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Weight Loss
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Why haven't I lost weight in 3 weeks?

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I have cut my calories back to 1350 per day (I need 2100 to maintain), and have started this since January 8th. So far I have only lost 10 lbs (I am 5'2" and now weigh 212.5 lbs). I have not lost any weight in 3 weeks!!! What's wrong with me? I know I have a thyroid problem (which I am on medication for), but is it supposed to be this hard? I do not work out and really hope that I don't have to - I hate exercise and HATE to sweat! I wasn't planning on starting to work out 'til at least a few more months time. HELP! Is there anything I can do to drop some more pounds? I thought it was impossible to maintain your weight while eating so much less calories.....
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I am thinking you are doing what I was doing up until yesterday.  The calories that I was given on this site were too low.  It was suggested that I go to a site that has a BMR caculator and use THAT number. I am the same height as you, 37 years old and weight 198 and mine is just over 1600!  THAT is the amount that I am supposed to eat a day.   If I mark my activity at sedetary them my calories burned is only 1900, but with my work out of 250 that gives me a deficit of 550...a pound of week.  Not 100% sure this will work since I am just starting, but 1300 wasn;t working. 
 if you hate to exercise, your not going to EVER reach your goal. Weightloss is either a combination of diet and exercise or starving yourself.... and who wants to starve themselves :( eatting is too enjoyable. Also, without exercise your metabolism is even slower than what any BMR calculator is going to tell you. Someone completely sedentary might as well have a BMR of 0.

"Someone completely sedentary might as well have a BMR of 0. "

-The only people with a BMR of 0 are dead.

kae03 - Thanks for the advice. Just as you said, I checked a couple of other websites and my BMR ranged from 174 - 1750, this website estimates my BMR at 2100. So, that's a pretty big difference.

jasontarin - Thanks for your reply, but I did say that I do eventually intend to exercise, just wasn't planning on starting to this early... Besides being busy with my 11 month old son, I have other excuses that keep me from working out, such as back and foot pain which plagues me even if I go walking for more than a few minutes. I was hoping to lose some weight first, then start exercising, so I would have less weight to tote around.....
Sorry, I meant 1740 - 1750

No - this website says your SEDENTARY is 2100. Sedentary does not equal BMR. Sedentary assumes you get out of bed. BMR assumes you don't.

You can eat below your sedentary - just don't eat below bmr. And therefore you can lose without exercise, it just works better with exercise.

From what I understand the "maintance" they give, in your case 2100 is NOT your BMR...that is being awake, moving, working...the 1750 is your real BMR...what you burn just laying in bed.  You are supposed to eat that...the 1750 calories...I know...sounds like a lot.  so if you eat 1750 you will have a deficit of 350 a day...if you take a walk, you will have a greater deficit.  At 350 a day  you will loose just under a pound a week. 

If you are caring for an 11 month old, I am thinking you shouldn't have your activity level at seditary...move it to light and it will be more accurate. 


jasontarin, i disagree completely. I am 9lbs away from my goal weight and i've not added any exercise to my regime, i've lost all my weight purely from cutting my calories and thinking about what i am eating.
Off topic, but I just looked at your (kristallize) pictures... and I must say you're the prettiest red head I have ever seen.  You carry your weight well and once you drop the weight you are going to be a knockout.  I'm jealous!!!
Thank you, amethystgirl and kae03 - I think I am now getting to understand this a little better... This can be so complicated sometimes! No wonder I've been SO big for SO long! Haha!
Original Post by r6riderchick:

Off topic, but I just looked at your (kristallize) pictures... and I must say you're the prettiest red head I have ever seen.  You carry your weight well and once you drop the weight you are going to be a knockout.  I'm jealous!!!


Thanks! *blushing*
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sorry... you cant lose weight without exercise. At first you lose weight but w/o working out your metabolism will slow and you will stop losing.

I agree with sashapino. I lost 33 pounds without exercise. Very slow progress too!!  I have a hard time exercising because of Degenerative Discs and lots of pain. But I've started to figure out ways to move around more and I've lost a pound in 3 days. So can't wait to see what I've lost in a week!!! Also, I am zig zagging my calories now. Betweent he two I think I have found a way to keep losing.  Where there is a will, there's a way!!!  Good Luck!!

First, I am also hypothyroid and yes, we have a slower metabolism. Make sure you eat healthy (for example, good amounts of fiber, low cholesterol, etc) and with a good distribution of carbs, protein and healthy fats: that would help with the metabolism.

I cannot tell you much about the numbers (I always get totally confused about that) but I do agree with the people that say you have to exercise. You absolutely have to, if you want to lose weight, You could for example start with a yoga class, which is super healthy and would actually help you with the foot and back pains. You can start with moderate effort, since you're a beginner, but that would make a big difference. I understand that it's difficult to find the time to exercise at the beginning, but once you get started you'll realize that it doesn't take so much time, and you'll feel so great that you won't want to give it up. My viewpoint.

Ok I'm  callin BS on Jason, you can lose weight without exercising I know someone who lost almost 200 lbs, and the only "exercising" they were doing was walking, and they started that after already losing some of the weight.

Kristal I used to be the same way about working out, I hated sweating and the thought of running for a a reason other than being chased seemed ludicrous, lol. When I started on my expedition to lose 20 pounds I needed to see my numbers drop to keep me motivated and QUICKEST way to see that is through Exercise AND watching your caloric intake. I started off Small 20 minutes of Cardio and a lil weight training. Then each week I'd add more time to my cardio 25, then 30, 40 etc. After a couple of weeks I actually would love breaking into a sweat, now I do 50 minutes of Cardio and a lil weight training and my shirts are usually soaked with sweat and I feel great. Exercising really gets your endorphins goin, I feel better after a good work out. I suggest you grab an MP3, load it up with your favorite up-tempo songs and gave it a try when you are physically able.

Another thing, are you watching your analysis, your percentage of Protein/fat/Carbs. Some ppl (like myself) have to low carb it a lil to assist in the weight loss. Most sites will suggest 50% carbs, 30% protein and 20% fat give or take 5%. I just try to keep my Carbs at or under 50%

Water, make sure you are drinking your water. I know for me if I'm not fully hydrated 64oz of water the previous day, I will retain water easily and it will show up on the scale.

Hope this helps, I've hit a plateau before my ended and so will yours.


Thanks so much for all of your replies. I guess the general consensus is that I have to bite the bullet and start exercising. Oh, well... Guess it can't hurt. Actually I'm sure it will! haha!

Maramato - Yoga sounds really interesting - I would love to try it. Unfortunately I live on A VERY small island that does not offer anything like that. There is one small gym here and that is it!

Amayou82 - I'll have to take your word for it and give it a try..

Thanks again everyone.

I agree with amayou - while you do not need exercise to lose weight, it sure does help, and you'll learn to enjoy it - i used to hate sweating - now I like the proof that I worked hard!

Is swimming an option? You won't notice the sweat if you are already wet :)

Also, although I currently do yoga, and enjoy it, there are more efficient ways to exercise for weight loss - yoga is more of an extra little boost, so that i have variety from my cardio and weight lifting. not saying yoga is bad, it just doesn't melt the pounds like other things do.

I do encourage you to exercise, because it'll make you feel better and stronger, not because it's impossible to lose without it. And when you build muscle (which weight training will do), the extra muscle burns more calories even when you aren't working out - so you'll be burning extra calories even when you aren't at the gym.

I've lost about 15lbs without really exercising, however it is coming off really, really slow. I am okay with that for now, but as soon as I can I will start again and I know the weight loss will come easier.

I think the people who workout the most consistently are the most happy with their bodies at their weight goal. And I want to be one of them!

Don't feel discouraged, thyroid problems are big set backs, just don't give up. A few easy solutions I have been using to speed up metabolism and reduce excess calories is 1, drink a lot of water. Drink the recommended amount each day, and then some. It will help make you feel full, not deprived and prevent unnecessary urges to snack. Also, avoiding really salty foods, and breaking meals up into snack sized portions and eating more frequently helped me a lot. I know you say that you aren't really into exercise, and I work out 7 days a week and trust me girl-I wasn't fond of exercising to begin with. But, do something that motivates you. For me its buying a new cosmo or self magazine and just walking on the treadmill. You won't get tired or sweaty but if you do like 30 minutes around 5 days a week it might be all you need to get your metabolism going. Just give it a shot, and maybe like me you will find yourself enjoying it. It relieves a lot of stress and does wonders for your mental and physical health. Just think about it! Whatever you do, I wish you the absolute best of luck :)



Try swimming!!! It is a great workout that doesn't feel like a workout and you can't tell if your sweating or not. Just make sure to get plenty of fluids because like I said you can't tell your sweating but you are. If you are worried about getting in a bathing suit uhhh... I got over it I know you can do it. :)

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