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What is a good waist size?

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I just want to know what a good waist measurement is for a 5'2" person with a medium frame. For me if it is below 24 I begin to look too skinny, but with my waist size I also cannot get below a 38 inch hips with my 24 inch waist.

Currently my waist is 26 inches and my hips are about 38 inches (using the measurements of the pair of jeans I am wearing now since I can't get anything better). However, I weigh 145, most people think I weigh 130. I was just wondering what good measurements are supposed to be for someone my height and build (note that I am very muscular, I have "hikers legs")
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There is no perfect measurment for any height.  It all depends upon you as an individual.  I don't know what your measurements are on top, so you either are an hour glass shape or a pear.  Either way, guys like curves so I say rejoyce and show off that tiny waist.
for women the standard waist size for women is 33 inches or below. I have always been the same way as you and it is sort of blessing
I think for women its less than 33 inches men 35.  They say if your waist is larger your risk of heart disease increases.
You want to divide your waist measurement into your hip measurement, and have a ratio of less than 0.8 - anything higher indicates apple shape and increased risk of health problems. (Note: for this calculation, you use the measurement right at your belly button, with your stomach sucked in hard and tape measure pulled tight - to measure fat deep within the omentum, not just the subcutaneous fat).

26/38 = 0.68

24/38 = 0.63

Both are less than 0.8, so you are just fine!!

I wish I had your measurements... I'm 5'0 tall and at 26/32, just over the  0.8 mark. Yet, every time I lose a smidge off my waist, my hip size goes down proportionately too!! Soon I will have no hips at all. Long ago, before I had kids, I did once have a 23 inch waist (31 in hips). But I'm afraid childbirth whacked out my waist permanently, because even when I was body building and at my post-childbirth peak, it never got any lower than 25 inches.
I think your measurements sound hot.  My measurements are 38, 26, 42.  I am one cury lady and my BF loves it !!!!!!!
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