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Weight Loss
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Help! my boobs are shrinking :(

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Does anybody know of any specific exercises that cause your boobs to get smaller? Cause I want to know so I can avoid them. I started doing upper body workout just about every other day and I swear whenever I do I wake up the next morning and my boobs get smaller Frown I am doing like chest presses or whatever they are called and I read that that could make them get smaller. I also have heard that doing those butterfly exercises could make them get bigger. Does anybody know if that is true? Thanks.

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No, when you exercise you lose weight everywhere, I don't believe in certain exercises that make you lose weight in one perticular spot. There are supplements you can take, but I don't know if those work..

Let me be the first to welcome you to the club.  The sisters are mostly fat, so if you're losing fat, you're losing fat there, too, unfortunately. Nor sure how much weight you have to lose, but in the past I've gone from a DD to a B with about a 20 pound weight loss. *sigh*

The exercises you mentioned support the breast tissues, so that should at least keep them perky as they decrease in size. 

The good thing is, by exercising, you'll also be losing weight in other areas, so you should be proportioned as you continue to lose weight...

Hey, I started out weighing 280 pounds and wearing an A cup, I hate how bras are made so that big woman have big boobs, cause it is so not true for everyone. At least I didn't have much fat to lose in my boobs, I am still an A, don't know how much smaller they can get but yeah... hehe

I've lost just about 27 pounds. I didn't mind them getting smaller at first, cuz they were actually too big for my size before. I'm 5'0 and was 36c. Now I think they look too small for my size. Oh well.. Frown  

Two words:  Wonder Bra

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Yes, mine shrunk too.  But so did all the other parts of my body so it was proportional.  This is normal if you are losing weight.

Sarah G.

Yeah, I finally had to give in and buy some smaller bras yesterday :( As others have said no specific exercises will make them smaller or bigger. You're just losing fat. I have found that they are getting a bit perkier from all the upper body work I'm doing though, which is awesome. Gravity had taken quite a toll on the poor things!

if we could exercise to make our boobs bigger or smaller we wouldn't have a surgery for it i think.

I soo hope mine do shrink - a lot.  It's no fun being a 36F at 188lbs, 5ft7.   When I was pregnant I went right up to the other side of the alphabet!

Mine have gotten smaller too. I guess thats one of those things that comes with weight loss - take the good with the bad. Here's the part I don't get tho, my boobs didn't get any bigger when I gained weight. More my stomach and why were they one of the first things to go?? I guess that's a lesson learned for me - shouldn't have gained the weight in the first place.

OK, I lost my initial 60lbs and my boobs look like flattened pancakes...  So, I will fess up and tell you that I did have implants put in to move me to a C cup.  My husband wishes we would have done a D but NO WAY. Running with a D.

Now I am losing again and at least they are keeping their shape but they are getting smaller.

I agree with the wonder bra comment. I wear em when I have shirts that warrant it...

Honestly, the boob job was not that bad. I do however wear very tight running bras now and sometimes I double 'em up.

Ok, now I have no secrets....

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Man am I jealous of you guys !! LOL - I am a 34DDD, and no matter what I do they will not go away!


I wish I could get them to. Tell me what  you gals are doing that I need to be !

If you do certain chest exercises (I don't know which ones) enough to build muscle, you can make your boobs a little bigger because the muscle builds under the fat. But when you lose fat, you lose it everywhere, including your boobs.

My boobs are always the first place I lose unfair, haha! I'm at my heaviest weight ever right now, and I'm normally an A cup, so the girls are literally busting out of my bras right now! My boyfriend certainly doesn't mind that ;) But, alas, I know that once the weight drops again, they'll be gone....Farewell boobies!

The shrinking boobs I can handle...Ijust wish the skin that surrounds them was shrinking too.  My poor girls that were once glorious melons are now tennis balls in sweat socks..woe is me.

sorry double post

I"m SOOOO glad mine shrunk.  Went from full D to small CInnocent

and are much more PERKY now!!!Surprised


that's what push up bras are for.

i remember back when i was just entering high school, all of us girls used to think only sex workers wore them.

now it's no big deal at all.  i actually have a hard time finding non- push up bras in my size these days.

I have always had  nice size breasts and when I have lost weight I don't  seem to get rid of much in the bra size. I do many push ups and butterfly excercises with small weights and have for years so that may be why.  I am not saying they are as perky as they once were when I was in my twenties LOL but for 53 they look as good as a 35 yr. olds

This sounds strange but I am becoming increasingly proud of my smaller chest. The more it goes down, the more I see myself getting smaller all over. How many skinny chicks do you really see with natural big breasts? Not a whole lot.

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