but we can do it.

I'm 5'7" and 205lbs. loong way to go!



Hi guys...hope all of you are doing well...I am down 11 lbs so far in 3 hopefully whatever I am doing is the right thing! if any of you need someone to talk to you..or extra support...I am always here!

Hi guys - a few online cal count buddies would be great! I'm new to CC again - jus abandoned slimming world as its encouraging me to overeat I think! It'll be nice to support each other on here!

We can do this! x

ush......Having a hard time today....I feel soo hungry. I've been drinking water but doesn't seem to be helping. Not sure what I can do to curb my appetite...

Original Post by emilyybab:

ush......Having a hard time today....I feel soo hungry. I've been drinking water but doesn't seem to be helping. Not sure what I can do to curb my appetite...

For some reason, CC isn't letting me reply without quoting so I had to quote to say,

that Green Tea really helps curb my irrational hunger, but if you're truly hungry like hungry hungry, eat something because your body knows what it needs and "calculations" of calories aren't exact, especially when you throw exercise into the mix. Also, try high fiber snacks, they seem to hold me over longer but then they're also higher in calories so.. Also, I find that after I do a workout, I feel so good about myself I can't even think about eating. Just my opinion :)

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Me too!!! Started Sunday . Recording weight and making food diary! Want to lose a stone x
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