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HELP!!! I am over eating!

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I am over eating like crazy.  I have tried to be so good and about 75% of the time I am right on track with eating.  Typically I limit my refined carbs, sugars, fats, etc.  Breakfast is plain oatmeal with fruit, banan for a snack, soup for lunch, cottage cheese or popcorn in the afternoon and grilled chicken and veggies for dinner.  But then like last night I ordered in from the corner store because I am denovating my kitchen and ordered an all meat calzone and ate it ALL!  Ever last crumb.  I was so full and uncomfortable and seriously debated making myself throw up to get some of it out of me, but I didn't.  I woke up this morning full, then finally had some oatmeal for breakfast.  At lunch some people from work went outo to a chinese buffet.  There were some healthier options, steamed veggies and chicken, etc.  But nope, had two plates of fried food then some dessert!  Again I am so full that I want to cry.  I hate feeling like that, but when I start to eat I can't think of that then.

 It is like I have a fear that I will never have chinese again or take out again.  That i have to eat it all now or it will be no good later.

 HOW DO I STOP DOING THIS?!  Am I addicted to food?  Do I need more than just my own will power?  What can help?


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For one I'm glad you didn't make yourself throw up.. that wouldn't have gotten rid of many calories anyway (if any at all). My question is-- are you enjoying the food you eat when you are "good"? Because it sounds pretty good to me, but if I had that every day I would get bored very quickly. Maybe you need to find ways to spice up your GOOD meals so you aren't so tempted to have a "BAD" meal whenever the chance presents itself.


One of the ways I do that is to NEVER order out anything that I am not going to be "allowed" to finish if I have any choice in the matter. Occasionally I will get 2 halves of a foot long sub at once (to save time), but I still make myself put the other half away before starting my meal. If you typically have a problem with controlling yourself with extra food, I would say just DON'T do it.

The chinese incident is harder.. if it's only an occasional thing you should not worry too much about it. Though in my experience chinese buffet deserts aren't all that great-- were you eating it because everyone else was or because you really needed it? Maybe you could have just had tea instead?

I know it sounds kind of stupid but since you said it first I don't feel so alone. =P If you're feeling horrible tempted.. say OUT LOUD to yourself: "It's not going to go away. I can eat this any time I want to. Tomorrow, the next day, next week or whenever! Do I really need it NOW?" The "out loud" part is really important because you get to hear yourself speaking the words and you can realize how ridiculous you're being over just a treat!

What do I want more… the 5 seconds of enjoyment that I will have while I chew this food, or the enjoyment of the fact that 24 hours of everyday, 7 days of every week, I will have the body that I want to have. That is what it comes down to really, and let me tell you... no food tastes as good as that feeling feels.
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Give yourself a break!  75% is a lot of the time.  It helps me to have one day a week (I do Sunday) where i tell myself I can eat whatever I want.  i usually end up making good choices anyway (remembering the sick, bloated feeling of  overeating junk!).  but it helps  get me through the rest of the week to think "I can have that cheescake, just not right now."  the craving passes most of the time, sometimes i gotta have it!  But if you never indulge, you're going to drive yourself nuts and feel deprived (not to mention getting obbessive about everything that goes into your mouth).

You've done an awesome job so far!

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tommy21pmp, Thank you for that little piece of motivation on feeling good having the body you want to have. I have been doing so great eating healthy and ive been feeling amazing as well until this week. I dont know where my motivation has gone and i have been binging like a vacuum! I think you helped me re-think my approach and stay strong!
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