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How many grams of fat, sugar, carbs, etc. daily?

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I've been paranoid recently. So far, I'm doing pretty well creating a deficit and staying within my 1200 calorie a day limit. However, now I'm obsessed with whether I should also be counting the fat and sugar content.

I know most diets preach about the negative effects of the over-consumption of fat and sugar. However, I have no idea whether I am consuming more than I am supposed to. I've also read somewhere that you shouldn't consume more than a certain amount of carbohydrates.

Oy! I knew it wasn't as simple as just counting calories. Somebody please educate me. How much fat, sugar, and carbs am I allowed daily? For fat, I try to stay within 30-40 grams. But with sugar, it's a bit tricky because a lot of dairy products and fruit contain it.
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If you're avoiding added sugar, then don't worry about the sugar.  The natural sugars in milk and sugar are "good" sugars.

Most recommendations are to get 50% of your calories from carbohydrate, 20-25% from fat and 25-30% from protein.  If the carbs are healthy whole wheat, fruits, milk, and veggies, you can up that to 60% and reduce the fat and protein to 15-20% fat and 20-25% protein.
There are 9 calories per each gram of fat. 20% of a total amount of 1200 calories is equal to 240 calories. Dividing that by 9 calories gives me the amount of fat that I am allowed to consume in a day. That equals approximately 27 grams of fat.

It just seems really difficult reducing fat so much when many foods containing protein and other beneficial nutrients tend to be somewhat high in it (dairy, nuts, and meat for example).
I reccomend getting up to 40% protein a day! But I am really trying to balance the three up to a perfect level, meaning: 33% fat, 33% carbs, 33% protein.

I don't trust carbs at all and I don't think it is healthy to up them as much as some do(60% and more). carbs will raise the sugar levels and insulin. But I am not saying high fat(60%+ from fat) diets are better eather, they are really unhealthy too. Every diet that restricts one of the three is doomed to failure and the reason for the yoyo effect after all.

Carbs are needed by your brain and the rest of your body, fat is needed by your whole body, same goes for protein, which also helps building up muscle mass. There is NO real study out there that can prove that high intakes of protein are bad, there is even one study that proves the opposite!
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