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Help needed for surviving thanksgiving

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Tonight my mom was cooking the thanksgiving food ahead of time. When I walked into the kitchen to see what she was making, I was absolutely terrified!! I need help surviving tomorrow. I plan on eating white meat turkey but other than that I am completely stuck, as nothing else seems diet/low cal friendly! And if I just eat turkey, my mom will say "you are starving yourself" when in reality I am just trying to not gain any more weight! Below is what we will most likely be having. Any ideas/suggestions of what I can eat besides the turkey would be most appreciated!!

Appetizers are : chips, pretzels, crackers dip made with sour cream, pistachio nuts


stuffing (saw mom add butter and fry the onions and celery in oil)

mashed potatoes (saw mom add heavy cream and butter)

sweet potatoes (saw mom add honey, brown sugar and maple syrup)

green bean with cream of mushroom soup added in

Pillsburry crescent rolls

cranberry sauce

brussel spouts (mom put butter on these)

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Aw, don't be terrified! Remember whatever happens it's only one day. That said, if you want to limit the "damage"...

1. Only eat what you really like. If you LOVE mashed potatoes but aren't so keen on sweet potatoes, don't have the sweet potatoes.

2. Portion control. Can't stress this enough. Fill your plate ONCE with reasonable portions of a few things, and try to avoid going back for seconds.

3. Can you skip the appetizers? Or add something of your own, like a plate of cut-up fruit or veggies? Or again, portion control-have a handful of pistachio nuts and eat them sloooowly!

You don't mention any desserts, so if there aren't any your Thanksgiving is probably already lower in calories than many other people's! Good luck, and enjoy the day.

Why are you so scared of added fat? I can't IMAGINE not adding fat to anything. Mashed potatoes with butter are still mostly mashed potatoes - a tablespoon of butter doesn't turn them toxic! And things like brussels sprouts are so low-cal to begin with that adding a little butter (which I think is necessary to make them palatable) isn't exactly disastrous.

Eat some turkey, eat some stuffing, and have some veg, and you've got a balanced meal. A little more indulgent than just eating plain potatoes and steamed veg, but still healthy enough and, depending on portions, it'll still fit in to a low-cal diet.

One word: moderation.

Broccoli could be considered 'diet/low-cal unfriendly' if eaten in large quantities.

Besides the way you talk about butter makes it sound like your mother put dirt in every food. It won't kill you, kay?

If I were you I'd pick my favourite dish (it would be the sweet potatoes for me hehe ;)) and ask your mother how she made it. Log it in the recipe analyzer and then you'll know for sure how much you should eat to make a portion that fits your calorie goal.

ETA: brussel sprouts, even with butter, are pretty low cal if you care. But I'm guessing Thanksgiving is a pretty special day so you could have what you want the most. Just my opinion though...

Yes, enjoy your thanks giving! But over the years I've found that if I want something healthy for thanksgiving I'd better supply it myself.

Happy thanksgiving!!

Great ideas everyone! I will definately use portion control.

(Just for clarification, its not that I hate butter or fats but my mother does have a heavy hand when cooking. I partially blame my overweight childhood due to this. )

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