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Help with 1500 calories/day

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I am having a hard time with 1500 calories.  I feel like I am hungry all of the time.  I drink a ton of water and eat healthy foods but can't seem to stay below 1500 lately.  Any suggestions?
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If you're still hungry and losing weight, you can eat more then that!

How much is your BMR?
Eat really dense, water based food, e.g. carrots, tomatoes, bananas, etc.

Also kick up the fiber and fat intake. They both make you feel more full. I also second the above post.
what kind of food are you eating? remember if you're exercising you'll need to eat more. foods high in protein will help you to feel fuller longer as well.
My current BMI is 26.4, in the beginning I didn't have a problem with 1500 calories, however I started experimenting with larger amounts of calories as I started working out (45 mins 3-4 days/week) and now I can't seem to help but put away 1000 calories by noon.  My weight loss also slowed down so I thought I would try to go back to 1500 for awhile but I am hungry all of the time now.  My expenditure is 2000 so I thought 1500 was a healthy amount.

I am currently 5'4" and 154 pounds my goal is to be less than 145 (for a BMI in the healthy range).
One thing that helps me is to choose foods that are have more grams than calories...you're 1500 calories turns into a lot of food then! Seafood, chicken breast, salad, nonfat milk, tuna, fruits, and vegetables are all great examples of this.
BMR is diffferent than BMI.... your BMR is your Basal Metabolic Rate... how many calories you burn a day (or here it would be your expenditure)... you're not supposed have a deficit of more than 500 calories... so just take your expenditure... and see how much you can add... in order to lose weight I think it should still be about 300 calories as your deficit... but someone correct me if I'm wrong?
Hey Katie --

Our BMI's are similar (I'm 5'8" and 165 lbs) --- and I'm working with around 1500 cal. a day these days (well, actually ~1400 -- but still...)

I find it takes some getting used to --- but from experience with fasting and being entirely unable to eat for awhile (throat surgery in January) -- showed me how much of eating really is a MENTAL thing.

Anyways --- to fill up I'd recommend paying attention to WHAT you eat.  More fibre (through veggies) is always a good way to start, as well as lean meats.

That said, I definately make a point to indulge my sugar & carb cravings when I have them....  I find allowing myself a handful of jellybeans or popcorn is SO much better than binging later because of a craving :)
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uhh def. dont eat bananas...they make you gain weight for some odd reason :X
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Katie, i too am 5'8 and weigh about 163 pounds. I would like to get down to about 145-150. I recently have been counting calories and I thought 2000 per day was a safe number. I have also begun  working out 5-6 days a week. But reading your comments, you consume 1500 per day. Do you exercise? I am asking because I am wondering if 2000 a day is too much for me.
Bo_bo ~  Lots of bananas may throw things off a bit but my trainer says that having one before a planned workout is good though.  I save the bananas for those times...and the apples for afterwards.  I don't know the reasoning behind it (I know it's because of different sugar and carb levels) but that's what she told me to do and it seems to be working for me.
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i woudl definitely recommend a ton of spinach & mixed greens. ever 3 ounces is like 15-20 calories. i have also been substituting dressing with tomato based stuff (like salsa or pasta sauce) and that has really been great for me in getting a lot of food in.

i also found this franz bread that is like 40 calories per a slice which i eat with peanut butter before or after a workout.

i've also been trying a lot of lettuce wraps (like lettuce wrapped turkey burgers, etc) as a substitute for bread to cut out some of those calories. i actually perfer it that way now.

i dont know if you have a ton of protein right now in your diet, but adding that may really help.

if you are alreayd doing most of this and it still leaves you hungry, you may want to try increasing the caloric intake in crements of 50-100 calories until you find a balance where you are still losing weight but feeling not hungry.

everyone is different-i thinkt hat is why this websit is so great. you get to measure what works, and doesn't for youself! :)

good luck!
Kita --

I exercise about 3 times a week at the moment (an hour in the gym usually) --- though once it gets a bit warmer here (I'm in Ontario), I'll start running outside again. 

Last summer I ran at least 5k about 5 times a week....in addition to my gym routine.    During that time I basically ate whatever I wanted because I was getting so much exercise - though my focus was usually on whole foods.  I lost 25 lbs last summer doing it (which brought me to the 165 that I'm maintaining) --- so I have high hopes for the spring thaw!

Honestly 2000 calories a day might be good if you're SUPER active, young-ish with a high metabolism, or are maintaining.....   From experience personally though a 2000 calorie diet (with exercise) would be closer to maintenance for me.     But genetically I'm also prone to storing fat pretty easily.
Just another quick note to mention that Lettuce Wraps (I use a darker lettuce) are AWESOME!   (I was skeptical in the beginning too)

Mmmm --- Romain lettuce with deli-style ff oven roast turkey is YUMMY.
Is it that time of month? That usually does it for me. If it is, eat more fiber to fill you up and hang in there it will pass!!!
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do bananas make you gain weight? really?
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