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Weight Loss
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Good strategy that's been helping me...

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My main problem (and I think a LOT of people can relate) is the period after dinner and before bed ... it's this point when I'm most prone to binge, or simply just snack on little sweet things because apparently that's when my sweet tooth is at its worst. I talked to my stepmom who's pretty good with the whole eating-well thing, and her theory was to have one night a week where you pretty much don't eat after about 5 o clock and go to bed hungry. I did it once and definitely lost a pound or two the next day (water weight or whatever).

Well I had to come up with a mindset where I could continue this strategy as many times per week as possible.

So here's what I do:
At night time, when I want to eat really badly, I just really really tell myself NOT to do it, and drink water or tea. The BEST way to maintain this is to fantasize about all the amazing healthy delicious things I can eat for breakfast in the morning, and then kind of just go to sleep so I can wake up and have breakfast. So just fantasize about breakfast. Then sleep. It works, I swear.

Best of luck, everyone.

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thats wonderful thank you! you have some strong willpower though. i will have to try it. and actually i should have some sugar-free hotchocolate or something that way my sweet tooth is satisfied and my bloodsugar will go up... i have a problem with light-headedness often.
I DO THAT TOO!!!!!!! Well, sometimes. If it's like 1 or 2 in the morning and I can't get to sleep because my stomach's growling, I just start to imagine what my food will be in the morning while chugging down a bottle of water. It puts me to sleep too!
oooh interesting thanks for the tip!!! i will definitely use that!!
That's a really really good idea!!!   I'm glad I read this right NOW!! lol

**Moody rolls the bag of chips back up and puts them back without eating a single one**

:)  thanks
That's my problem too -- not so much binging, but just eating a little too much in the evening. I too find that tea helps A LOT. It's all just a big game you have to play with yourself. I just keep putting off that urge to snack. I'll forget for a little while and then get the urge again ... put it off ... and then forget again. Just gotta keep doing that. I will say that if I was better about not overeating right before bed, I'd be HOMEFREE with "dieting." Don't get me wrong, I find NOTHING wrong with eating at night -- it's just that I'm not usually hungry.

But this is a good, inspirational post.
That actually is a really good idea.



Hee, I do this, too.  I lull myself to sleep thinking about what I'm having for breakfast the next day, which basically translates to, "Hmmm, how can I eat oatmeal a different way tomorrow?"  LOL.

A doctor told me once, "If it weren't for nights and weekends, we'd all be skinny."

I could never sit at night and think about tomorrow's food - I'd be obsessing!

What works for me is soaking the the bathtub for 30 minutes with a magazine.  I use some heavenly bubble bath or bath salts that will leave my skin soft and scented.  I feel all pampered like I'm doing something special for myself when in reality I'm just trying to break the cycle of snacking at night.  Positive reinforcement, I beat the craving and I deserve the pampering!

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I know a woman who has lost 30 pounds so far on a diet that doesn't allow her any carbs in the evening. She believes this works because there is a scientific reason not to eat carbs late in the day. I researched this and as far as I can see, it's hogwash... no science.  However it works for her because it is a good strategy. Like you, most people do their worst damage in the evening.

I think it is hard to sustain a diet if you're daydreaming about food.  Why not instead spread your calories out so that you plan for an evening snack?  What I do is eat 1/3 of my calories for breakfast and morning snack, 1/3 for lunch and afternoon snack, and 1/3 for supper and evening snack.  So depending on how lightly I eat supper, I usually have 100 to 200 calories left. So I use them for 100 calories of popcorn, a hot chocolate (100 calories, made with powdered milk,cocoa and sweetener), fruit or whatever. 
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it's kind of like christmas eve,  my mama always used to tell me to go to bed early so when i wake up, santa would have come and gone :)
I also am hungry after supper.  It's a long time til morning!  Last night what I tried is a hot chocolate (nestle instant mixed with water).  I added a little pumpkin spice for additional flavor.  The hot drink keeps me full.  Just wish it didn't have 80 calories in it....should have got on the treadmill, but didn't.
I do it too, but I go to bed at 6pm!! It's the only way I can keep out of the larder!!
I have tried this strategy before and boy did I lose weight! But it's not so easy and if I'm thinking about food, regardless of whether it's meant to be my breakfast, I start wanting to eat more NOW. What really helped me was just keeping busy. And NO TV because all the ads for restaurants & food make you want to eat. Hobbies help. And I like to keep up with the house cleaning at night so I don't have to worry about it on the weekends. Of course, some nights, you just want to chill out and for those of us who don't have the will-power of steel, it's a good idea to keep on hand some "safe" snacks that won't get you into too much trouble. I always keep some sugar-free/fat-free instant pudding an low-fat string cheese on hand for just such "emergencies".
I TOTALLY do this, and I thought I was the only one!  This strategy really helped me be successful at losing weight, and now that I'm trying to maintain, it is equally helpful.  I don't have a problem with night binging (thank God) and I think that it's this idea of being able to have something delicious in the morning that keeps me from doing it.  But the key is, make sure your breakfast really is something delicious!  Just one more reason it's the most important meal of the day!
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 that is exactly what i do too !!! it's all a mental thing. i tell myself that by "suffering" tonight (by not snacking/binging), i can enjoy breakfast so much more the next morning. I look forward to breakfast, and plus, i'll feel better physically and psychologically the next morning ! =)
I too have an evening snack problem. I find though that I can't not have something because my schedule tends to force me to work out in the evening so instead of having something really fatening/sweet I'll snack on some strawberries or a banana or something and have lots of water. It's really good at replenishing those lost nutrients and filling you up without all those calories
Lots of water during the day really helps me not snack at night.  Already mentioned...hobbies.  I have a craft room, and if I get the munchies (almost everyday) I head down to my little cavern in the basement, put my iPod on the speaker system, and do my thing.  I always have water with me, so I try to get a gulp in each time I have to get up from my chair, and it really helps me.  I also have made a silly rule that I never just walk in my craft room.  I have to dance from one place to the other.  Silly, I know, but every little calorie counts!  (It also helps that nobody can SEE me down there, LOL!)
I have tons of trouble at the magical after supper time.  I have fibromyalgia and have been told that fake sweeteners and caffeine could make the pain worse so I not only am trying to eat better, I am trying not to eat many sugar free foods plus have held off on my favorite drink- cocoa in any form.  Tis very very tough.  I am trying to tell myself that the effort will all be worth while.  Plus my back and intestines are having a riot on me so when I do hit the bed, I don't necessarily expect to rest.  I never thought I would make it 6 days in this state but so far I have cut the sugar way back and am still living- and being patient in the exercise department. I don't dare do much exercising cause even walking in the pool seems to increase the pain in my back muscles.  I also am hoping chiropractic treatments will decrease the pain.  I guess I am tougher than I thought.  And yes, one of the big adjustments for me has been to make myself drink water and much more than I ever wanted to.  Water is supposed to be flushing the toxins from my system.  Please get the flushing to work faster!  I am exhausted and raring to get some benefits from all this work!

Thanks for the info.  I have just started CC and training myself not to eat late at night.  This sounds like a great idea.   I was curious, do we always have to play this game with ourselves, or over time, will we just stop craving food between dinner and bedtime?     I know I'm not really hungry when it's only 2 hours after I ate a filling dinner.


This site is great.  Thanks for the help.

I drink tea too, and when I ABSOLUTELY cannot restrain myself, I have an all-juice popsicle. It's cold, so I have no choice but to eat it slowly. They're kind of hard to binge on.
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