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Help! I've been working out for 3 weeks and I look BIGGER...

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My stats: I'm 26 y/o, 5'4 and starting weight was 171. My goal is 131. I've been walking to and fro work for three weeks, which totals 5.6 miles a day, Monday-Friday. My calories are 1400, and I've been doing good at staying there, except a couple hundred added maybe on the wkened. CC intially told me 1650, but I thought that was too high. I drink LOTS of water (no SODA) and take herb/fiber supplements, so it's not BLOATING. Why am I looking more muscular/robust instead of slimmer. My mom said, she could tell I've loss weight but I don't see it. I look HUGE, but I don't know if it's the muscle building under my fat. Has this happened to you? I don't lift weights either. I just briskly walk M-F and I do aerobic tapes on the wkends. Im feeling discouraged...Cry

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You're not building muscle on 1400 cals a day....  You don't say if you've weighed yourself?  It's extremely difficult to see changes in ourselves.  Chances are that if your Mum thinks you look slimmer then you've lost some weight.   Your legs will be getting more toned from all the walking, that's great exercise.  I calculate, if you're interested, that you need about 2600 cals a day to maintain your weight with a 'moderate' level of activity... walking for over an hour a day.  So 1650 (to 1800) wasn't too high.  You should go with the recommendation.... then you'll probably feel happier and you may see more encouraging progress.

Original Post by hajab:

I look HUGE, but I don't know if it's the muscle building under my fat.

It's all in your head, it's not muscle, and you're the only person who thinks you look 'huge'.


CC told me to eat 1650 calories when I first joined. But I never did that---ever. Even before I joined this site and was trying to lose on my own---I was trying to stay at 1200. So, now that Im doing 1400---it works. I cant see myself adding the extra 250 calories, just for the heck of it. And if it's not muscle...then it MUST be fat. I mean, I may have over-exaggerated---as Im not HUGE. But I took nude pics of myself (front &side) and my belly was pertruding (had a seperate topic on that alone) and my thighs LOOKED swollen. Today it's seem to have gone down a bit...but I dunno. I also started my period Saturday---so I doon't know if that had something to do with it. I just thought after 3 weeks, I would began to "see" some slimmer form taking shape. But Im probably just being my impatient self. Geez! I guess too---I read where some people lose 15-20 in 8-9 weeks, whereas some it takes them almost 2 years to lose the same. I don't want to be in the latter. At 26---it SHOULD NOT take me a year or more to drop 15-20 pounds starting off---that just seems ridicoulous!

I think you're expecting too much if you think you'll look visibly different in three weeks.  I'm a little concerned about the level of obsession with swollen thighs and a protruding belly.... that goes a little beyond curiosity and into something approaching obsession.  You should really stop gazing at yourself because all you'll see are 'faults'.

You still don't say if you've weighed yourself.  That's the quickest way to judge if what you're doing is effective.  If you carry the weight evenly all over you won't suddenly see slim thighs or a tiny waist overnight... it'll be more of a gradual 'deflation'.  However, lose weight and your shape will catch up in the end.

BTW... if you were undereating before you got to CC that can make it more difficult to lose weight now depending on how long you'd done it for.  It's entirely possible for people who chronically undereat to just 'stick' at one weight... doesn't matter if you're 26 or 56 then.   The extra 250 cals isn't 'for the sake of it', in other words.

No, I actually haven't weighed myself since 3 weeks ago when I started. For one, I dont own a scale. and the one at my parents house, I always forget to when Im over there. I would say, I've probably loss about 3 pounds...maybe. I'll weigh myself towards the middle-end of this week and see. And I wouldn't say Im obessessing...yet...im just really paying attention like never before to my body. When you spend X amount of time overweight and in denial, it's easy to look at your body as being "normal" or "in shape" as I really use to think it was...so now---that I actually see those areas all throughout my body (because it is spread evenly) Im probbaly just magnifying their flaws to myself. I dont' want to be mean to myself, I guess Im just a bit perturbed that I didnt notice how out of shape I had been all these years...but thanks for this insight. I'll relax a bit this week on looking so hard at myself.

once you said period... i knew!!! i always feel fat around my period and i gain two pounds of pure water retention.... the minute you stop looking at yourself in the mirror and work out harder you will see a change...takes another couple months but then you will see the big change dont give up and remember that losing weight with the working out is good but its not the only reason you work out... work out to live longer and be stronger :)


Good Luck... 10lbs for me to go and i finally can stand looking at myself in the mirror but everyday i wake up feeling good that i ate good today and worked out regardless if the scales proves it or not... Because I KNOW.... and thats all that counts :)



Don't get discouraged! It sounds like you are still in the beginning. It's not the calories... it's what you do with them! Try evaluating your hunger better. Are you starving all the time? If so add more lean protein like chicken or halibut. Cut out some of the fat like ice cream and alcohol. When I drink I hold water for 3 or 4 days. Sometimes if you have too much water your body can bloat and the same can happen if you are on your period.

Hang in there chica! Stick to the program and things will get better! Smile

I really had to learn how to be happy as I am. I picked out my fave parts of my body and listed why i like them... Like I love my hair! It's different and I love it! YOu should do the same and keep repeating it to yourself. Positive thinking can make a HUGE difference! :D

Thanks Love and Kgal!! Yeah, I get into my early week slumps where I let my weekend throw me off a bit...but Im doing good today. And will heed your insight/advice. Thanks Again!!

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