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HCG at Walmart

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After reading about it in Marie Claire magazine, I have found out all about this horrible piece of trash called The HCG diet. After reading about it in Marie Claire, which was an issue that was already several months old at the time, I looked it up on google. No, I will not be doing this diet. I read all the stories and can't believe people are crazy enough to buy into this.

Now today when I was at Walmart, I noticed that they started selling HCG diet products there. I don't think that it's the injections because those are like $750 a month and this stuff was around $20. Anyways, what I'm here to say is that I cannot believe that Walmart has the nerve to sell trash like this.

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i too cannot believe walmart is selling that crap. they should be ashamed

If the wealthy can buy $750 HCG crap, then the financially-strapped should be able to buy $20 crap. Fair is fair.

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Smashley, you are funny.  :-)

Walmart has a right to sell anything they want.  Look what McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, etc. sell.  No worse.  The great thing about it is that you can refuse to buy it.  :-)

I'm really, really surprised that they've got the intestinal fortitude to start selling these products just a few months after the FDA and the FTC started a joint enforcement action on account of how all HCG products are fraudulent.

  - Fraudulent HCG Products for Weight Loss

The FDA is warning consumers that over the counter HCG products marketed as weight loss aids are unproven and illegal. Many HCG products are marketed to be taken in connection with a very low calorie diet -- it's the decrease in calories that accounts for any weight loss. There are currently no FDA-approved HCG products designed to help you lose weight. FDA and the Federal Trade Commission have jointly issued warning letters to companies illegally marketing over-the-counter HCG products labeled for weight loss.

FDA Action on HCG Products

Which really isn't surprising since all the science literature shows that there isn't a single shred of evidence in favor of it and a heck of a lot against it  - every single well-controlled clinical study that have been accepted into a peer-reviewed journal shows that Hcg doesn't do anything for weight loss beyond the effect of being on an extremely damaging 500kcal/d starvation diet*.

 If you're in the mood for some really good snark and a look at the history of the diet you may also enjoy this more popularized look at the topic. It's basically the detail-obsessed version of  our resident Registered Dietitian Mary's response which we've long taken as the the final word on the subject:

From Ask Mary:

Do not follow the hCG diet.  It is a 500 calorie, low carbohydrate fad diet supplemented with cider vinegar, coconut oil and enzymes, accompanied by injections of synthetic hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a hormone produced by the placenta at the start of pregnancy.  hCg is supposed to selectively draw fat from storage while preventing muscle breakdown.  The premise is entirely false, and weight loss is due to the unhealthy 500 calorie diet.  Author and infomercial king, Kevin Trudeau, popularized the diet in his book, The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About.  He was subsequently fined $5 million dollars and banned from infomercials for making fraudulent claims.


 I don't see how WalMart can possibly think they'd get away with starting to sell a product that there's an ongoing joint FTC/FDA enforcement action in progress as we type. What could they have been thinking?


*body builders trying to restart natural testosterone production after a cycle of steroid use will use Hcg injections to mimic the effect on leutenizing hormone, but that's completely orthogonal to the fad diet being marketed under the "HCG diet" template from Kevin Trudeau.

thank you melkor, for that great information! 

...now to convince the masses that it truly is snake oil. hmm

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