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Weight Loss
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Help I'm stuck at one weight

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I love this site - I've been very careful with my calories since I've started last month, but I seem to be stuck at one weight right now.  My total calorie intake is between 1100 - 1300.  and right now I weigh 140.  my goal is 130lbs.  Does this usually happen?  it's been over a week now.
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Depends.  It could be 1 of a few things.  I have put them in order of what I think might be the cause

1- You are not eating enough.  For starters, you should not aim to be at 1100 on any day.  1200 is the lowest you should go.  On top of that, if you are burning any of that 1100-1300 off, then you are probably too far under your target range and you are starving your body.

Ex:  you need to eat 1300.  You burn off 400.  Your net is now 900. 

Your calorie amount needs to be in your healthy weight loss range at the end of the day, after all your activities are calculated in.

When your body thinks you are starving it, it stops letting go of the weight.  You lose at first, as its giving you a chance, not sure if its a temporary lower food intake.  but once it sees its permanent, then it goes into starvation mode.

2- The closer you are to an ideal weight, the harder it is to lose weight.  You only have 10 pounds to go, so it could just be your body reacting the way it is. 

3- You have hit a plateau.  This is normal.  We all usually hit them.  My longest was 2 months.  This is mainly because your body has gotten used to a way of living.  It needs to be shaken up, and to do this, you need to up your calories and change up your exercise routine.   
I have this exact same problem.  I also weigh 140 and can't seem to break the into the 130's.   I however had become frustrated and pretty much given up because after 3 weeks it became very frustrating.  I started counting calories again last week and I am hoping that I will be able to be more sucessful this time.  I think I had hit a plateau.  I am getting appox 1200 a day and just started the couch to 5k running program.  My goal weight is 125.
Again, if you are eating 1200 and then exercising and not making up those calories, you are probably hitting starvation mode and not a plateau. 

Make sure that 1200 is the right amount for you and make sure to eat back the calories you burn.

Plateaux can last much longer than 3 weeks.  You need patience. 
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If you haven't already started doing this, start refining the types of calories you are consuming. Protein is excellent for weight loss and muscle building. So replace a few carbs with some protein. Cottage cheese is a great low-fat source as are high protein cereal bars (watch out for ones high in sugars though).

Also as you are getting closer to your ideal weight, if you are exercising, you are getting more toned. muscle weighs more than fat, yadda yadda.

And staying the same weight for one week is no big deal at all. The longer you've carried the weight, the longer it takes to come off, and that last 10 pounds you've carried the longest. Don't be surprised if it lasts longer and don't be discouraged.

It is VERY important you not cut back on calories any more to try and lose the last few pounds. Your body will start storing everything you eat and your plateau will last forever, or you'll start going in the opposite direction.

And if you're starting a running progam aspriggs, you need more than 1200 calories. Recalculate your daily allotted intake on this site factoring in your new routine and your new weight. You'll be shocked at how much you're allowed--and how much you NEED -- to sustain your running and still get healthy weight loss.

Once I started an exercise routine, I plateaued because I was still eating the "sedentiary" calorie allottment. When I recalculated, I got an extra 350 calories a day AND I'm losing again. Good deal!
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i'm in the same boat! I started at 152 in January, lost 10, and now I have hit a plateau. I have been weighing in anywhere between 141 and 142 for about 3 weeks now. It is frustrating because I knew I would hit a plateau, only I'd hoped it wouldn't be until AFTER my upcoming Spring Break vacation!! I'm trying my best not to be discouraged, because after all my ultimate goal (much more important than feeling good in a bikini three weeks from now) is to reach a healthy weight of 120 (I am 5'2") in a safe and reasonable amount of time. I haven't given myself a "deadline" because I would rather take things slow and in a fashion that I know I can maintain it for the rest of my life--don't want to "diet" and drop the weight too fast and then make it a battle to adjust to eating and living normally.

I think part of the reason that my body chose to plateau now is because I am back to a weight that I was at for a very long time... so it probably feels pretty comfortable here.

Anyway, I've tried upping my calories to about 1800 per day. And I'm shaking up my workouts-- I had been doing 1 hour on the elliptical nearly every day at moderately-high intensity, but I was finding that it wasn't difficult for me anymore. To shake things up, I've now switched to the treadmill and I am doing shorter workouts (about 30 min.) but of High Intensity Interval Training--holy cow, I haven't felt my body working so hard since high school cross country! Some days I follow that up with another 30 minutes on the elliptical at a steady pace--mostly because it helps me to prevent soreness in my legs. I also do light weight conditioning every-other day, and it's definitely helping me to feel more toned. ... still, after all of this I haven't seen the scale budge in 3 weeks! I really need to shake this thing off quickly! I was hoping to lose a couple more pounds before my Spring Break trip. Even if the difference won't be visible, I know it would help me feel much more confident if I was at least seeing the numbers moving down again before my trip.

Any advice?
Great information everyone.  I will put your suggestions into practice starting now.  I will recalculate my calories.  Thanks alot!!
Advice would be to relax and have fun and not think about the numbers.

While it can be mentally motivating to see the scale drop, have you been measuring yourself?  Could be that you have broken the plateau but that the shake up has given you more toned and defined muscles (a good thing), making the number on the scale not budge, but the overall body slimmer.

Again, take it easy with all of this.  Don't get too obsessed or worried about 1-2 pounds on a scale.  You are making great progress and you will win in the end.
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after my pregnancy i got stuck at 160.. i ate alot.. but u know what the more i ate(healthy) the more active i got... and the more active u are the more calories u burn.. if ur sitting down   tap ur foot. whatever.. instead of going right to the fridge walk around the kitchen a couple times  im now at 115, u will do it..  u always get stuck at one number.. trust me.. just  take the long way..  instead of going pee downstairs go UPstairs!! every little thing helps!! get moving:P
What if I only have one bathroom in my house and its downstairs?  Should I be peeing in my office?
You only have 10 lbs to lose - these are always the HARDEST to lose! Think of weight loss as a graph... I forget my math, but it's one of those graphs that as you near 0 the change is smaller and smaller. You are probably losing weight, but it's at a much slower rate... instead of 1 lb per week it could be more like 0.3 or even 0.1 lbs per week.

I'm in the same boat at 117, about 7 lbs away from my goal of 110. What I find that helps is to look for trending. Yes it seems like every time I weigh myself, I'm always in the 117-118 range. But look a little closer.... and you see that two weeks ago, my range was from 118.8 to 117.8, and this week, it's more like 117.4 to 118.6. That *is* a difference, however small or slow, it's going in the right direction. Next week or two I'll start seeing 117.0 to 118.0 then 116.9 to 117.9... at the rate I'm going, it is quite likely I won't reach my goal before September or even longer. But slow and steady wins the race.
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Thanks for all the info I'll take it all into account.  Slow weight loss is always the way to go.  I think I also need to re-think the type of calories I'm taking in and maybe start working out a little.  Any suggestions?
Any suggestions on what?
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bigtwinky should definitely pee in the office!  made me laugh out loud!  Thanks for making my work time humorous!
I am fairly new to these forums and tracking calories. I have been wondering about my calorie intake.

The calculations from this site say I should eat around 1800-1900, but I rarely make those numbers. Often time staying around 1200 a day. I work out about 5 days a week (with a trainer two days, cardio the others), and am pretty active at home and work.

That being said, I have not had a significant weight loss (just 3 lbs in three weeks) but this stays in track with loosing the safe 1 lb per week.

It is very important to stay near to my intake to loose?? Is it terrible that I am very under each day??
Suggestions for working out? The best suggestion, if you are not doing anything at the moment, is to walk. It's very easy, virtually anybody can do it, and you can do it anywhere, anytime, without needing a health club membership. Just get yourself some good comfy sneakers!

I like to walk with my ipod - the music makes me go faster and the time just flies. I have the NIke+Ipod sport kit which tells me how far I went and how many cals burned.

Walking is a great mood- and metabolism booster. I walk at a brisk pace, around 3.5 to 4 mph, elbows bent and swinging my arms - that keeps your feet going faster. Concentrate on shorter, rapid steps versus long strides. Suck in your gut and concentrate on proper posture and it's also an excellent core workout. Don't look at your feet but straight ahead.

Start with 30 minutes a day if you can, working up to 60 min or longer. You can break it up into two 30 minute sessions - I do that sometimes when I'm pressed for time, or just need an energy boost. And on weekends, my DH goes walking with me - we go at a much slower, casual pace but for much longer.

It depends on your weight and your speed, how many calories you burn, but I burn about 250 cals per 30 minutes. That, plus 250 cals shaved from my diet is theoretically supposed to result in a 1lb per week weight loss, but as I've said, I'm not seeing that, but I must be gaining muscle because I am shaving inches. I am in far better shape than I was 8 months ago before I started walking. My butt in particular is looking great these days, if I do say so myself!! 

The only problem with walking is that at some point you may feel inclined to start jogging, like I did....  today for example I ran 2.5 miles in 34 minutes, then finished with another 26 minutes of walking, for a total of an hour.
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