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What is the healthiest thing i can get from IHOP?

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I have to go there for a meeting breakfast with some people and I HAVE TO KNOW the HEALTHIEST breakfast items i can get on the menu! Please list a variety of healthy ones if you can. Thanks so much.  Again, its IHOP
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only a few things are on that list...but stick with fruit, maybe eggs, and toast.  Stay away from fried foods like bacon, sausage, etc.  maybe even try an omelet.  if you get waffles or pancakes - easy on the syrup or fruit compote or toppings.  easy on the butter and easy on the jam. 

Here is a great link to some of their options & calorie counts - good luck! http://www.4eatsmart.com/fastfoods/Restaurant s/NutritionInformation_IHOP_.htm

If you go to their website, and look at the menu, there is a IHOP for me menu on the right hand side.  The Garden Scramble looks like the healthiest thing.  I think you can also get a fruit salad/fruit cup and yogurt(if you like that)

http://www.ihop.com/index.php?option=com_cont ent&task=view&id=31&Itemid=2

Bet you can order oatmeal.
You should ask for an egg white omlette with whatever veggies you like.  Thats always a good breakfast option.  Make sure you ask for no cheese and no cream if you want it to stay low on calories though.
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You can get egg beaters at IHOP. You can get an omelette with egg beaters and some veggies and some fruit on the side.
they have some amazing oatmeal ive tried it before!
You can get the chicken fajita omelet...made with egg whites only (and ask them to cook it without oil or butter). Ask them to hold the cheese and sour cream...and you can get sliced tomatoes (or fruit) on the side (instead of toast or hashbrowns). This is my favorite omelet there...it's delish and loaded with protein and fiber. Yum!

lol-water and a napkin?


Eat at home before the meeting!  LOL
Ewww....I hate going there for breakfast meetings.  Last time I went, I had two peices of toast and three slices of bacon, for a 400 cal breakfast.  This is good because the b-fast I eat is normally 300 cals, but MUCH HEALTHIER, than that!
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A napkin.   Wink
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