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help! When should I start seeing weight loss?

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hi, I'm new and it's actually the first time I'm trying out counting calories to lose weight, I've tried everything else thus far, even Paul Mckenna's books/cd (lol)

I am on my 3rd day, and according to some chart I should be losing weight on a 1300cal diet, but I've been taking in about 900 - 1000cal a day instead, I know it can't be that my body switched on to emergency mode as I've not felt hungry at all. I'm 78kg (171.9lbs) and 5feet6. (168cm) I need to lose at least 10 kg to be at a normal weight again. (22lbs). I know I am only on day 3 but when should I start seeing some weight loss, my scale hasn't budged 1 bit, not even a gram.

Also, what kind of scales to you recommend? I have a digital one and for some reason I don't trust it... ;) as I already feel much lighter and better.


I'd appreciate your help, opinions and advice based on your own experience, I'm 29 years old, so obviously what works for a girl in her 20's will work differently for me! 


Thanks !



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I would up your calories to 1300 or even 1400 today and see what happens.  I would guess you were eating more than 2000 calories a day before calorie counting, so at 1400 you're STILL eating much less than that and should see a loss.  Better yet use the BMR tool on here and find out the maximum calories you need to exist on.  Eating anything less than than that should result in loss.  I notice for myself, if I drop too low, my body holds on to everything and the scale won't budge.  This happens sometimes when I eat 1200-1300 calories a day (which is what I'm doing right now) and you're eating considerably less than that.  I lose for a bit then get "stuck".  It seems to help me when I have a high calorie day - like tricking my body into thinking we're not on a diet anymore!  :)  As far as a scale digital's are usually more accurate.  I have a cheapie old fashioned scale that probably shows me 5 ro 6 pounds lighter than I actually am, but the loss shows up so that's what's important (and I like the lower number better lol*).  I'm 31 by the way.

I should add not feeling hungry isn't an indicator of being in starvation mode - but if you're eating very low calories and not losing, THAT is.  Some days I'm full at 1000 calories and force myself a snack just to stay in a healthy range.



Up your calories... Work out your BMR and don't eat below that as that what ur body requires if u were just in a coma. Eating 1000 or below, sure will initially make u lose weight but will open a whole can of worms that's just not worth it.

In reguards to results... Everybody is different, eat right and excerise then ur see results.

Best of luck :)

Thanks mommy! I'll try that out today! I'm sure it won't be very hard to add something in hehe... :p I'll give it a try and let you know what happens! Can you add friends on this??? 

Majocookies...Everybody is different. I started to count the calories 10/04/2010 at 187 lbs and took me over 4 weeks to lose only 5. But then by March 20th I was at 172 which was great. Those 10 lbs were gone in week 8 and 9. I am sure that you will not experience the same, but if you continue to weigh your food, count it and record it, you will be successful. Today I weight 138 which is 50 less then when I started and I feel great. I am still counting and analyzing my recipes. I never ate less then recommended by this web. I have introduced more activity in my daily life and I made sure that I consumed at least 400 calories less than used. So if I worked out hard and used 2000 calories, I made sure that I consumed at least 1500. I wanted to make sure that my body did not go into "keep all the fat" mode because I was starving it. If you fail one day, continue to count next day. Everyday is the day for itself. Battle for it self. More battles you win, easier the war will be. I declared the victory when I was able to fit in jeans size 4....and today I fit in jeans size 2. Besides the counting the calories, I also focused on consuming all the nutriens I am suppose to. Serving of fruit, veggie, and meat was a must. I made sure that I consumed enough protein, carbs, iron, vitamins, and of course fiber. After my body was used to regular servings every day, finally i regulated everything. Even my period regulated. I could go on and on about how great it is to stay fit and healthy, but I must go for morning walk. My dog (who helped me lose weight) is calling.....let's go to a park!!!!! I just wanted to let you know that you can do it....just stay on track and count everything, even drinks you consume.



thank you sskoko, your reply is super motivating! I will stick to my 1300cal this site recommends me to stick to and see how it goes!!! I am really looking forward to losing 22pounds, that's all I need to lose to be happy! not that much compared to many, so I need to focus! What kind of exercises do you guys recommend, I am a very busy mother and teacher, 50% of my day taking care of my LO and the rest working, I need a routine that I can stick to, I'm thinking about a morning jog everyday but to get up and go, that's the issue!! Help please!

I have that issue too but I still do the jog... maybe I can help you there?

I'm not generally a morning person, so I do my jogs right before dinner time, but if you can't do it around that time, then, I would suggest trying to change the mentality you have towards going for a jog. Think of how nice and quiet the morning is. Look around you and there's a nice morning dew and a breath of fresh air. Also, I don't know where you live but generally the temperature in the mornings are much better than the afternoon for a jog, especially if there's wind. When there's wind, I often imagine myself as a wild animal flying and running free. :) And I would imagine that this part of the world is my little secret from my loud, bustling family. After periods of sedentary lifestyle, I get myself started by thinking that I have to jog that day no matter what so I might as well do it while it's pleasant out. 

For you, I would start small by jogging for 20 minutes and really try to enjoy the outdoors. In addition, since you have kids, maybe you could have them jog along with you. It can be a family activity!

Hope that helped!

Thank you themandinator! That really helps, and you're right, it's the mentality and the attitude you put towards it! I live in Scotland so mornings are usually cold and rainy, but that really doesn't matter, with a good rainjacket, I'm good to go! Thanks so much for your motivating post, I'm really happy I found this website, I'm on day 4 and have already started seeing results! 


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