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Weight Loss
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Hay i would realy love it if people would add some little bits of Knowldge that they have found along their weightloss journy. 

Can be anything...From how many cals is in a stick of cheese to the best ab exercises.

Any hints and tips too...

c'mon guys show me and the rest of us what you know!! go ahead and type!!
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I have started to do this and it WORKS

my assotion is tea/coffee/breaktime = biscuits. Its ingrained into my mind, whenever i have tea, i eat biscuits. Another is flim with family = sweet treats.


Well, simple. INGRAIN NEW BEHAVOIUR. It will take a few weeks but soon, IF you do it EVERYTIME it becomes as natural as looking for biscuits at breaktime


Tea = Fruit. Whenever i have a cup of tea, i get a apple or some other fruit instead. Its got Nutrational value AND it keeps hunger at bay

Film with family = Nuts or yogurt - again natural and full of nutrients, and not cramed full of fats and sugar like a small 'only 100 cal' chocolate bar would be..

hope it helps
imkatlolol wrote:
it makes the time tick so slowly. instead, watch tv and allow yourself to look down after every segment, or every commercial break.

Good tip.  I actually will watch the tv to help make time pass quicker.  My daughter downloaded a bunch of songs from Limewire and saved them to disk and brings that with her CD walkman, and listens to it when she's on the treadmill and elliptical. 
I love Han's tips. =) Thank you!
What if your poo is shaped like an "L"? 
hypos dont give up!!!

MY DAD just went to the doctor after embarking on my fitness training (smaller portations, cross trainer and walks during the week) and is now out of the overweight bracket, and into just the 'be carefull' side!

He said he would never be able to lose weight, but he has and he feels great! he said he had no time, had a underactive thyriod (like me!)  he "didnt eat that bad anyway" and he was active at work. I found out - all lies lol.

The doctor said 'for every 2 pounds a  none-underactive thyriod would lose, you lose half a pound'

It might take twice as long guys, but even us Hypos can do it!! Dont give up!!!
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PLAN PLAN PLAN!  I make a menu for every meal, everyday.  I know it seems obsessive, but it totally works.  I usually do it on a Friday night, for the Sat-Fri week, so I go to the market on Saturday with my list, and only buy what is on the list.  I eliminate many "trigger foods" this way.  If I can't control a craving, I don't even bring it in the house.  I have noticed that my grocery bill is higher, but that is the price you pay for healthy, non processed foods.  I also tend to stay on the "outter rim" at the market.  Fresh produce, meat, and dairy.  Hope this helps. 
Another thing is to thirst for more info.  The more info you have the better choices you make.  Guess that is what you are doing with this thread huh ;)

hypos...update on my dad: his lost 6 more pounds and his colestrol levels have come down from 6.3 to 5..something lol. Go dad!
His lost 4 inches from his stomach and is bounding around getting ME to exercise! haha!
It can be done, so dont give up!!
keep a food diary? keep a exercise diary? then add a Nutrient section!

Food dairys will keep you informed of the claories you are eating, and fat if your that way incined to add that. But is itshowing you if your B12 dificit? if your getting enough Vitamin A, Beta caratine? No.

When you add a food into your food log (offline, on paper) then reseach that food (it will take you about 3 seconds on google i recon) and write down what Nutrients are in the foods.
Then at the end of each week, have a Nutrient Review page.. where you can the SEE what foods your diet is rich in and what it is low in! you might even surprize yourself.. your ratios might be in check but you could be dificent in Iron, or maybe vitamin B5!


This is if you REALY want to keep in top condition by the way, and it REALY helps you see why you might not be on top form sometimes and enegry is low. I was suffering a energy low, i started doing this and low and behold i was low in bvitamins - the engery giving ones!! It also helps you learn what foods have what in them ;)
I swear by green tea (caffeinated ofcourse)! its a chockful of antioxidants thats great for your body and it helps to boost metabolism to promote fat loss...2-3 cups a day is great..and ESPECIALLY before workouts (my personal trainer recommends taking in some form of caffeine before workouts..n the benefits of green tea far outweighs coffee!)...another thing, u can keep the used tea bags in the fridge and use them as eye masks on tired, puffy eyes! works great!

other than that...water...12 glasses a day....very important...and strawberries...yummy and very very low in calories, they're the perfect snack and very high in vit c! great way to increase your fruit intake if u're not too crazy about fruits...i have yet to meet anyone who hates strawberries!
Get TONS of vitamin D in your life! It fights off cancer, assists Calcium in building bones (along with vitamin K) and just ROCKS! hahaha!

Get a lot of vitamin C too, it burns fat/calories quicker in your body because it enters your mitocondria (which revs your energy)

Chewing a LOT OF GUM = GAS PAINS and NO FUN!....sadly for me I cannot even follow my own rule: I am chewing gum now!

Stevia Sweetener ROCKS!!! and a little goes a long way!

Kombu Noodles/Kelp Noodles are amazing and if you any sort of flavor on them, they adopt that flavor!! and they are VERY LOW IN CALORIES roughly 18 calories a container!!!!! 

Nori, although not thought of as a SNACK is actually a great one! Plus you wouldnt know it but you are getting a lot of iodine (good for your thyroid) and calcium with each SHEET! 

Sounds weird but eating tomato paste out of a can is probably my favorite snack EVER! plus you get tons of lypotene from doing so!!! Yippee!!! 

Baking Eggplant Slices or Zuchinni slices = "french fries" (but use Olive Oil Spray: and spice as you please!! but no sugar! LOL)

Broil KALE for roughly 5 minutes with some salt and spices = POPCORN!!!!! Plus CALCIUM GALORE!
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