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Weight Loss
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Is your head screwed on straight? or are you just screwed up!

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I think a lot of us, and I think that I am on the top of the list, dwell way to much time and energy on our wt loss journey.  what are we going to eat.. oh my the scales havent gone down...I gained .2 pounds( heh HK!)  What exercises shoud I do...Is it too little..not enuf. stronger lighter more often  less often   water water... sometimes the everconsuming thought of the day is somehow DIET related.  Oh, I know I should have used the word LIFESTYLE change.

Map out your food plan for the week(buy your groceries from that list)

map out your exercise plan for the week

map out you fluid plan for the week

Now get on the road and shut up!! hehehe

When We plan a vacation or a Road atrip.  We plan ahead...every detail.  Then we start the trip and ENJOY the trip.  I think that I would give and quit if I had to stop and ... oh my I forgot to do this or that.  THe Road trip would not be as relaxing or enjoyable,neither is our journey to a better healthier body.

This is just a thought that I had.

love to all of you, karen
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But I enjoy planning it out ahead. Do I follow it exactly, no. Does it help me stay on track, yes. Do I get depressed when I plateu, yes, same for gaining some back. Do I get excited when I lose some, yes. No different then the rest of life, there are things we love trying to control, and things that make us happy and sad. Just another part of life.
You must come down and witness the constant argument between my partner and I.

I'm a planner, plan the road trip, maps packing, food etc....

Him... well he thinks that ruins all the spontanity....

I grew up (mostly) in area's where planning weekly meals and shoppng were necessary because it would have been a waste to go to the stores frequently....

But now I live in a major metropolis, and I have to admit I like the freedom to randomly choose what I'll buy for dinner each day....

To each their own, I think the key in that message is to make sure this really does become part of a lifestyle change, and as part of that lifestyle change it doesn't become all consuming diet 24/7 mentality.
Karen, if you don't mind, I would like to throw in:

It doesn't happen overnight. It takes consistency and committment to stick to it. Not every day can be an absolute perfect day, but aim for many more good days than bad moments. Yes, moments... because a poor decision doesn't ruin a whole day. Dust yourself off and try again.

Detours happen. Pull out your map and notes, find your way back to the right path and continue on the journey to a healthier lifestyle!
I agree; it is a lot less stressful when you're not constantly thinking about food and what you're eating. Sometimes it even makes you hungrier when you keep thinking about it!

Great thought! ^^
I grew up in a area that if you didnt plan ahead..... the grocery stores were few and far between.. If you didnt plan for did without.

I would no more go on a trip without planning ahead that I w ould start a wt loss journey with out a preplanned map.  Yes there are detours etc.  but it does help with smoother sailing.

ta ta

love, Karen
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Hi All,

 I'm new here. I just started a new diet that is so cool I think you would all like this one.I just completed PHase 1 Day 9 and lost 10lbs. total. And it may be that some of you already know this one. It's  The Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian Smith. I am so excitied and can't wait to see what Happens in Phase 2. The thing I like most about this is that I don't really have to count calories. But as I'm always curious about how much I am eating I'm tracking it anyways just for my own info. I purchased my book from In all the years I have tried many different diets and this one has been the best for me. I have never felt better and so full of engery. It is about portion control and eating healthy. Diets do work as long as you make the commitment to do it. Plateaus happpen for a reason. Our body is a very very clever machine. while we think we can fool it, we can do so for a short get past this you have to step up your exercise or change your diet around a bit. Hang in there you will get there.
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