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grams vs. calories

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Somebody, please tell me,

What's the importance of "this many grams" "that many grams" when the only thing that is measured at the end of the day in "my account" is calories ??  More than half of the foods I look up seem to be measured in grams, which I then have to convert to ounces in the converter page, which I then see shown as grams AND calories when logged.  Is it an international thing for this site for those used to working in gram language?  Sorry,  just turning into a GRAM CRACKER !!!!

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lol I know wha you mean!

It's not too hard to convert grams to calories.

1g Fat = 9 cal
1g Protein = 4 cal
1g Carbohydrates = 4 cal

Most packages seem to list serving sizes in grams too.

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Thank you for your response.  That helps.  I did a quick check to test your theory against one of my recorded "labeled" package foods - real close (off by 5 calories), and one check using the gram count in this site for a "medium" banana.  That was also close.  I think what I'll do now is use your calculations AND labels or this site's nutritional values.  Then I'll log whatever is higher in  CALORIES to be on the safe side.

One other little thing to do, but I suppose that my fingers typing on this computer to do one more little calculation will cause me to burn at least one extra calorie a day, no?   :)

Measuring by volume when cooking is not a worldwide thing and most countries go by weight instead, and most of those use the metric system.

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A food scale might help?
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