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Weight Loss
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I hate dieting!!

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I am very new to this.....

I have been dieting for 6 weeks (this is my 6th week). I am 25 and started weighting in at 258.6 and now I weigh in at 235.6. I know that is really good in a short amount of time but I feel awful.

It isn't just the food I miss it is cooking, etc.

I feel like that if I loss down to my goal of 135 I will just gain it back. {In the past I lost 85 lbs. from 248 to 170}. I just dont feel like doing it anymore.

How do you stop yourself from getting un-motivated?
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I hate dieting too - and I'll say it ... I hate this 'healty lifestyle' - but I'm really only a few weeks in and haven't lost much @ all - hardly anything. I totally agree - I was just thinking how hard it is - but here are my 2 hopeful points ... 1. you HAVE to do things that you would normally - so if you love cooking COOK - just cook healthy foods. I made an incredible rice salad last night with avo, tomatos, and cilantro and it was so incredible, fun to cook and only 145 cals a serving! I love to bake - so I bake things I don't like and bring it into work for everyone (i.e. I don't like certain tarts or things like haselnuts - so I bake with those things so I won't be tempted. I also find that I won't cut into a cake or tart just for myself so I never bake cookies or brownies etc.

Anyway .. work it in - you have to keep doing things you love - I've also heard and I'm sure others will write that the more you do it the easier it becomes and your desire for sweets/fast food or large portions will decrease over time.

Hang in there hun - I think its okay to say @ the moment - I CAN'T stand this new lifestyle right now - but it will get easier and its better for me and I'll be so much healthier and happier.
the best part od dieting is the cooking.  go get a cooking light magazine and just drool over their recipes.  i have been cooking for my family since i started this and it is working out great.  i must admit that this time of year we do mostly grilling, but i enjoy that too.  i place my veg next to the meat right on the grill.  everythig come out tasting great.  i even have a couple of cooking light cook books.  that is how i keep from getting unmotivated.  i still cook.  i truelly would get bored if everything i ate was processed.
IMO, cooking is one way to help you adapt to your new lifestyle.  It can become a real stress-reliever when you're feeling deprived or overwhelmed.  Cooking your own food helps you in more ways than one.  Since you're doing something you enjoy, it's a stress-reliever.  Plus, I think it's good for you psychologically, because it really helps you CONNECT with the food, not see it as an enemy.  If you're cooking healthily, it helps familiarize you with portion sizes, healthy ingredients, and ways to integrate nutrition and great taste in a way that will benefit you for the rest of your life.  There are lots of recipes out there that taste amazing yet are good for you as well.  So go ahead, look through some cookbooks.  Get creative--try to find ways to lighten up your favorite dishes, or come up with some new ones altogether.  Try some things you've never tried before.  You can use your new lifestyle as a way to embark down a whole new road with food.  If you let it, it can be exciting--not depressing!  Good luck!
Loudly applauding ratinhat88!  Beautifully put!
Just wanted to add ... In this great book, The Beck Diet Solution - she has a chapter/day dedicated to the idea that its not 'fair' that you have to live like this - that some people have to diet and can't eat whatever they want. I don't have it near me but from what I remember she sort of writes - its not fair - but neither is being fat and the things that you can't do and the health problems that come as a result - or something to that effect.

Get the book or rent from library - its great and helps with the mental aspects of keeping yourself on a healthy plan.
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