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Weight Loss
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What do you guys say when...

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People ask you what your secret to losing weight is?

A ton of people at my job notice how I'm losing weight and they want to know my secret but everytime they ask I don't know what to say, I don't have any magical secret to give them, but somehow when I really tell them what I'm doing (counting calories) they don't seem that interested anymore...

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Haha, I've noticed the same thing. When people ask me I just say "I started exercising most days and counting calories" and sometimes I mention that I use this website. People do seem completely uninterested once I say that, just like you mention. I think people want an easy fix, perhaps. And by hearing "eating right and exercise" maybe they get discouraged. I think they'd rather hear "Oh there's this magic pill I took and overnight I lost 20 pounds!"

I lost 70 pounds since May of this year.  So everyone at work asks me what type of diet am I on.  I simply tell them I have been eating healthier, and exercising.  Most of them usually do lose interest.

I work at a hospital that has a cardio-rehab gym.  For only 5 dollars every two weeks employees can use it.  It is very cheap, yet still most of the employees don't take advantage of this little perk.

"I'm doing the old-fashioned way, by eating less and exercising more."  That usually ends the conversation.

same here....

they want to hear of some 'miracle' and not the basic 'account for everything you eat and exercise'.

Its JUST that simple.

I have managed to lose 56lbs over a year by good old exercise and healthy eating but when you tell people that it's like your speaking a another language!

I say to people it can take years to put the weight on so why should you lose it overnight? ITS NOT NATURES WAY :-) now getting running..........

I lost 70-80 lbs before anyone at work noticed it.  When asked about diet, I tell them I'm on a very low carb (Atkins) diet.  Very few ask what I eat.  I'm at about -100 lbs now.  Still get a few questions.


Biggest response from those who ask is "I bet you feel better and have more energy."  I feel better from being one with a treadmill several 1-hour sessions/week, but I don't know that I feel better because of the weight loss.  So I respond (truthfully) that I don't have to propel myself out of chairs and it's easier getting up off the floor.

I like to keep it simple, eat lean meats, vegetables and get and get a little exercise... at least that's what works for me. 

Ditto to what everyone is saying.  It took me 2 years to lose my final 75 pounds which is way too slow for most people.  When I tell them it is strictly a lifestyle change that I have learned to live with, no one is interested.  We all want a magical pill but it's just not there.  Best through the holidays to everyone on your lifestyle journey!

"Control my portions and pick up heavy stuff."

I have been doing it for 1.5 months now and lost 5 lbs....but i am happy as I have not made a complete change in my diet , but trying to eat healthier and counting calories. I also exercise 5 days a week. I am trying to push it to 7 days a week......but weekends are the hardest days for a!!! keep rocking!!\m/

I just tell them that it is simple math, you have to eat few calories that you expend and you will lose weight.


I started jogging again.

I just tell them I started doing crack. :)

Original Post by crowcoa:

I just tell them I started doing crack. :)

I will admit to using this one. 


The same thing happens to me, I've had people ask others behind my back if I was sick/dying - 50lb in 4months. I've had someone reply "that's no fun" to the real answer. Usually I say I went vegetarian and started exercising and then I suggest watching various documentaries on diet. The thought of giving up burgers makes most people run so that ends it. 


I have lost 67 pounds since early summer of this year and after dropping about 40 people started to ask things I would NEVER ask anyone like... 1) if I have had one of those "lap band or stomach staple jobs" 2) if I was ill with "the cancer" 3) if I had developed an eating disorder... 

I found telling them the truth made most people look at me like I was crazy, so I would just smile and walk away :)

that is so true, I get so annoyed with people wanting to pry into my private business. Some people have had the nerve to become so outraged by my improved looks that they have become skeptics. Doubting that I will ever manage to continue looking the way that I do for very long. I find this very annoying and contemptuous and frankly I just don't say anything and change the subject or walk away. Some people feel entitled to look the way they do but are not prepared to have anybody else do the same. Kind of a strange lifestyle ownership issue. One person told me once she won't believe it until she sees me like this in another five years. People sometimes reveal themselves as trawlers or voyeristic about how they continue asking you questions about your weight loss. A matter, which frankly and ultimately, is of a private nature.

I agree with a lot that's been said already - once you tell them that you've been doing it through portion control and exercise, they immediately lose interest. For me, for some reason, when someone brings my weight loss up to me I feel kind of in an awkward I don't really like talking about it. Idk why, but I usually say to them "Just going to the gym, I love it!"

It is funny how disinterested they get when you tell them you're counting calories, and how often the DO become disinterested. It makes me kind of sad, actually, because I feel like this has changed my life, and I want to share it with people! Once you get the hang of it, it's really not so hard. I admit that before I started my journey with CC, I probably would have done the same thing. Everybody wants to lose weight, but nobody wants to put in any effort...and that is why people gain the weight they lost back when they do find those "quick fixes" for weight loss. Sometimes CC does feel like a secret, because so few people are willing to give it a chance.

I blame all these pop-up ads on the internet nowadays, promising this magic pill or ingredient that will make you lose 20LBS OF BELLY FAT IN TWO WEEKS! I think I'd be terrified if I lost that much weight in such a short space of time and would immediately be booking an appointment with my doctor, but it seems that people would rather hear that you lost weight through a quick fix like that (read: scam) instead of actually working harder for it.

I just had someone ask me about that yesterday. When I told them that I was keeping my calories within a certain range and exercising, they really seemed to lose interest. I know it's not what people want to hear, but it's the truth.

When I lost 51 pounds (went from 198 to 147) in about 8 months when I was 16 (not dieting, it just dropped off of me after a tornado destroyed my house), I actually had people saying that I was purging. It made me really mad because they couldn't have been farther from the truth. Now I realize that they were either jealous or just the type of people who had the habit of speaking negatively about other people.

I figure I'll just keep telling people the truth, whether or not they are interested afterwards. I'm working hard to lose this weight, and I'm proud of it.

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