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Help!!!! I cannot stop eating after dinner!

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Does anyone else have this problem??? I do so well all day long while I am at work then I get home and I just pick at everything.  Today I ate 900 calories by 6:00, then I ate an additional 700 calories between 6 and 10!  I am anly supposed to be eating 1350 calories a day!  It's not that I am not eating enough for dinner because I feel satisfied... I just WANT to eat everything in sight even though I know I shouldn't.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent myself from doing this?  I get so upset at myself because I eat so healthy all day and then at night it is endless bowls of ice cream and junk:(

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unless i'm hungry and missed dinner for some reason, i try not to eat after 8pm.  this helps curb the post-dinner munchies.  if i do want something after dinner, i usually make a big mug of peppermint tea and this cures any cravings.

another simple solution - don't buy ice cream and junk...you can't eat it if it's not there.

I eat popcorn after dinner most nights.  Habit, mayb but it stops me from eating other junk food.  Also because of the salt intake I drink more water which also helps to fill me up.  Just make sure you get the smart pop or something low in calories.  Stay away from the movie butter stuff.  I don't want to know how many calories in that stuff.

Also you can try brushing your teeth.  Some people says it helps them stop eating.  I'm not sure on that one.

A simple solution is to not have 'endless bowls of ice-cream and junk' easily to hand in the house.   If it's not there you can't eat it.  Have a full fruit bowl, some yoghurts in the fridge and other healthy snacks to hand but ditch the junk in the bin where it belongs and don't replace it.... it's a waste of money.

Thanks for your suggestions.  Unfortunately, I have a boyfriend that lives with me who is thin as a rail no matter what he eats and he loves junk:(  I think I might try the tea thing though... I love decaf green tea.  Thanks!

It took me a while to stick to it but I stop eating after 7:30 unless a situation occurs and I am not able to do that. Try drinking green tea after dinner. or if you have a sweet tooth then some ff diet hot chocolate. Sometimes just drinking something, besides water, helps curb some late night munchies. Or just save cals for a snack afterwards.
Even if you have a thin boyfriend, it still makes sense to ditch the junk.  It's not doing him any more good than it's doing you... 'thin' doesn't equal 'healthy' necessarily.   And what better way to support the weight-loss efforts of the woman he loves than for him to agree to home being a 'no junk zone'? 

Don't use his bad habits as an excuse to keep your bad habits lively.... :-)  

I have the same problem ... after dinner I love to binge on junk food and then I end up making myself really disappointed and let down. Here is how I stopped:

If you can't get rid of the bad food because someone else eats it, then at least keep it all together. Have one section of the fridge/freezer and one cabinet where all the bad food is. That section is "off limits" - don't even look in it. Make it out of sight like one of the drawers  at the bottom of the fridge or put everything in little plastic crate in the freezer so even when you open it you dont see the ice cream, etc. Dont keep anything you need in the off limits cabinet. If you don't see it you won't crave it (as much ..)

Pick a time to stop eating. Like the others said, usually 7:30 or 8:00. It will be hardest for the first few days but if you really commit to it at the beginning, it gets a lot easier and you stop being hungry and having munchies later.

Put sticky notes on things you dont want to eat saying "not for you!" and "you will regret this!" or "1/2 cup = 45 minute run!!!"

Also, I dont know if you find yourself craving a certain kind of food. A few weeks ago I would binge on grilled cheese and oatmeal with milk every night. I realized I wasn't getting enough calcium and I think my body was trying to tell me. Make sure your diet is balanced. Also remember, what you eat is your choice.

Last, keep busy. I ate when I got home because all day I have things to keep me occupied but at home I am relaxing and watching TV. Have projects / books lined up to be occupied with.


The tea thing helps me, and the brushing my teeth. Sometimes I still need more, and then I eat a big bowl of veggies, and maybe a slice of 45 calorie toast, with a well measured teaspoon of Peanut butter. Veggies are super filling and so is peanut butter.

Okay... so I have been doing so well!!!!  I have stopped eating past 8 except for tea and water and brushing my teeth at that time has been helping as well.  Also, each time I look at something that I think that I want, I look at it and ask myself if it is worth the hour that I just spent at the gym... and no it is not!  Thank you all for your suggestions... you've helped me a lot!!!

i also have one of those rail-thin boyfriends who is also trying to gain weight & bulk up right now...so when he wants those high cal foods, i'm the one making them...i find it easy to keep a picture of the shape i want so that when i reach for the junk i'll remember why i shouldn't kill my waist :P

I have that problem sometimes too. If I have some cals leftover, I'll have a big bowl of edamame. But if I don't have cals leftover, sugar free jello or a big can of caffeine free diet coke can help me feel full and quench a sweet tooth.

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