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How many grams of sugar should we be consuming per day?

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I've heard answers such as 66 grams, 150 grams and 1,000 grams.

I mean, I thought I was 100% positive when I said I believe 150 and 1,000 are too much. xD

Do any of you know the actual amout we should be getting?

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Actually, there is no daily requirement for refined sugar at all.  I quit eating white sugar and still average about 80 grams of sugar per day.  Most of this comes from milk and fruits, none from refined sugars 

As a guideline, sugars should not exceed more than 30% of calories from your daily carb total.   If I could find milk without so much sugar, I could cut my intake by at least 50%.

Anybody know of a low sugar substitute for milk?

Yeah, I average 75 grams a day and I don't eat white sugar at all.

Thanks. [=

I don't know a low sugar substitute for milk. =/ Does soy milk have a lot of sugar, or rice milk? I've never had those before. -shrug-

I limit my sugars to 8 gm/serving in order to keep triglycerides down. With a 1500 calorie daily target that seems to be keeping me in a 50-60 gm per day.

Vanilla Organic Soy milk has about 7 gm sugar/serving. Some skim and low fat milks are a much higher, and they are higher in sodium too. So Soy milk is a good alternative. I use it all the time. Have not tried rice milk because Soy is known to have a lot of positive health benefits.

i would quite like to know the def answer to this too..i was told around 50g a day from another website but i often go over this just from natural sugars. sorry i know im no help lol x

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I read that any food containing more than 10g sugar in 100g of the food is on the sugary side and less healthy. That said, you body can live without sugar. I think the Japanese diet recommends about 40g a day, but I don't think I could live on that little bit of sugar.

Sugar is something personal for everyone, I think, but there's a little slot for it on the analysis page that gives you a daily percentage.  Unfortunately, this doesn't account for the good, naturally occurring sugars that come from fruit and dairy and honey and such.

Rice milk, soy milk, and almond milk can all be purchased unsweetened.  Silk unsweetened soy milk has only one gram of sugar per serving.

The lowest sugar milk i've found is alpro unsweetened with added calcium and vitamins. It doesnt taste that great on its own but its got a creamy texture and is fine in cooking and on cereal and things.

On a good day i can eat as little as 15g of sugar, but if i pig out it has known to be as high as 230g but that was a one off!


Well, seeing as lactose is a sugar, all those lactaid-type lactose-free milks should be lower in sugar while still being real milk and not soy stuff.
Original Post by elle89:

On a good day i can eat as little as 15g of sugar, but if i pig out it has known to be as high as 230g but that was a one off!


 elle89, do you eat any fruit?  It is actually an essential part of your diet and contains natural sugars.  One medium apple has 14.34g of sugar, 1 cup of mixed berries @ 10g, etc,. 

You should be having more than one serving of fruit per day, if indeed this is where you are getting your 15 grams of sugar from on your 'good day'.

Regular pure cane sugar, as things go, isn't that bad for you in small quantities.  My concern is over the high fructose corn syrup. 

Original Post by girlhocky9:

Well, seeing as lactose is a sugar, all those lactaid-type lactose-free milks should be lower in sugar while still being real milk and not soy stuff.

When lactose breaks down it just turns into regular old sugar... it doesn't go away - that's why lactose-free milk tends to taste a bit sweeter than the ordinary kind. All they do is to put the enzymes into it to break the lactose down because that's what your body's not doing for itself. It has no more or less calories/sugar than straight milk.

There is a calorie/sugar/carb reduced milk.  It's not sold in every grocery store but you can look it up online and see where it's sold.  It's called Calorie Countdown (which is the brand) they have fat free which is 45 calories for 1 cup and only 3 grams of sugar.  They also have a 2% calorie count down milk that I believe is 90 calories, not sure of the sugar but it's obv. significantly less.  I always buy the fat free one.  Granted it doesn't taste like full milk....but it does the job with cereal perfectly, it's not bad at all....espcially in cereal because the cereal takes the flavor of the milk anyway.  I wouldn't drink the fat free one, just for cereal or shakes or baking...whatever.  I guess if you drink milk you could try the 2% one.  It's by Hood (thats the brand) and they are all called Calorie countdown.  I get mine at Kroger, sometimes Wal Mart sells it.  It's 75% less everything....fabulous!

Hope that helps


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0 sugar is best, as any fructose works against your liver to and results in fat creation and it does not suppress the body's hunger mechanism. So more sugar means you will want to eat more.

I keep my sugar under 35-40g a day. I sweeten everything with xylitol instead of sugar (keeps the cavities away). The sugar I do eat mostly comes from green vegetables (and sometimes orange ones, like carrots :D).

I've also read that "good/natural" sugars, milk, fruit, veg, etc, don't even need to be counted, it's the refined/added sugars that need to be regulated.    I try overall to keep my daily sugars to about 60 grams, and I try to get most of that from natural sources ie: fruit/milk.  I've also found "So Good Chocolate" that has only 9 grams of sugar/cup vs. 13 grams in skim milk, and it tastes pretty good too!

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I found a recipe for Low Carb Milk that contains 3g of sugar per cup.

1-2 T of heavy cream

1-1/3 T Instant Dry Milk

1C of cold water

sprinkle of salt.

Put ingredients in blender and refrigerate.

***It's really good.


the tried & true formula for sugar intake: Take 10% of your target # of calories per day and & divide by 4(# of grams in a tsp of sugar). This should be your maximum sugar intake. For example: My daily calorie target is 1350....10% of this is 135....divided by 4 equals 33.75g of sugar intake maximum. Hope this helps!

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A good option is almond milk. 40 cal 1gm of sugar per cup. blue diamond is the brand I use. Just be sure to check the calories there are a few different ones from this company. Also the one I use says unsweetened.

so, whats wrong with "sugar" naturally found in milk (and other naturally found sugars in foods)? Looks like I missed something here.

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Try unsweetened almond milk ( comes in vanilla, chocolate and original flavor)

That is a very good substitute for milk. Incase you want to use for coffee, I recommend switching to low fat half and half. I made just these two changes in my daily routine and lost 3-4 inches around my waist.

Hope this helps!


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