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   Protein is more satisfying to me, and, with a small protein shake, I go over 100gms at times...

   I aim for 80-100, and work with weights 2/3X a week, as advised here, to try to maintain whatever muscle I can, while dieting- and it's working! :-)  

   However, I find fats harder to keep in balance, and crave proteins when I have leftover calories... Lowfat dairy seems a good choice for the fats and satisfying- but I'm wondering if there are problems with too much protein? (My carbs, etc. are good.)

   Thanks, in advance, for any help!

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Here's an article about the effect of too much protein.

And another that discusses this.

And here's an article about how much protein you really need.

• These studies indicate that for physically active individuals daily protein intake needs could be as high as 1.6–1.8 g/kg (about twice the current recommendation).

So don't worry about overeating protein while working out - you'll be hard-pressed to eat enough to go beyond the levels that the most recent nutrition research indicates as long as you're staying within your calorie goals and leave room for essential fats and carbs. As long as you're actively working out, that is - once you stop, your protein requirements probably drop to the levels of the RDA which is based on the protein needs of sedentary individuals.

   Thank You Both!!! :-)

   I've been trying to study what you linked and learning a lot :-) Wondered about fiber, too- esp. with higher protein seeming to make it matter more- and found plenty on that, too!

   I see a warning about calcium, and that you CAN get too much, but my exercise allows a high level for now, esp. with dieting...  63-70 is the lowest basic figure for me, up to a little more than double that, according to what I'm gleaning from these links... That helps a lot!

   I've seen good muscle growth- unexpectedly!- after a month of 2X a week weight work, with a 1200-1350 avg., (1350 mostly on the weight days), so I know things are going well with the higher protein. I just wasn't sure of what the limit or possible danger might be, so I can be careful and stay on track!

   Thanks for the 'High-Quality' information!

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There's little to worry about provided that your kidneys are healthy. If you have impaired renal function, excess protein can accelerate disease, although the same study linked to there found no bad effects on women with healthy kidneys; OTOH, if you're nearing the point of organ failure, too little protein increases chance of death.

So the best advice is get enough, but not too much Wink. If you're not routinely consuming concentrated protein supplements, it's very unlikely (according to me) that you'll "overdose" on a calorie-restricted diet.

To mitigate the possible bad effects, drink plenty of water (8-10 glasses a day is standard advice, but exercisers need more -- stay full hydrated all day!), and boost dietary calcium (which is generally good advice for women in any case). Protein metabolism needs lots of water (and kidneys have to "work too hard" if there isn't enough water from diet), and consumes some calcium.

Very Clear Information! 

Lean towards dairy if extra is wanted- vs. animal protein- might be best, from what I see in it.

(No problem, 2% block cheese is what I'm tempted by at the end of the day!)

Thanks! Just what I hoped for!

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