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any good comebacks for rude remarks on being fat

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My favorite is:  Alll the better to sit on you my dear.

(I have grey hair and I say it like wolf pretending to be granny in Little Red Riding Hood).
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thats a great one!  I have some but cant say on here!
Why not? :) You should post them, then! :D
I may be fat but your a moron and while I can lose the weight you'll never stop being stupid.

I heard that one in high school a lot:)
What about hicks screaming stuff out of car windows?  I often cannot make it out anyway, but I bet a thinner person out walking would not attact that attention, unless she is a babe, of course.
'yes. and I've already eaten four skinny people, so shut yer piehole'
"You can fix 'fat', but I don't see any fix for you" 
Yeah, it can leave you speechless...sometimes you just use sign language...
    If you're totally speechless, just yell back "Neanderthal!" since anyone who enjoys insulting fat people is obviously not as evolved as the rest of us.


"And what are you doing about all the poor lost donuts without homes, huh?"
Yeah, I would say "I can lose weight, but you'll always be an ugly asshole"...but it was already used :(
when i'm out cycling i get people who will shout at me through the window as they drive by... i hate it because while it doesn't make me jump, i do tense up and just feel really startled every time someone does that... i hate it! why are people such idiots???  don't think it's b/c of my weight anymore b/c i'm only 10lbs from goal... just goes to show how stupid people are. they will harass anyone, just b/c they're there.  :(
Just stare at them as if they have said something very rude, which they have.
"How kind of you to notice." or "Thank you for noticing."

I think one of these would be more likely to make them feel shame (if they are still capable of it) than replying to their rude remark with something ... well, rude.
mmm, making notes

oh heck, makes copy, folds & puts in her pocket...
If I reply at all I say "I'm sure you didn't mean that the way it sounded, dear"  There's nothing like inspiring guilt to get back at people!  I see no reason to trade insults with anyone.
claire, i hope youdon't mind, but i've added you as a friend, you are a great voice of reason, and i like that!
my husband's favourite reply is:

'OMG! I'm FAT!? I didn't notice....idiot'
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Just say...

"you know, you confuse me....normally people of your limited physical appeal make up for it with an actual personality!"
and I've added you to mine meljo.  I'm looking forward to reading your journal.
Depending on the person I sometimes play dumb, Me fat, thank you for telling me I didn't know? or I'll call them on it. And ask them why they have such low self esteem that they have to put other people down to feel good. Usually stops them cold, and embarrasses them because it has been turned around on them.

Other times I just ignore it, some people are just mean stupid morons, who get kicks from hurting others. If it isn't weight, it would be something else.  No matter how you look or what you weigh there will always be morons in the world. Even so called healthy weight good looking women have to deal with it, just because they are women.

I"m not sure how it is for guys?? Anyone??
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