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Weight Loss
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I HATE being short!

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There I said it... For those of you that were blessed with height, I am insanely jealous.. Not only can you reach stuff, but you get to eat more.. I have my thing set at sedentary, because I work in an office, then I log my exercise.  My daily intake is supposed to be 1300 calories because if I do not work out I ONLY BURN 1600!  WTH!!  I usually eat 1500 if I work out, but still, my taller friends get to eat so much more and I am almost at my goal so the weight is just NOT coming off anymore!  I go up a a few pounds and then back to where I was, then up a few and on and on... I am SICK of being a SHORTY!!!!  (I am 5'2 125 right now) I had to rant... sorry.. *grumbles*

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There are some nice things about being short. For one thing, the weight loss is obvious faster. I lost 19 lbs. to drop to 110 (I'm 5' 3 1/2") and my clothes were literally falling off after I'd lost only 10–12 lbs.

The best of luck to you on losing the last few pounds. I can't relate on the calorie consumption because I work out a ton and have a lot of muscle: I eat more than anyone I know, male or female. But I can really empathize because I love food. And I spend the majority of my time with tall men; I'd hate not to be able to eat as much as they do when I'm with them.

Are you eating foods with lots of fiber and protein to fill you up? Well, they never fill me up, but they do a lot better job than carbohydrates, anyway. And you can eat a ton of fruits, vegetables, and the right proteins even on a 1300-calorie regime.

What is your exercise regime? Do you change it up? I varied my routine a lot when I decided to lose weight and I lost rapidly.

I do at least 45 minutes of cardio a day and I have been throwing in light weights too..  I had a serious knee injury a year ago that required surgery.  Now that I am post surgery, I am not 100% yet.  I can't really run, but I can do the elipitical.  I do that most days, (I have one in my house so I have NO excuse.  It is just that I see people like you (no offense) that is 5'3.5, literally an inch and a half taller and 6 pounds lighter and still losing..  My goal is 120, and it should not be this hard to get there!  It is not a low BMI weight, I just don't understand!

Sometimes I hate being short as well (I'm barely 5-foot), but then my hubby puts his arm around my shoulder, I press my head onto his chest and can hear his heart beating. Then I realize that since he's so tall, it doesn't matter if I'm short!

But then again, I'm a sentimental little dump :P

Original Post by ladyfirelyght:

Sometimes I hate being short as well (I'm barely 5-foot), but then my hubby puts his arm around my shoulder, I press my head onto his chest and can hear his heart beating. Then I realize that since he's so tall, it doesn't matter if I'm short!

But then again, I'm a sentimental little dump :P

I'm the same way. I adore tall men, and I love being short and with a tall man. I like being picked up and whirled around, and carried upstairs, etc. I spend so much time building muscle, it's sometimes nice to be little ol' me twirled about by my boyfriend. Laughing

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I know what you mean. I think the reason Pettite powerhouse is able to eat so much more is because of her work outs. Muscle burns fat and basically she's just feeding the muscle. Depends on where you are trying to get as for your approach. I'm 5"2" just finally got down to 115 and I'm only looking to maintain or gain muscle. I eat 1700 cals per day, 1800-1900 on work out days. It's tough being so close yet so far away.

As for my weight loss, not that you asked, but I had tried everything in the book until CC. I lost mine at a 1 lb per wk rate eating very healthy, whole grains, whole wheat, lean protein, fruit, veggies etc. 1200 cals were not enough for me so I did 1500 and increased my work outs. My work outs were 6 days, every other day of cardio, then weight training.

But I also incorporated one day per week of low/no carbs. It's called carb cycling only I don't do it exactly as described. I still do it now that I'm maintaining. I swear by it, but that's just me. And interval training on my cardio days. Does wonders for the metabolism. You can google it, there are many dif ways to do it.

To me weight loss was a small sacrifice to make to get to maintain now. I eat so much more. But still healthy.

Good luck! I know you can do it!!!!

aaahh I fully understand you.I'm also 5'2'' and mostly sendentary especially now during semester exams all I do is sit and study.I eat an average of 1200 cals and all that for a loss of only 3 pounds per month-if I am lucky.:( I' am amazed at how much my friend who is 5'11 is eating everyday (and junk food) and still manages to stay a very lean 148 pounds.

BUT at least,when I lose as much as 7 pounds I drop a pant size.;) People actually can't believe I've only lost 31 pounds it looks so much more.

Wow!  You lost 12 pounds - way to go!  I am 4'9" and now love being short as it saved my life.  I was in the backseat of a car in the middle with just a lap belt.  We were involved in a head-on collision.  I dislocated my spine.  The surgeon who fixed my back said that had a been even 1/8 of an inch taller, I would have been killed instantly!  God has a reason we are short! 

It sucks sometimes as the pounds show up so much!  I am 34 and struggle with weight because I eat as much as my normal-sized friends.  My first husband was 6 feet, which didn't help because he could eat a ton.  I recently remarried and Shawn is 5'4", so he understands my struggle with portion control. 

Things that worked for me : using a smaller plate, eating half, putting fresh veggies and fruit right in the front of the fridge, etc. 

We are at about the same place now - I am at 100 pounds (which would be around 125 if I were 5'2").  I'd like to lose about 5 more pounds, but I'm trying to have a baby. 

Actually, I have lost 40.. I figured that out this morning... I started here about 3 years ago, trying to get some pounds off for a friends wedding.  I lost 30 then.. then I started law school and put a few on, took a few off, put a few on and so on until I had my accident, severing my ACL, tearing the MCL and miniscus.  I had to have knee surgery to fix it, and was in physical therapy for 5 months.  I obviously put a few back on.  at 137 I came back, ready to count and work out on my own.  I am now 125, so I have lost 12 pounds since the surgery.  I am lighter than I was when I started L.S. and probably in better shape.  I am struggling with the last 5 pounds.  Really struggling.  I eat to a 500-800 deficit and see the same number on the scale week after week.. *sighs*

add ten minutes to your cardio each day... don't give up. you are almost there

i'm 5'6.5 and i am jealous of you! all my close friends are 5'-5'3, so whenever we go out i'm in flats and theyre in heels and still not much taller than i am! so next time you feel down (and short) put on some heels (which makes any pair of legs look killer!) and feel bad for me :)

NO NO!!! YOU wear heels!  Seriously!  I wear them because I have to, but you get to wear them just to show off your long legs!  I have short legs!  I have a really tall friend that is finally wearing heels...  I have always wanted her to wear heels, but she is so tall that she felt weird.. Now that she wears heels, she looks killer!

I am also short at a mini 5'3 at 121 lbs and I work in an office as well. I think that the issue you are having with not losing any more doesn't so much have to do with height as maybe your workout. I found that when I was routinely using the elliptical for 1 hr everyday that after a the first 10 lbs my weight loss slowed to almost a dead stop. So I changed my routine and added a stationary bike, brisk walking, yoga/pilates, strength training, and swimming and I started dropping weight again at about 2lbs a week and it seemed easier because I started doing something different everyday so it was a little more entertaining. The change from day to day helps you to work more muscle groups plus the strength training builds muscle that helps your body burn more calories.

Another thought could be maybe what you are eating or drinking. Your body needs certain vitamins in order to aid in normal body functions and getting plenty of vitamins can really help you burn calories by making your body work better. So I found that getting a wide range of fruits and vegetables has done great things for my body, skin, and nails. Maybe if you aren't already taking a daily vitamin that is another thing you could add.

Well I have been 5 9.5 since I was 12 years old so all I can do is offer ***HUGS***.

I would like to point out that those of us on the other end of the spectrum often have just as many issues as those of you who are petite.

I may be able to eat more but for me it's very difficult to do so without adding in fast food for the extra calories.

Trying to find pants that fit my insane inseam (32 inches) while still able to cover my rump and not be so baggy at the waist that I have to have them tailored is a rarity.

Here's wishing all of my "little" sisters the best.

You guys are sweet.  My best friend is 5'10 (I think) and she is gorgeous.  I am jealous of her every day.  But I guess you're right, you can have problems depending on what end of the spectrum you are on.  I can't find jeans that fit my short inseam, and she can't find them tall enough!  ha ha

Hi all,

I have a BEING SHORT rant too!! I'm female, 35 years old, only 5'1", 113lbs, 18% bodyfat.  My daily burn rate without working out is only 1500 calories per day.  If I minus the required 500 calories on that, it leaves me a measily 1,000 calories per day to sustain life!!! 

If I work out, my burn rate goes up to 1800, but even with that amount on my workout days, I can only consume 1,300 calories when I go to the gym (which is about 6 days per week for about an hour - 25 mins on elliptical/35 mins weight training).  It is hard for me to workout much longer than that during the week because of commitments at work and home.

How do you other shorties do this?  I feel like I cannot eat anything with the 500 deficit required to lose 1 lb per week.  So I have had to spread out my weight loss to 1 lbs per week and a half to two weeks.

It is beyond frustrating!!  Am I doing something wrong or calculating my intake incorrectly?

Hi eveyrone, I am 26 and 5' 1/2". Yes, you must through in the half inch, it really counts. I enjoy being short to an extent. I love that fact that I too can lay my head on my husbands chest when he holds me, but at the same time, I would love to be able to reach things in the kitchen cupboards without a chair or asking for him to get it for me. I am about 204 pounds right now and have lost 14 pounds in the last month. Counting my calories has been the only thing that I have ever tried that is really working. I am looking to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 140. So wish me luck. My husband is 6' and he has cut back his calories as well, but has lost about 40 pounds. There are days when I think that it isn't fair, but the I realize that since he is so much taller and younger and a male, that his metabolism is faster than mine. I will at some point be skinnier than him and that is what keeps me going. I wish all of you the best of luck and your weight goals what ever they may be.

I'm 5'5 which is "average" height I guess. But I often find myself wishing I was shorter. I think being shorter is cute, and I also feel too tall even at 5'5 when I wear high heels so I try to stick to kitten heels. I am kind of lucky though because my fiance is 6'2 so sometimes even thought I'm 5'5 he makes me feel short when he holds me :) I think the grass is always greener on the other side though
Average height in the US is 5'3.7
Don't be jealous!

Here's the flip side: at 5'10" 284 lbs. I lost 20 lbs. and couldn't see a thing gone! (after over 50 lbs. weight loss I can see a difference though) Forget about high heels: I already tower over just about everybody even wearing flats and really look out of place in heels. Sleeves and pants legs are too short! Petite people can wear tiny sizes. When I was skinny as a teen the smallest size I ever wore was a size 10. This means underwear also has to be larger ... The prettiest things I think are in sizes to fit slim 5'5" women.

When I get to my GW of 170 with a BMI of 24.8 I'll still be a size 14!

I also think we are hungrier ... in other words, in order to support our larger bodies, our brains call for us to eat more food.

We are more uncomfortable in airplanes and small cars ...try sitting in coach and getting your kneecaps smashed every time the person in front of you puts their seat back !

Original Post by dove2424:

NO NO!!! YOU wear heels! Seriously! I wear them because I have to, but you get to wear them just to show off your long legs! I have short legs! I have a really tall friend that is finally wearing heels... I have always wanted her to wear heels, but she is so tall that she felt weird.. Now that she wears heels, she looks killer!

Proportionally speaking, I have long legs (very short torso) so I guess even though I'm short, I wear heals to make my legs look awesome. I attribute heels to my killer calves. They're seriously the only part of me (other than my tongue) that's all muscle.

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