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Help for my 13 Year old Son - Has to lose some Weight

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I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions or knowledge on how many calories a 13 year old boy should be eating to lose weight yet not be in danger of having health problems due to growing.

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growing kids should never be on restrictive calorie intake.. what should be implemented is healthy eating based on a balanced diet, research  food pyramid. sweets or any comfort foods should be taken at a minimum maybe  every 2 weeks or even once a month. a daily multivitamin regimen should be taken religiously and at least 30 - 60 minutes of outdoor or any sports activity, like dancing, basketball or anything that  would pre occupy him. so take away that play station, get a WII or XBOX kinect and let him perspire. get a basketball ring and place it in your back yard. or maybe  an hour of weekly  swim in a community pool. good luck.

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I agree with netskinyne - a growing kid should not be on a calore restricted diet unless he or she is dangerously overweight and a doctor is supervising.

Instead, work with him to develop healthy habits - filling half of his plate with veggies every meal, getting enough exercise (outdoor sports and play are awesome for this, but videogames like Dance Dance Revolution and EA Sports are great too), cutting out soda and cutting down on juice, choosing health snacks, and limiting treats like chips and candy.

What does your son's diet look like now? How overweight is he?

No juice, soda pop, processed snacks, watch the added sugar and HFCS (I know what people think about this but it's in everything including places you would never suspect).  Drink lots of water, pack his lunch for school (school lunches are horrible), eat lots of fruit and veggies. Watch the deli meats (Highly processed and high in salt) and try to use regular meat, nut butters, whole grain breads. Bagels are high in calories so avoid them. Encourage activity like above.  My 13 year old son went from on the verge of being overweight to being soundly in the middle of normal by doing these things.  He didn't lose or gain but maintained his weight while going through a growth spurt.  Encourage him to help plan his meals.  My son prepares almost all of his meals these days and is very aware of what goes into his mouth. 

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