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Weight Loss
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help needed!!!!!

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hi i need some information please:

calorie intake is about 850 - 900 and exercising about 900 - 1000 everyday mon -sat apart from sundays is this ok or what should i be doing?

i am 244 pounds aged 23 and 6 foot. 

help needed please.

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Q : What is Starvation Mode? How do I know I'm in it and how do I get out?

A: "During times of famine and starvation, their bodies became programmed to slow down metabolism and conserve every calorie in order to survive. That programming hasn't changed today, despite the significant amounts of food available. So, every time you go on a starvation diet or crash diet, your body kicks in to "starvation mode" and lowers your metabolism in an effort to conserve every calorie you eat. For all your body knows, a famine has set in for months, and it must do what it can to survive. In addition, when you lose weight too rapidly, the body uses muscle tissue as a primary source of energy." according to

How many are enough calories? If you're a woman, 1200 calories and for men 1500-1800 calories. After exercise. This doesn't mean you can eat 1200 cals ladies and then go burn 600 in the gym!

If you are in starvation mode, it is mostly likely that you will not lose weight for a long period of time. How to get out of it is to eat more calories.

For more info go to: 88.html

Male or Female?

 You should actually increase your calories. If you don't eat enough then your body thinks it is starving and will actually hold on to fat. Also, if you restrict too much then you are more likely to go on huge, horrible, guilt producing binges. (Can you hear the voice of experience there?)

 Exercising an hour every day sounds good. What kind of exercise are you doing?

Finally, what are you eating to get to 900 calories a day? If you are going to restrict even to 1200 a multi-vitamin and calcium are a good idea.

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i`m male by the way

If you are eating 850-900 and burning 900-1000 then your are not giving you body any calories to run on, or even in the negative! It will start eating your muscle and organs if you keep that up. I'm pretty sure you liver alone needs at lease 144 cals a day to function properly! As a male you shouldn't be going under 1500 for running your body and should be eating more if you are exercising!
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i will try to get it up to 1500 cal

at the gym i am going on the cross trainer for 30 mins and it shows 450kcal

rowing machines show at 150kcal

cycling machines shows 300kcal

and basic weight lifting light work for 15-20 minutes.

all each day mon-sat sundays off

 to lose 2-3lbs a week can someone tell me how many calories i should be eating and how many to burn

please help

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