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Weight Loss
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Help, I need advice

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Ok, I seem to have hit some sort of wall. I had a steady weight loss of about 2 pounds per week for a couple months, and everything was going great. But all of a sudden it's stopped entirely! According to the activity counter, I burn 335 calories an hour at my job in food production (which is pretty much full time, at least 5 hours a day), and I'm still eating 1200 calories a day or less. So according to my math...I should be losing a pound every three or so days. Yet...nothings happening! I've cut out almost every food I don't absolutely need , but because my job is physical, I do need more than just a banana to get me through the day.
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You may have hit the wall called "THE PLATEAU".  Don't get discouraged.  take your measurements,  they probably are smaller.  Who really cares what the scales say as long as you get to your desired size -----.

I eat one free day at maintainance calories and 6 days between 1300-1500 cal.  The body is very smart and will adjust when   it feels you are depriving it of nutrition.  Pretty smart body heh?  But you are smarter!!! heh.  Change things around. do different exercises.  Don't eat the same exact calories every single day.  too predictable.  1200 one day, 1250, 1300, 1450. 1800.  Your poor bod won't know what the----hit it.

good luck. Karen
I agree.  I give myself a free day also and always worry about what the scale will say a day or two later...however so far it has surprised me with a weight loss almost every time.  It really helps to boost the metabolism.  I hit a plateau too where my weight bounced in between one or two lbs different for a whole entire week....Give it some time and up your calories a few for a few days and watch it will happen.
That really helps  - I often do really well then hit the wall and use that as an excuse to feel bad and then pig out and then feel even worse because I think it is going to go straight to the hips and then give up altogether and either just eat whatever or stop eating altogether to make up for it.  When in fact, this might just be what my body needs to trick it into continuing to lose weight.  Thanks guys
you could simply increase your calorie intake to 1300-1350 a day. I know, increase? but it really works. your body is probably just used to the 1200 and is deciding to hang onto the rest just in case there isn't any more food. survival adaptations really stink sometimes. I started to slow down, so I went to 1300-1400 calories and have lost 3lbs this week!

definitely need to keep switching it up to keep your body reassured that there's no famine going on out there. ^_^
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Hello, I was wondering where i can find a book to kee track of my calories. Ive been writing down every thing that I eat, but not every thing has the calories on the back. Like fruit or forzen yogurt.

can you help.  Thanks

wetdogssmell (yes they sure do) I'm with the crowd! Your metabolism's gettin the best of you! Outwit it while you treat yourself to a few extra calories, or you could crank up the physical activity, especially weight training. The more muscle you build, the more calories your body requires even at rest. Besides I think weight training is so much more fun than cardio... (if you're a woman it helps prevent osteoporosis, too!) And crystal, maybe check out local bookstores for a nice thick calorie count book.  The Ultimate Calorie  Counter is a great one- I think it's by Sheila Buff. 
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