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Weight Loss
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HELP!!! Working out hard, eating healthy and no weight loss????!!!!

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Okay so here's the deal, For the past month I've been working out really hard and eating healthy. I'm 5'5 and weigh 190, and I'm young almost 20. For the past four weeks, I participate in karate class 5 times a week. I work out at the family Y and have made sure that if I didn't make 5 days of week of working out plus the karate I would make sure and do four. Karate has some cardio, but to put a little extra push in my exercising, on those four to five days I work out and I do 45 to 50 minutes on the elipitcal trainer. Then on top of both those things I make sure and lift weights for legs back biceps, triceps, the whole deal. I switch up days on what specific area I'm lifting weights on, but I make sure and get my full work out in. As for eating, I stay away from salts, soft drinks, butters, the whole nine yards, I eat lean meats, grilled fish, plenty of veggies and fruits. I drink lots of water, I mean lots, and thats basically all I eat! I know weight loss takes time I'm not expecting that within this month I should be a slim size 2. But jeez you'd think I'd have some results, anything, just anything??? Please someone give me some advice, I'm not going to quit but it is quiet dissapointing. HELP!!!!

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You're workout sounds like enough, are you eating enough calories to let your body recooperate from all the exercise? Sometimes eating a little more than you have been can kickstart the weight loss because your body will be doing something different.

Well, probably 1500 calories a day, Maybe a little more.

The usual reason for not losing weight is that you eat more than you think.  So 'probably 1500' could be worth checking out.   It's really easy to eat too much, even when the food is healthy, if you don't keep an eye on the portion-sizes.  The CC food log is a really good way to find out exactly what you're taking in. 

Conversley, (although if you've not lost any weight at all this is unlikely) you can be eating too little.  The usual pattern that suggests undereating is that someone loses a lot of weight for a week or two but then the weight-loss stalls.  That's not what you describe.

And finally.... there can be medical reasons  for failing to lose weight.  If you find you're neither overeating nor undereating you could ask your doctor if they apply.

Yeah I agree with gi-jane.

Basicly it could be one of three...underlying medical condition that you may or may not be aware of, too little calories, or too much calories. Its always a great idea to find out how much you burn in a  regular day no exercise added and then from there make sure you get plenty of calories enough for weight loss. Another reason your weight loss may be stalled, is because you are also lifting weights, and doing karates, not to mention the elliptical is no ordinary cardio workout, it also involves muscle toning in the legs, so chances are that there may be some muscle forming. Remember that muscles weighs a lot more than fat. They also require a lot more calories to maintain. When this happens, dieters tend to see that their weight loss is extremeeeely slow, or sometimes even gain a pound or two...but when they do their weekly measurements, they see they lost some inches and clothes fit better. So this is a great indiciation that you are burning and losing body fat and gaining muscle mass....meaning the scale shouldnt be your only source for progress on your weight loss plan.

I suggest visiting a nutritionist or your regular doctor. Consult your worries with him/her, and have them rule out the possible reason for the weight not coming off (that being a medical condition). If you do have a medical condition that prevents you from losing, proper treatment should asses the problem and aid in weight loss. If there is not medical condition keeping you from reaching your goals,  then have them create a meal plan for you that will suit your needs according to your vigorous exercising.

good luck! and dont worry, if you have all of these problems looked at, weight loss will be possible.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I do know that I am taking in 1500 calories per day because I'm constantly counting. Some days I tend to eat a few over and some days the number is a few under. But maybe 1500 is too few, I really don't know how many calories I should be taking in? I was also wondering when the results will start showing? But I think I will go to a doctor and make sure everything is okay, and have a diet plan set for me. Only thing that really confuses me is that when I've lost weight in the past I've never had a problem with not seeing any results pretty quick. That's why this time it baffles me and I'm working harder than ever this time.

I've been using to track my calories, carbs, fats, and proteins over the past two weeks. In the last 7 days I have averaged 1,344 calories a day, and have done 20-30 minutes of cardio a day for four days. (the 1,344 is taking in to consideration in my caloric intake). I have been eating primarily fresh fruits and vegetables, with some (2-4 oz) of lean proteins and a little complex carbs (like 1/2 cup of brown rice, or a pickle or two, perhaps 1/2 cup of black beans, once per day). I am taking vitamins, and am consuming fiber supplements (the advocare fiber drink) and digestive health tablets (the advocare probiotic) and I have not lost a single pound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live a lightly active life style. I work at a desk (but sit on a ball chair) but I stand regularly and walk through the shop, etc. When I get home in the evenings I am cooking, cleaning, and chasing around 2 kids. After the kids go to bed is when I take my nightly walk at 3-4mph doing 1-2 miles a night. This is considered lightly active. They state that in my day-to-day I burn approximately 2,200-2,300 calories. And I am only eating average 1,350 calories, so I am consuming 800-1000 calories LESS than what I am burning. By all rights in the last week I should have lost several pounds alone!!!!!!


My sodium intake is also low. I am taking vitamins. HELP!!!!

Oh, and I am 24, 5'3" and 200 pounds (ewww, huh?)

I don't know where I found this website but when I read it everything made sense to me about calories, how much I should eat , etc. maybe it will help s-should-i-eat-a-day/

If you really are that active, you are not eating enough.  You should probably be closer to 1700-1800 especially as you are under 21.  Use the link jrkv posted and see where you are for your burn then subtract 500-750 from that to get your cal target.  You are waaay younger and more active than me and I lost on 1600.  

alaskanqt- I would say the same thing to you, and make sure you are getting some healthy fats in your diet as well.  I started at 227 so I know where you are coming from.  Try upping to 1600 for a few weeks and see if that helps.  Good luck.

I'm so sorry to see the frustration in your post! I know how you are feeling. I have been working out very diligently and eating right for the past month, too. And like you, I've not seen any change on the scale.

The other day I was very discouraged so I tried on a pair of "old" jeans. They were LOOSE! I think it is more important to be aware of inches and body fat percentage, than to be concerned about weight in pounds.

If you want to be inspired, see my YouTube video and look at the change that has happened to me in less than a month!

Good luck with all your fitness goals and don't give up!

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