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so i planned out my meal today.. turns out i have 70 grams protein. thats a looot for the day. (lets just say i lovve peanut butter and had a niiiice breakfast omlette made w/ eggbeaters)

its okay to have that much protein right?
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How many calories are you currently consuming? How much protein should you be having? 
Those grams translate directly into calories.  1 gram protein = 4 calories.  70 x 4 = 280.  So that's 280 calories consumed from protein.

Having found that, take the amount of calories you wish to consume in a day, and the percentage of protein you wish to comsume.  Divide it out and see if you are within that percentage.

For those that train aerobically and anaerobically on a regular basis, it is recommended that 30% ~ 40% of your daily caloric intake to be from protein.  This will also depend on your body type.  (serious endomorphs are recommended up to 50% protein daily)
i don't train that often... and my calorie intake for the day is 1450 roughly.
So 70 grams of protein translates to roughly 20% of your daily caloric intake.  If you also ate 20% fats, you would be eating 60% carbs.  This would be a 20/60/20 ratio of protein/carbs/fat.
ie - that amount of proteins is not too much for you.  Its actually not a bad amount.  Some people like to aim for a 25% of protein, some 30%, but I think that 20% is not too bad.

What is somewhat bothering me is that you consider this alot.  How much protein do you eat on other days?  I assume you eat alot less, as you think this is alot more.  Your regular diet should be eating this amount of protein
I agree with Bigtwinky.  I do 20% myself, and many people feel that is on the low side, but it works for me.  If, on an average day, you are not getting 20%, you need to be more careful to keep your protein levels up.  I wouldn't recommend going under 20%.
i usually have around 50ish grams protein
I would up your protein to at least 70 gr per day : ) You want 20-25% of your food to be protien, 20-25% to be from healthy fats, and 50-60% Healthy whole grains, fruits, and veggies carbs.

Hope that helps : )
What she ^^^  said.
wow i had no idea i needed THAT MUCH protein!! lol guess I gotta integrate more egg beaters! lol not a prrroblem... i loovveee eggbeaters
I uped my calories and protein percentage and now get about 150 grams LOL  the percentage at 2000 calories is still about 30%  Its really not that hard to get it up, I just have to eat some plain meat everyday, like a boneless skinless chicken breast or a can of tuna.  
Remember not to do anything that you cannot sustain, otherwise you are running the risk of putting everything back on when you go back to "normal" eating.  Be aware that eating over 110 grams of protein a day over a long period may weaken your bones, because your body needs calcium to metabolize protein.  I've done quite a lot of research on protein and there is very little consensus; most recommendations come in at around 50g daily.  I think it's highly unlikely that you "need" 70g, although it may help you lose weight in the short term.  But it may not be necessary ... I usually get between 50-60g a day, anywhere from 15-20%, and I've been losing consistently for almost four months.  My $.02. 
Here is a half decent calculator to see how many grams of each macro nutrient (carbs, protein, fat) you should be eating for your diet.

http://www.freedieting.com/tools/nutrient_cal culator.htm

Aim for ranges, not single numbers.  Makes reaching the goals more realistic and less of a headache
I've personally always heard that you should take your body weight, divide that in half... And that's how many grams of protein you should aim for...

If you're muscle building, you should double that...
according to atkins... no

however i dont feel as full munching on protien as i would say something full of fiber--- so i try to eat about 70% of meals as greens and whole grains and the rest as protiens

but i do love peanut butter and egg beaters as well :)
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