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Help! I work at a chocolate shop!

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I'm so frustrated. I spent the last year working out at the gym and eating carefully, and I lost 20 pounds. Then I moved to a big city, needed a job, and found one at...a chocolate shop. In this economy, it's hard to turn down a job just because it requires you to eat and offers constant free samples. I hoped that common sense and will power would prevail, but of course I've gained ten pounds in two months. I can't stand it. I've completely unraveled so much of my hard work! Now I don't know how to keep myself from snacking on the job. I generally work 5 hour shifts, so I don't get a lunch break. I get hungry about halfway through the shift and then I start eating free chocolate.

Do you have any suggestions for stopping myself? What would you do in this situation? Thanks.

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I know its really hard. I've had jobs in all kinds of restaurants and its so hard to resist food. I know this is going to sound really weird, but sometimes, I try to play mind games to keep myself from eating food that is right in my face all day. I'll imagine how I'm going to look if I give in. Just visualize all the cellulite and rolls. Or sometimes I'll imagine that the food is really gross. I'll think about it having bugs or hair in it.

If all that fails, I'll save up my calories so that I can have a treat as a reward. Try bringing some fruit or veggies to work with you so you have something to munch on to help keep your mind off chocolate. Baby carrots are great, or apple slices. 


why are you "required" to eat??

Of course you might get sick of it.  I used to work at a donut shop and after a few months I couldn't look at the damn things. 


But if you can't stop yourself there's only one answer: hit the gym harder.  Do more high-intensity cardio.  Run 10k every Sunday.  Eat only salads on days that you work! Salads and chocolate.  There are worse diets.


EDIT: ALSO! Pack some healthier snacks like apples or at least cereal bars if you are hungry.

Thanks, you guys. This is good advice so far. Danaofdoom, I will totally try that "cellulite mind game." Hopefully it will kill my appetite.

Unstuck, I really hope I get sick of it. I've only been working for 2 months so far, and that's not long enough. I definitely know I'll have to exercise to offset what I have to eat--I am required to taste all new products so I can accurately describe the chocolates to the customers. It's a high-end chocolatier run by Belgians, and they want us to know that much.

Thanks again!

Realize that you don't need it, therefore abolishing the want.

Original Post by katums87:
I am required to taste all new products so I can accurately describe the chocolates to the customers. It's a high-end chocolatier run by Belgians, and they want us to know that much.



Oh! Sounds like an interesting place. Sooo... can you... DESCRIBE some chocolate for us? :P~

Sure! The belgian chocolate is incredibly pure and smooth, which makes it delicious. I know we're all on a diet, but if you do decide to eat a piece of chocolate, you should buy either A) organic chocolate or B) european chocolate. I've actually learned that the FDA allows chocolatiers to put in up to 20% fillers like crushed mango seed and wax to preserve and expand their product. It makes the taste more abrasive and less satisfying.

The stuff we sell melts in your mouth. Here, let me describe a piece in our fancy language.

"This is the 'Desir' chocolate from the 'Les Irresistibles' collection. It begins with a layer of pure dark chocolate. Underneath you find a hand-crafted carmelized nougatine shell which adds a bit of crunch and then chewiness to the texture. The center is a creamy dark chocolate ganache, very intense and satisfying."

That's one piece. It's the size of your thumb. It sells for $2.50


No chocolate for us, though! Remember that! Or at least not without exercise to burn it off.

i used to work at KFC  i eat burger daily soon i was over weight  . i stop working there .

I know how difficult this can be, years ago I worked a summer job in the Walls ice-cream factory.

We were forbidden to eat while we were working on the line, but we could take anything from the line, to eat on our breaks.. and yes, I mean anything!

Needless to say I (like all the other newbies) indulged. A lot! Family size tub of chocolate mint ice-cream anyone?? (okay, I did share it with my buddies but that was crazy). Of course I gained weight during this time.

But I noticed that the long time employees did not do this... hmmm, curious. After a few weeks I had pretty much tried everything, and was thoroughly sick of ice-cream and the cloyingly sweet smell of melted chocolate (hard to believe, but it's true) did not smell good to me any longer.

But once I stopped eating from the line, the fact that I was on my feet all day moving and lifting heavy things and walking approximately 6-8 miles a day.. yeah, the weight all came off eventually. Oh and the following year, I went back as a permanent employee working 12 hour shifts, I didn't eat anything from the line (I had learned my lesson).

My advice for your situation: I presume by now that you must have tried all the regular offerings at your store.

Since you are required to taste the chocolate (so that you can enthuse to customers) confine your tastings from now on, only to the new varieties and promotions.

You could also try this; cut the larger pieces in half, saying you want a proper look inside to see how it is put together, eat only one half and throw the other away.

I find it hard to believe they come up with a new variety every single day.. so that would probably be one piece of chocolate a two or three times a week at the most. You can fit this into your calorie allowance easily.

Will power is another thing entirely. I suggest you eat a hearty meal before beginning your shift (hunger makes it harder to resist temptation). Remember that weight loss is 70% diet (mostly diet). Promise yourself a delicious and filling meal when your shift is over, if you do not indulge. You do not need that chocolate, it is just there, in your face. Focus on your goals instead (health, weight loss etc) and stay busy!!

Alternatively have a piece of chocolate each day but when you do, make sure you eat lighter meals and exercise extra long and hard on those days... Run 2 miles more, walk 3 miles extra... lift heavier. Your choice. Given that as an alternative, I would rather abstain, but that is me.

You could also remember my favourite quote from a successful dieter who lost over 100 pounds, "I don’t have to treat each temptation like it’s the last chance I will ever have of tasting that particular food again"

Or this one, from someone else, "Only the fool gives up what he really wants for what he sees right now."

I'd gain weight just sniffing it.

Wow. That really sucks/sounds delicious. Are you still working out? How about on the days that you work, you move more and bring healthy snacks (like others suggested, as I'm sure in most states, by law you are allowed a 15 minute break).  You're prepared and chances are if you worked out then went to work, you'll be less likely to eat "junk" (not wanting to bust the work you just did).

I say stop fighting it and embrace the chocolate. Resign yourself to the fact that you will eat, say, 2 truffles per shift, approximate the calories, and budget it in. What cool job!


Oh, and as another person here said, try to eat a good square meal before work.

I feel your pain... I used to work at a bakery.  Often times I'd be so busy at work that I wouldn't have time to take lunch.   When you've gone hours without eating and are surrounded by delicious (and free!) treats, it's difficult to resist temptation. 

I found that it helped somewhat to keep a large glass of ice water around at work.  That way, every time you feel like reaching for a chocolate, you can take a sip of water instead.  It may not completely satisfy your hunger, but it helps.  I find I feel hungrier when I'm dehydrated. 


Hi, congrats on the new job! I worked at a choccie shop for a few months and maintained my weight throughout this time without really trying. What I tried was "allowing myself" chocolate. If I tried not to eat it then eventually I'd give up and plow on in, especially during the midshift munchies. By allowing myself to eat it, it became less of a forbidden food and I became rather apathetic towards it all.

Also, try becoming as physically active as possible during your shift. Instead of parking behind the counter, powerwalk around the shop while offering customer assistance. Avoid standing behind the counter unless you're ringing up a sale.

We had an off site store for excess stock - I always volunteered to go pick up more when needed. If this is the case with you, park the trolley outside the storeroom (within sight!) and carry the boxes outside to it. Also, always volunteer to clean when the opportunity arises - your manager will love you and you won't be standing around nibbling.

If all else fails - eventually everyone gets sick of the smell :)

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