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150 grams of carbs a day? Help!

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I keep seeing talk about 30/40/30 (or something like that) but I can't seem to get that. Most of my carbs come from fruits and vegetables. On most days I have 9 grams of brown sugar with my oatmeal in the mornings. I don't understand how I could be eating so many carbs.

How do you all stay within that number? I have about 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. No cookies, no soda, no white bread, no white flour products period.

Please help,

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Fruits and veggies contain carbs too. :)
choc is right.  when I eat Fruit for breakfast I always freak out with the carbs.  I really wouldnt worry about it.  When it comes to fruit and veggies I dont think you can go wrong.
I know they have carbs...I don't think I can stick to this 40/30/40 just doesn't seem feasible if one wants to have a diet that is full of raw fruits and vegetables. I guess I would have to eat lean mean and cheese all day...

So far I think my diet has been pretty good. I just wanted to see if I could improve it a bit.


Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs - veggies, fruit and whole grains = Good Carbs.  Sugar, white flour, white grains (ie rice) = Bad Carbs

The good ones absorb slowly and help keep your energy level up so you can burn them off. The good ones contain fiber to keep your digestive tract healthy.  The bad ones absorb quickly, right into your pancreas, raise your blood sugar and causing an insulin surge, then they wear off and it drops like a stone, taking your energy with it.

I eat all the vegetables and fruits I want, have small servings of whole, high fiber grains several times a day and plenty of lean protein.  Of course, I'm not on the fast weight loss track, but am trying to gradually change my eating habits and slowly lose the weight that I put on (slowly) over the past 23 years.

Good Luck, and stop worrying so much!
Hi Cynd -

I can't seem to get my carbs under 40% either.  However, if I find that the percentages are way wacky - I'll try to make sure to eat something very high in protein.  (One of my new favorites is a egg white scramble with veggie sausage and fat-free cheese - yummers!)

Anyway, I guess the point I was trying to make is awareness is already such a key step.  Take strides to make sure you're getting the protein you need and you're halfway there!
I do 20% fat, 30% protien, and 50% carbs. Nothing wrong with having higher carbs as long as they are from  fruits and veggies and the % is taking away from your fat not your protien.
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I really believe the "low carb" craze is coming to an end.  The newest research seems to be advising us that low carb diests are not a healthy plan.  I believe getting back to basics, eating unprocesssed food, watching your fats and calories is a more sensible way to not only lose the weight, but keep it off.
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i'm with you on that moonsky9.  i don't think my carbs have ever been at 40% for the day.  but as long as the fats are in the 20's and the protein is near 30, i think it's ok for the carbs to be closer to 50%. 

the best way i found to make the ratios change in the right direction is to have lowfat cheese sticks (mozarella) and cooked egg whites handy for snacking.  i eat lots of tuna, sardines, and salmon, too.
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