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Weight Loss
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I was just wondering, does your body burn extra calories in trying to recover from an operation? Like growing the skin back together or something? I just got a mole removed, i've tried google but cant seem to find any answers.

Just wondering if it did, that would be kinda funny. :)

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I know donating blood burns around 600 calories to regenerate the blood lost, so I imagine it takes some to heal skin as well.   Here is a post that talks aobut donating blood from a while ago: restricting-calories-safe-ft117927

However I don't think having a mole removed would burn a whole lot of calories  Wink Major surgery maybe - especially if there was bleeding.  But in that case you should be thinking about recovery, not losing weight.

Personally I try to donate calories -- err blood -- whenever the blood-mobile comes around my place of employment!

hahah, so if i donate blood, i can skip my workout for the day? LOL AWESOME =DD



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Heh - if you donate blood, you probably SHOULD skip your workout for the day! Giving blood after working out can make you woozy, especially if you sweated out a bunch of water and salt, and working out afterwards, you'll totally miss all of those oxygen-carrying red blood cells (and can make the needle site bleed).

If the calorie deficit for blood donation makes more people donate, then I say advertise away! Everyone eligible to donate should try it at least once.

I wish i could, but i've been out of the country too long, they dont trust my blood :(

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