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Weight Loss
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Have YOU healed your damaged metabolism?

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I've seen lots of posts from people with slow, damaged metabolisms--usually from a lifetime of low calorie diets..

You know: they gain weight on Weight Watchers. Only eat 1000 calories a day, exercise 5X a week and can't lose weight. Etc.

The advice is typically to exercise (which they usually are) and to eat MORE. It sounds dreamy in theory, but I'd love to know:

Who has this worked for?

If you had a slow, diet damaged metabolism and managed to fix it (AND went on to lose the weight) please share your successful experiences. Tell the details--what you had been doing and what finally worked.
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Yes! exercising 20 mins to an hour every day (on average) and eating at least 1800 calories a day has helped me to lose 15 lbs since Jan 1!
oh, and I should add that my metabolism was CRAP and it took a few months of working and struggling with food to finally reach a happy, healthy routine. 
What was your metabolism like before? Ie How many calories were you eating yet not losing?
The first time I actively tried to lose weight, it was pretty healthy. Very gradual, no problems, etc. Then I got busy with life (wedding, graduation, move, sickness, etc) and gained everything back, and then some. So, this most recent time I tried to lose weight, it took me about two or three months at eating about 1700 and working out about 20 minutes a day until I even began to start to feel good, let alone lose. After the holidays, I went to about 1800 and 20-60 mins a day, and it was much easier after that.

not sure if all of that made sense. LOL

so, eating reasonably and working out took some time to actually work, but now that I'm there, not only am I losing, but I FEEL so much better - all over! Mind body and spirit!
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It took my body around 9 months to recover from what I did to it, and in that 9 month period I gained weight as my body struggled to understand what was going on...

Withuot think bout diets etc.... I was eating 10k calories sunday to friday followed by 8500 on Saturday alone.

8500 -->

2 bakewell pies : 500 total

2 biscuits : 250 total

10 pork sausages : 1500 total

A load of chips with sauce : 500 total

15 pints beer : 3000 total

Parmesan (check old stories as I asked about this) : 3000 total

Pub Snacks during night : 500 cals

I now eat 17k across a week, and am losing at a rate I am happy with of 1lb per month :)
Sorry, I'm not following with your long list of things you many calories were you eating before daily?
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Jakshops> paragraph 2 in my post

Without think about diets etc.... I was eating 10k calories sunday to friday followed by 8500 on Saturday alone.

Jakshops, I have done this. I just posted in your other thread. I've been working on my sluggish metabolism since Jan 2nd, and I think I finally have increased it through working out, and eating 5-6 small meals a day. I've also dropped my cholesterol 44 pts (yeah!).

I cheated a bit this weekend and normally, I would have gained big time, but I still lost. That's how I can tell my metabolism is better!
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EVERYONE. There seems to be some confusion: this specific thread is for people who have had damaged metabolisms through low calorie diets--and have managed to heal it enough to finally lose weight.

PLEASE respond if you can shed light so others can follow your example. Or share you success to inspire others--but ONLY if you had a damaged metabolism and fixed it.

I know there's a lot of frustrated people out there...but this thread was created to shine a light on a very specific problem--and those who have conquered it

Thanks everyone. Jenn
roj47--I'm still confused, my apologies. Are you saying you HAVE fixed your metabolism?
Yes it is fixed, but took me 9 months to properly repair. I basically took my eating to a maintenance level or just under and the net result initially was weight gain.

Coming very good now though :)
LOL You know how some people have selective hearing? I think I have selective reading...

Yeah. Low calories have never been a problem for me. *pats buddha belly* But for the rest of you, good luck! (and ignore anything I said.)

It happened to me. I lost 30+ lbs in three months in 2006. Then I started exercising, which pushed my deficit into the danger zone. In 10 months of 2007 I lost only 10 lbs. I blogged it here.

I seem to have recovered and begun losing again, but slower now (1lb/week) since I'm eating more. If you count Thanksgiving and Christmas as "recovery eating", it took me about 2 months to get my metabolism back on track.

Here's an updated post about my plateau-breaking success. I lost 10 lbs in the last 6 weeks. My graph is there so you can see the holiday weight gain spike, the history (sporadic through 2007) of my "plateau", and so on.

I eat like a pigggggggggg.  And I lose weight.  In the beginning I did exercise to improve my knee's strength but only recently have I started doing something besides little floor exercises.

I'm pretty sure the fact that I'm still eating like a pig for the past two weeks and not exercising, yet I've lost three pounds, means my metabolism is in fine working order.

I did exactly what Calorie Count said.  I ate 1200 calories every day (which is a lot if you know how to work it), I ate a little more if I did activities like playing in the woods or climbing trees or riding my bike to the bank, and I logged every single calorie and activity for the first two months or so.  After that I got the idea of things I eat on a regular basis and can calculate in my head, make good decisions, and only log now when I'm eating something new or doing a new activity.  I started adding in exercise to my routine, so I've been logging (except the past two weeks, 'cause I'm sick) to get a better idea of what I need and all.

I've also upped my calories to 1400 (not including eaten back calories) 'cause even though I weigh less, I'm dragging less pounds around when I walk throughout the day, I still believe in keeping my body on it's toes and not letting it get comfortable and used to having 1200 calories.  When I had a dramatic drop in calories for two months, as soon as I started having 1200 again my weight loss was right on schedule, like clockwork.  I figured I'd try upping it by two hundred and what do you know, still like clockwork.
I wish I knew the magic calorie number. Also, has anybody found when repairing their metabolism it mattered WHAT they started eating more of?

If so, tell us....

Ok I think I get the gist of what you are asking. For 3 years roughly I lived off of about 600-800 calories if that much. I have honestly how much I weighed when I started eating that way because a scale was not my friend (and I did not own one). But was about a 30-32 waist in men's jeans (I am a female) so knowing what I wear now about 140. Anyway so I just survived off of that for years but never lost any weight. In June I decided to get serious and the first step was finding out how much I weighed. I weighed in at 160-165 lbs. Then I went to a few online sites and read and calculated how much I needed to just maintain that weight. So with all that in hand I decided 1500 calories in was a good place to start.  So thats where I started with at least 30 mins cardio a day 5 days a week. And within 2 weeks of eating almost double my normal (at the time) calorie intake I had lost 10 lbs. I also cut caffeine and drank nothing but water. I lost weight steadly till I hit 130. Now its more of loss a few gain one back but thats alright.

So even tho it sounds odd to eat more to lose weight it works. 

Original Post by feddiechick:

 Low calories have never been a problem for me. *pats buddha belly*


I did this, too! In high school, I was about 15 lbs overweight. I misunderstood the BMR calculations and thought I could only have 1000 calories or less a day. I lost the weight pretty quickly (without exercise--NOT recommended) but then I hit a plateau and thought I had to eat that little forever just to maintain.

This continued for about 4 years. I was miserable and always obsessing over every little thing I ate, but managed to gain 5 lbs back during this time. Finally, I got more interested in nutrition when I became a vegan. As I got more information about healthy eating, I realized I was probably in starvation mode.

I more than doubled my intake from about 700-1000 cals per day to around 2200 and began doing 45 minutes of cardio 5 days a week, along with weight training 3 days a week. The first month I gained a few pounds, but then the weight began coming off rapidly. I Lost about 10 lbs while making a conscious effort to eat 2500 calories per day.

My metabolism became really high, to the point that I had to be careful not to get too thin. I try to get at least 80 grams of lean protein per day and 25+ grams of fiber, lots of fruits and veggies, lots of water, etc. Nothing really special...

This may have been pretty easy because I'm still young ( I'm 23) but I was definitely able to fix my metabolism through exercise and a balanced diet. WOW, that was long!!! Congrats if you're still reading!!Tongue out

I have not been able to heal mine.  I have been working out (running) for years, and the only thing I can do to lose weight is to starve myself.  I run 4 days a week, averaging about 35 miles total.  I've tried eating 1800 cals, 2200 cals, etc etc, nothing works.  Any advice?
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