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Guys: Pant's Waist Size vs Reality in Inches?

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When I started, I was pant size 50.  My actual waist size was 56.

Down to 48, not sure what my waist is.  (My weigh in comes Sunday.)

I was just wondering how much cheating the clothing companies have been doing and was wondering if you could post your numbers.

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I think they all cheat to some degree.  I have some old Levi 505s that fit much snugger than my new Levi 505s that are one size smaller.  But I have actually measured my waist band of my pants to see how accurate they are.  I think it depends on where on your body you measure and where on the body the pants are designed to fit.

Welcome to our world, men.  It's called "vanity sizing" and it's ubiquitous.

Seen this thread and decided to measure my husbands.  His say 36" but when I measure them they come out to 37". A bit of vanity going on there.

The other thing that comes into play with men's pant sizes is that most men these days don't seem to wear their pants at the waist. Every man with a gut, who is younger than age 70, that I have EVER seen, wears their pants underneath their belly at crotch level and pretends that they're still a size 32.

Men were the originators of the muffin-top, and they were DAMN big muffins.

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Well I know with the length of pants sizes, they sure are longer than what they were a few years ago.  I think before I used to wear 34 length and now it's 32 mostly because 34's were way way too long and I haven't changed height at all so yeah.

I measured my husbands for you. I feel kinda bad for the guys on here as they don't seem to have as much support as the women do.

His southpole brand says 38 and they measured 40 inches.

His route 66 brand said 36 and they measured 40 inches.

His polo brand said 36 and measured 37 1/2 inches.

So, I guess men have vanity sizing too. Us women have been dealing with that for years. I had no idea men's pants had vanity sizing too, that doesn't make much sense since it's giving you an actual waist measurement. That's terrible. Anyway, last time we measured my husband's waist he was ten pounds lighter and he was 38 around his bellybutton, so his actual waist is probably 40 inches. I almost wanna ask him if we could go measure him now...I don't wanna insult him though. Okay, well I asked if I could. Think he's mad. Embarassed His answer was no...

Regardless of what size you wear ( I have lost almost 40 pounds and can wear 12,14,16 depending on the brand) just be happy that your body is getting smaller and healthier no matter what the tag on your clothing says.

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My pants size usually revolves between 36 and 38. Though these new slacks I bought had to be 40. Still, my actual waist size where I wear my pants is still a few inches more as I found out last week. 

Honestly, I cannot wait to lose this belly fat, but I know that's not happening anytime soon.

 Alright, I talked him into it. His waist around his bellybutton is 42 inches, but down where he wears his pants is 39 1/2. All is pants are 36 or 38 though. Hope this helps!

Jun 12 2011 20:01
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56" in a size 50. Hmmm. Women would call this a muffin top.

I think size runs true unless the pants shrink a lot. I'm 35-36" and fit most 36's though I'll wear a 38 baggy and can squeeze into a 34 if I have to. I salvaged a lot of my old 40-42 wool slacks by taking them to a tailor.

I went from a size 58 to a size 38 - 40 depending on the brand. My size 58 pants are pictured in my avatar and in my photos.

Original Post by thhq:

56" in a size 50. Hmmm. Women would call this a muffin top.

I think size runs true unless the pants shrink a lot. I'm 35-36" and fit most 36's though I'll wear a 38 baggy and can squeeze into a 34 if I have to. I salvaged a lot of my old 40-42 wool slacks by taking them to a tailor.

Well, not really.  I'm fat, but I'm not trying to squeeze into sizes smaller than the manufacturer intended - bad for the circulation and all that  But my monthly weigh-in/measurements were yesterday and now I'm down 30lbs at 53" in a size 48 - so some improvement

I just know last year when my brother went on diet, and one day his size 36-s were very loose.  I dug in my closet and still had very old 34s from my distant high school days (kept in hope I would fit in them again, don't know why).  Anyway, he tried them on and he said it was like fitting into 3 sizes smaller (and he didn't fit).  So I was wondering about cheating going on in clothing sizes....

Jun 13 2011 17:13
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wolf stemple or wolfs temple?

I remember the old shrink-to-fit levis which you'd buy at 33 and they'd end up shrinking to 31 after 3-4 washes. I now wear Pedee logger jeans which are similar denim but are preshrunk to stay true at 36" on 36 size. But these are made in USA work jeans, not imported fancy pants. Old school Filson wool and cotton duck run true also. Haven't tried Carhartt.
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