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Weight Loss
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Hi I'm new here

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Hi, I'm silk..I'm not new to dieting, I grew up in a family where my parents were yo-yo Brother and I grew up never knowing whether we were on a diet or not.

I was on a diet on and off for as long as I can remember(my parents were yo-yo dieters) till I hit about 19 and I reached 115 pounds. I'm 5 foot and 1/2 inches tall. And I stayed there for a really long time. And I felt really healthy.

What put the weight on is some medication I had to take, the side effect was weight gain, and I gained alot of weight over the years...up to 245 pounds..and then I gave up all hope...

A friend gave me a copy of the Weight Watcher's(hope that's OK to say) point plan, and since then I have been able to stick to it on and of, more on than off though and now weigh in at 170, but still have a long way to go to reach a healthy weight.

I'm really worried about getting diabetes or heart disease since it runs in my family.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all. And joing you in our weight loss journey together.
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What medication was it? The same thing happened to me.
Welcome silk!

I've noticed when I was on progesterone and prednisone (both cause weight gain) that I kind of helped them along.  I had the mentality of "IT causes weight gain" and I didn't even try to fight IT. sigh..

:)  Kelly
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It was called olanzapine. The think I may have bipolar 2 and it was supposed to help but all I think it did was make me gain alot of weight.

And really alot of other medications they tried me on, had the same side effect of weight gain!
Welcome to Calorie-Count!  :)

There are so many wonderful people on here!  Welcome and we wish you the best of luck through your journey to a better and healthy life.. :)
I put on 20 lbs with depakote er. I have since stopped taking it. 
First off, there is nothing wrong with weight watchers- it does teach portion control and moderation, which is great!  I am glad you are losing weight- you've lost 75 pounds, which is fabulous!  Hats off to you on that!  I understand the worry about developing health issues- that's one of the things that has motivated me to lose weight as well!  Good luck on your continuing journey.
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First of all thank you for so many kind replies!!!

kbeeps, I was on depakote at one time as well, isn't it terrible that some medication's side effects can put so much weight on?

I'm sorry that had to happen to you as well. I'm glad you have stopped taking it! But I hope you are well!
Yeah. It would have been nice if the doctor pointed it out to me beforehand!
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Yes, mine too! They tend not to mention those things!!

And btw. I've been looking around the forum, and I'm really beginning to like you all alot, not to mention all of your nice replies here!
Silk: Welcome to the website!  I hope you stay here and give this place a good try.  Lets all help each other here!  Perhaps you can help us all out by being here and having you as a new friend and an inspiration to all of us here at  We all have the same goals in here Silk and we are together in our continuous battle with over eating.  This is a great website and it offers not only helpful friends, but wonderful tips and ideas, on many useful good recipes and an easy to follow food log.  We are here to help you to get in control of your life again and it is possible with so many right here with the exact same problems when it comes to dealing with food in our daily life.  Welcome Silk and good luck my friend.

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Thanks so much Angel!

I'm just starting to get the hang of becoming friends with people and what that means and such?

I'm on another message board for my mental health issues(don't worry! I'm not crazy!), and we don't post who are friends are we just know. You know what I mean?

Can someone help me out with this concept. I'd appreciate it?

And I'd be glad to share some recipes. I have alot. As long as they aren't already here! *wink*

And I really want to stick with this website, I can see so many benefits already!!! :)
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I think I just figured out how to add friends!!! Yaay!!! :)
Welcome!  There's so much good information here at calorie-count, and you sound like you're ready to use it to your own advantage.  I just want to welcome you aboard and wish you well

Good Luck
Hi Silk, I gained 25 lbs on Nexium. I also wanted to say that your desire to lose weight to prevent diabetes is an excellent motivator! On the days the scale doesn't budge, at least you will know that you are doing this for your health, and not just for a number on the scale.

Also you may want to research about bipolar and diet - I believe I've read somewhere that omega-3's are helpful for controlling the disorder. A good way to work omega-3's into your diet is to take 1-2 TB of ground flax seed every day. I add mine into my oatmeal in the morning and it's actually quite tasty!
That is awesome that you've already lost so much! Congrats. I've never tried ww but i've heard good things about it and it's apparently working for you. I've added you as a friend and hope I can keep you motivated if you need it!
Hi Silk!

You'll find alot of people in the same predicament you're in and tons of healthy resources to help you exercise, eat healthy and fun foods without having to starve yourself like with those fad diets.

I lost 30lbs and reached my goal weight by watching what I eat and I plan to keep on exercising and getting healthier each day.

You may have a longer journey but, once you get going it can be an amazing learning experience and can even become somewhat of a hobby!

I won't wish you luck, but I'll wish you perserverance and dedication.
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Thanks so much everyone for the great welcomes!

You all are so great! :)

I've added you as a friend too sarah100!
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Oh and I forgot to thank you jenmcc for the excellent info on omega-3's and bipolar!

I've never heard about that before.

And thanks for the great tip about how to get it. I love oatmeal.

But one question, where do you buy ground flax seed and is it expensive?
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Hi This is my first time posting.  I have been trying to lose weight now for quite sometime.  I am 5' 6" and about 170 lbs.  My ideal weight that I am shooting for is 145.  Just want to lose steadily. I am in no great hurry although it would be nice for summer season.  I take prescription meds for bp and cholestrol.  I find that this makes it harder to lose the weight.  My biggest problem is what to eat during the day.  I deliver to stores and have very little time to eat.  No break so I can't plan on anything good.  I am usually famished by the time I go home.  This is my 11 hour day.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

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