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What happens if you don't meet your ideal daily calorie intake?

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I was not very hungry all day today, and I only took in 836 calories. I'm suppose to have at a minimum 1400. I am completely not hungry. Is it ok to skip out on those calories? Are they like rollover minutes I can use tomorrow? Please inform me!

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its not good and there's no reason why you should be that much under your cals for the day. eat some nuts, toast with pb, or something like that. trail mix, dried fruit, a banana, ice cream. something. 

I think it really depends on the person and their history with food.  For me, it's a complete set-up to binge the next day.  For others, every once in a while it's fine.  If this is happening >1/wk, it's prolly unacceptable and you should eat something highly caloric to make up the calories.  I think it's fine if your moving towards intuitive eating and you just don't feel hungry for today. 

Make a decision using honest judgement.

Rollover minutes haha! I have heard that your body goes into "starvation mode." If it doesn't get enough calories, so it may actually hurt your weight loss by not taking in more calories each day. In all honesty though, I was consuming 900-1000 calories daily a couple years ago because I simply was not hungry. I found my metabolism didn't seem to slow down. A lot of people would argue that its unhealthy but I felt the best I ever had at that time. I think you should listen to your body, if at 836 calories you feel satisfied AND have plenty of energy to get you through your day then don't feel bad about it but make sure you are getting plenty of nutrients with a caloric intake on the lower side. Also, don't use a lower caloric intake as an excuse to overeat the next day, I think its that sort of eating pattern that leads to a slugglish metabolism.

I disagree with you, Dimi. No one should ever only be eating 800 cals a day. That's not enough calories for your body to get all the nutrients it needs. Especially for someone under the age 25. Promoting that kind of way of eating is not right.

Due to severe depression my intake was only 800 a day. I never felt hungry either, but so? Just because you don't feel hunger on 800 cals a day doesn't mean that it's good for you. It means that your body is slowing itself down to adjust to only having 800 a day. Not good at all. Especially for growing bodies. You should never be eating less than 1200 calories a day. Ever. Any thing below that for an extended period of time is going to do some serious damage to your body. 

I don't think anyone should ever post that they agree with only doing 800 a day, not only does that promote teens starving themselves, it gives them the wrong impression and could lead to them getting some major health problems in the future. This is a public forum and a lot of people of many ages could be reading this. Please be mindful of that.

Edit/P.S :Just found this link on another post. de-trying-lose-weight.html

I agree with Felise, let's avoid advocating starvation please.  Just because you aren't hungry doesn't mean you aren't in starvation mode.  Regularly feeling fine on under 1000cals tells me you were in starvation mode.  No matter what, hunger or not you should always get as close as you can to 1200.  A handful of nuts will probably get you there and won't make you "burst".  A tablespoon of peanut or almond butter, an extra tablespoon of cooking oil a cup of milk.  It's not THAT kind to your body and keep it properly fueled and nourished.  If you do, it will be kind to you in return.

I personally do not advocate starvation and I am sorry that my previous post led others to believe that I do. I simply wanted to express that I don't think one, single day of low calorie consumption is detrimental if for the rest of the week one consumes enough calories/nutrients during the rest of the week.

Chrissy1988 is right.  Eat something with high calorie/small size, and the list provided was good.  Also try drinking a few cups of coffee with flavored creamer, which is 40 calories per tablespoon +/-.  It can drive your number up quickly and isn't filling.  Cola has quite a few calories as well, 150 +/-.  Do what you have to do to get close to your max calories every single day.

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