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Weight Loss
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I am like such a girly girl, but my weight does not let me  show who I really am. I want to dress up and fix my hair and look cute but I can't. I am about 5 ft. 6 in. and weight 205. I hate this!! I don't think I am ugly just over weight. I am a meduim frame body so I know that I should be like a size 10-12 but I am a size 16-18 and I hate it. There are hardly any cute outfits for me to get. I am so misuble. I am always on the go so I usually Don't have time to workout. I need like major help. A few years ago I got on a big kick and lost about 20 pounds but I recently gainded it all back and more. I just need to know how to get a good workout and keep off the weight. I plan on getting back down to a size 12 again. I will be a senior in August and need to lose the weight.
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I know exactly how you feel. I feel like underneath all this fat, I am a really cute and trendy girl. I want to dress up and be adorable but it's going to be a while until I can do that.

If you want, we can be weight-loss buddies! I just graduated highschool so I'm only a year or so older than you :) I'm 5'7" and a size 20 right now (I have a large frame). Just stick to your calorie allowance for weight loss.. and since you're always on the go, you're getting exercise anyway! You can do it :)

Good luck! Message me anytime if you want.
Yes you can fix up your hair, be a girly girl and be cute.  Shop at stores like Old Navy and such that sell the same clothes in size 2 as they do in 20.  Deb has some cute clothes too, but some of them are ugly!
Hey there.....really watch what you eat this summer....minimal carbs...minimal small portions...lots of water and get out there and walk or do some other kind of exercise.  Just be cause you are always on the go doesnt mean that you are 'exercising'.  You need to put aside 30 minutes or so a day and stick to it. 

Good luck....  :-)
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I no how you feel i used to be a size 14/16. And I always loved wearing really cute clothes but I never felt cute  untill i lost about 45pound I was 200 pounds and now im about 154pounds and  im still losing. I have i thing to say to you you is love your body no matter what size you are .you only get to  have it once. GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO IT !
Wow, you are a size 16/18? That's great! I must have a "large frame" because I am 5'9, 213lbs, and wear a size 22. Hmmm...suddenly I feel really fat....

I totally know what you mean about dressing "trendy"'s hard to do when you're not a stick figure. I'm 25 and have struggled with my weight my entire life. I used to look at clothes and say "I wish they made that in a smaller size." but now I tell myself "If I were a smaller size, I could wear that."

Feel free to send me a message :)
You can absolutely dress-up girly at your size.  It's mostly about knowing where to shop and how to sniff out details.  I like (I know they also have some mall stores) and Old Navy is another great one.  I shop at both. 

I'm hella cute and much more over-weight than you are.  Good luck on losing the weight, but in the mean time use your health goals as reasons to spoil yourself with a new dress, shoes, or, my personal favorite, a handbag.  :)  
Yeah I can't wait to say "Will that outfit fit me!",  not "Can I fit into that outfit!"
Actually, alwaysthefatgirl, having a large frame means that you carry your weight easier. Example: I'm 260lbs, 5'7", with a large frame and wear size 20's. You probably have a smaller frame.

You can check that by having you put your middle finger/thumb around your wrist. If they overlap, it's a small frame.. if they barely touch, it's medium.. and if they don't touch at all you're a large frame. :)
hey hi i m new here

i m 120.4 lbs and i m 14 yrs old  (5'3)

c me :(

i feel really bad when ma sis says me that i m a dump cow
Hi I am new to the group. I started today. I pose one question to you. If you lose the weight are you going to feel better about who you are? I am 5'4 and 220 lbs. I have lose weight before and gain it back. At the age of 30 I realize I suffer from lose self-esteem. My goal is to lose 70lbs so I  can be healthy and live a long time. Of course this goal will take sometime.  You can be cute no matter what size you are don't make excuses. I am fab. as a size 18. I tell myself every morning. I am beautiful. I can and will not allow other people to dicate and define who I am!

They make cute clothes you gotta know where to shop ashley stewart, old navy, lane bryant. My advice is to take a long hard look at yourself and start loving yourself. Set a realistic goal to lose the weight and perhaps get a girlfriend to work out with. You can do it. And if you believe in God ask him for the strength to help you lose the weight.
hey always the fat girl i don't think u r fat u don't look like in your pic

When I started my weight loss journey I was always wearing dumpy looking clothes, and wearing them over and over.  Sweatshirts galore!  I didn't feel good about myself.  Then, my mom took me shopping and I got some new, cuter clothes.  Well, I started to feel better about myself as soon as I got cuter clothes, regardless of what size I was.  That gave me more motivation to change myself, and lose more weight..  I thought I would wait until I lost it to get new clothes, but instead I got some new clothes right away as a motivation.  I just keep thinking of how good it will feel to get back down to where I was a year or two ago..

Start dressing cute now, and you'll feel better about yourself, and you'll put more effort into getting healthy.

That's my opinion... What have you got to lose?
I agree with guera!!! Especially get some really cute work out clothes, cause it is more fun working out when you feel good about how you look! it's motivating. I just bought some new pink workout shorts and it made me want to do my walks over the weekend, which I usually have a hard time motivating myself. buy and wear cute clothes now, and you will feel better about yourself and it'll be easier to loose weight.
Like the others have said you can get cute clothes at any size.  I'm a size 22-24 and have learned that you can do great things with a pair of cool black pants and some kicking jeans.  Work with base pieces and grow from there.  Also I have found that some rocking shoes will change your whole attitude. Try that or even some cool jewerly to spice things up.  Also all the stores people are talking about work too maybe not every thing in the stores are for you but you can find things that work. 

Also change up the hair and makeup.  I'm not one for any makeup but recently I have found that makeup is doing a lot for my attitude. 

Good luck and know that your not alone
Thanks to everyone who has said something as of right now i have lost 5 pounds. I am so happy. I am just making sure a drink 8 glasses of 8 ounces of water and walk, mow or do some kind of exercise.
When I was at the end of high school I weighed 180 (I'm a little shorter than you, and was about the same clothing size). I lost 25 pounds in a summer just by exercising 3-4 times a week and replacing ALL my sodas and other calorie-laden drinks with water and occasional diet soda. I got used to it fast - to this day I can't stand soda with sugar - except, for some reason, ginger ale. I went from a 16/18 to size 12. I didn't even make very many dietary changes, except for little stuff like replacing about half of my junk food with fruit.
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