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Healthe Trim--any truth to it or just a fad?

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A coworker of mine has recently started using Healthe Trim and since he knows I struggle with my weight as well, he mentioned that I should try it. I will be leaving the country for a month starting pretty soon and suggested he let me know what he thought of it when I get back. But I am a bit curious about it now. If I went on it, it would obviously be paired with a healthy diet and exercise plan. But a little boost and help with curbing my appetite would be nice.

Have any of you tried it? Is it just a run-of-the-mill summer diet fad or does it really work at all?

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Complete crock. It's a standard grab-bag supplement of random spices with unfounded health claims plus some assorted weeds they could fit into a capsule and claim that in conjunction with diet and exercise, giving them a lot of money for their useless rice flour capsules could drastically slim your wallet.

 There are some supplements that can be marginally helpful if you're going to be competing in Figure or body building within a certain date. This however, isn't one of them.

I will admit I've tried it. *hangs head in shame*

I've been using calorie count for years and decided to try it despite knowing better, and yes -- rip off entirely.  And if you don't cancel in time they'll send you more and charge you double.

Not worth it.  There are plenty of ways to naturally curb your appetite without paying for supplements. Stay hydrated, eat smaller spaced out meals, etc.  I find hot tea helps me when I'm have a ravenous day.



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