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How much heavier are you in the evening?

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I usually weight myself once in the morning and once at night, and at night I am usually 2-3 lbs heavier than I was in the morning, but tonight I am four pounds heavier! I am really hoping it's because I ate a big dinner but if I get up in the morning and have a gain I am going to be sad, I've been working so hard!

Anyone ever have this happen? I've heard from different places that the most you can be is up to 3 lbs heavier and the heaviest is 5 so I would love to hear some commentary if you guys have any :-)
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I weigh myself sometimes five times a day and just take an average.  Sometimes it stays the same, sometimes it can go up by like 3 pounds in a day. I'm no scientist, but I always just assumed that if I take all the food and drinks that I've had that day and put it on a scale it would be a few pounds.  Maybe I haven't digested it yet (gross) and by morning its been either burned off or pooped out (gross again).  sorry.Tongue out

The point is, this definitely happens to me too. 

I'm pretty consistently 2.5 lbs heavier in the evening then in the morning. And I get really excited when I'm only like 1-2 lbs heavier because that means that the next morning at my "official" daily weigh-in I've probably lost some.  That's always a good feeling.

The 4 lb gain is probably just some water weight and the extra food in your system, not necessarily extra weight (fat) you've gained. Even if the scale is a little higher, I'd give it a couple days to see if the scale moves back down on it's own. No worries!

I find that if I eat a lot one day, I always feel better cutting carbs the next day to balance things out.

Actually I was considering cutting out some carbs too, but do you gain it back then eventually? I hear all these people saying they did Atkins and gained back all the weight they lost and then some! I obviously wouldn't be following something as strict as atkins, so maybe it would be different for me, but it seems like you've had success with that so if you have any tips to share that would be awesome!
If you had a big dinner and it concerns you do some exercise before bed. Or some extra  sets ect of whatever youe routine workout happens to be.
Original Post by dietingdiana:

Actually I was considering cutting out some carbs too, but do you gain it back then eventually? I hear all these people saying they did Atkins and gained back all the weight they lost and then some! I obviously wouldn't be following something as strict as atkins, so maybe it would be different for me, but it seems like you've had success with that so if you have any tips to share that would be awesome!

I would never recommend that you do a totally low-carb Atkins-type diet. I don't really think it's healthy to give up carbs completely. Our bodies need carbs to function properly. When I say "cut carbs" I only do it for a couple meals just to balance out the crap I ate the day before, know what I mean?! 

The reason people gain all the weight back is because the diet (Atkins) is unsustainable for most people. You have to find a new way of eating that you feel like you can stick with forever, whatever that may be. For me, it's all about balance. I typically eat whole grains, lean proteins, lots of fiber but if I really want a cookie I have a cookie, gosh darnit! (I've had three today!) I just try to modify my menu so that it all works out calorie-wise. If I'm indulgent one day, I try to be very conservative the next day. Balance, balance, balance.

Yeah I know what you mean, I try to do the same, but I definitely love my breads/pasts and desserts and I usually have them when I really want them, although cutting out a few slices of bread on days when I had a slight gain the day before doesn't seem like a bad idea. I think if I just slightly limit them certain days instead of totally cutting them out my body won't go crazy if I do have a cookie now and then (I love cookies too! I got those little Halloween oreo packs, it has five or six little oreos for 60 calories, they're awesome!)
try to avoid weighing myself at night, but i occassionally do im usually 2lbs up. I only ever use my morning weight as the offical weigh in.

Strangley enough i think ive discovered that after the gym i can weigh about 4lbs more at night guess its my muscles being pumped up and holding water.

Quick question has anyone else noticed that their weight is higher the morning after the gym as opposed to the morning after no gym? ive been to the gym everyday for over a month now nad scales only dropped from 144lbs to 140/141lbs, but i had one day off the gym and the next day i weighed 138lbs !!! strange. and the following day after the gym i was straigh back up to 140.
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Depends on what I eat and drink. When I weigh myself. Plus who knows what else. I can easily be more then 4+lbs higher during the day.


Do it for a few days and you'll see.

The food log actually tracks how heavy the stuff you take in is.  

wow thats such a big difference. Whenever I compare my morning weight to my evening weight theres usually half a pound difference, never been more than that.

I take my morning weight as the one I track in my weight loss 

Yeah it's normally 1-2 pounds heavier for me. But also remember too that in addition to all the food you've eaten, if you haven't drank as much water as you normally do or eaten a lot of salty foods in a day your body will have retained water too.

I've been up to 5 lbs heavier after a HUGE meal and a bad day of overeating in general... it freaked me out too, but it was gone in a day or so.  I wouldn't worry too much about it.

: )

I'm usually 1 - 1.5lbs lighter in the evenings.....always been that way!

Get this, I weighed myself last night, the scale said 194.5. This morning it said 190. It's so weird. Most of it was probably the fact that I really had to pee when I woke up this morning. Probably all water weight and such.

 (edit: added info)

sheesh sometimes i'm like 7 pounds heavier in the evening and when i weigh in the morning i'm back to normal lol
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I, too, weigh MORE right after a workout . . .that always freaks me out.

I usually weigh 1.5-2 lbs more in the evening and have stopped weighing myself then (if I can help it).

Can anyone recommend a good scale?  The one I have needs to be reset every time I move it an inch - and I'm not sure that when I reset it, it even resets correctly.


I am consistently about five pounds heavier at night. i don't let it worry me though, because at the moment i'm trying to gain a few pounds and know that in reality it is because I eat a lot and I drink a LOT of water every day. I always take my weight in the morning (after using the restroom) as my 'real' weight or whatever- i.e. the one that i compare against the weeks before and such.
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Wow, I fluctuate a LOT.  I think it's because I drink so many liquids in the afternoon and evening, and also because I eat most of my calories in the evening as well.  Anyway, I usually weigh about 4 pounds more and if I have a heavy meal (not necessarily more caloric, just lke more volume- like a big soup or a ton of broccoli or something) then it can fluctuate as much as 7 or so!
Depending on how "clean" I ate during the day my weight fluctuates anywhere between 1-6 lbs a day. When I had Italian dinner (yumm....pizza) it's the highest.

But since I threw out my scale the other day I'm not weighing myself except for when I'm at the gym.

And at the gym I tend to "loose" between 1.5-4lbs depending on how long and how intensely I work out.
I am always 2-5 pounds heavier in the evening.  I think it is from all the water I drink.   I think the best measure for anyone is their morning weight because it is consistent.  Later in the day, there are too many factors that can change your weight-- too much salt, water, exercise, etc.
Yes. i weigh myself every Monday and during the day I way myself 5 times. I go from 115 (in the morning) to 117.5 (at night).
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