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Healthy snacks for LONG FLIGHT?

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I am going to be having to take a lot of flights in an out of Europe and America. And I am trying to lose weight, what are some snacks I can bring that can get through security without problems?


Here's what I thought of:

  • Cereal baggies (best type of cereal to bring?)
  • Home made trail mix (best low cal/fat trail mix to make?)
  • Box of raisins
  • Other dried fruit, which kind? (not sugar-coated!)
  • Whole Wheat Crackers, Rice Cakes, Bread
  • Low or Fat Free Cheese sticks
  • Nuts like almonds or cashews?
  • 100 cal snacks? (are these healthy?!)
  • Baby carrots + celery sticks
  • Tea bags (in-flight hot water)
  • Sugar free gum (which kind?)
  • Granola bars (which is the healthiest?)
  • Small apple? a couple?



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If I am leaving from home, I take 2 turkey sandwiches with me and eat them when they serve the meals.  I also normally pack some sliced apples (I buy the ones at the store that are in individual bags).  Be sure you only take what you will eat (or your travel companions will eat) as you normally can't take the fresh fruit in with you oversees.  I also usually pack some oatmeal in its own tub and some soup or canned chicken (tuna is too smelly for the plane) for the trip home.  Maybe not the healthiest, but better than airplane food for sure.  I also usually have small bags of pretzels, goldfish, granola bars, etc that are always in my travel bag.  My friends tease me, but they always eat my food Embarassed

Hahah! I've had that happen to me as well; friends that would constantly tease me for not eating fried stuff fatty pizza slices, pasta bowls, etc... I just think about how I am doing this for my health. :)


THANK YOU so much for the suggestions! I know about the taking in fresh fruit overseas thing, I just wanted some ideas so I can survive my 20 hrs. of flights and moving around :P! (I'm travelling alone!).

You could take some packets of instant oatmeal (low sugar or no sugar added) and a spoon. you'd just have to ask for some hot water. Bring along some ground flax seed & cinnamon for extra nutrition!

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celery and carrots


Diet soft drinks


Alpen makes these really good Apple & Sultana bars that are 61calories each.

 - you could take a stick of peperoni.
 - be careful with fruit, you have to eat it or throw it away before you go thru customs.

Small bag of pretzels

Special K or protein bars

Sugarfree gum/mints

100 calorie packs of any cookie or chip you like

Beef or turkey jerky

Raw vegetables such as green beans or sweet peas, bell pepper cut up

I think as long as it's not liquid, they'll allow it, so basically anything solid works.

I have been recently turned onto Sunsweet Ones (prunes, i know) because they are individually wrapped. There is about 20 in the container. I actually DO like them...

And I don't know if you are located near a Whole foods, but their 365 brand has a Plain Oatmeal containing flax... I usually put some Agave Nectar in to give it a sweet flavor, I don't know how you would work that out...

I would bring some tea bags for sure... probably not Smooth Move though : /




I fly back and fourth from the UK to the US quite often. I am an apple fiend. I usually take a few apples, a ton of gum, raisins, and a PB&J. I buy bottled water once through security.

You can also request a special meal from the airline.  They have low cal meal options available as well as about a million other choices. 

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