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My God. I just ate 1000 cal for breakfast

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I'm so dead today.

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what did u eat? did u log it and the total was 1000? too much man loool

show me ur log, like, post it or smthn..

No, you aren't.

Look, based on your other thread, you are burning around 2500+ a day and have been undereating (only eating 1200, which is too large a deficit).

Assuming that burn rate is right, you'd probably be better off eating 2000 calories a day, and having a 500 or so calorie deficit.

So now you have 1000 calories left for the rest of the day - I'm sure you can find a lunch, dinner, and snacks that will fit within that.

There are a lot of downsides to undereating - lack of weight loss, weight gain when you start eating normally again, and binge eating. Consider this a lesson learned, and move on by eating a healthy amount of calories for your size.

@ irock...its just a bad day. I was really hungry this morning. I think it was because of the fact that hubby and I did doubles boxing for about 45 minutes or so last night on the Wii sport. That one is really aerobic for me. I was having too much fun to stop and listen to my body which was trying to tell me "Hey, its the end of the day! Stop it! I wanna slow down!" Soooo...I had trouble sleeping...got really hungry about 3 am and stopped myself from heading to the kitchen then...

So I drank 2 Starbucks grande coffees with skim milk instead of my normal 1 cup at home, had a Whataburger Taquito and (hanging my head) cinnamon roll.

I was just really so shocked to see in less than 15 minutes of eating I racked up 1,000 calories. I haven't had a cinnamon roll in over two years. It *did* taste good.

I've been eating 300 to 350 calories for breakfast for so long that seeing 1,000 come up on the food log just blew my mind.

@ amethyst  Again, you are right. It is just amazing to me that you can put that much into your face in such a short period of time. I guess sometimes slip ups like this can just be a really good warning about the dangers of fast foods and overeating. It can happen so very fast.

I stopped and got my normal lean cuisine for lunch and I'll have a nice chef's salad with fat free dressing for supper and it will even out. Just after I posted my shocked response to the log, I was telling myself that at least I overate at breakfast and not at supper time or evening snack. I'll be going to the gym today to do strength training and get in the pool (no class...just stretches) and it will all be used up.


It's great that you have a plan for the rest of the day. But also have a plan for tomorrow. A plan that has you eating more than 300 calories for breakfast, and more than 1200 or 1400 calories for the day.

Hang in there...we all have those days!

that was my friday last week! It sucked, but I buckled down, counted calories again and kicked my arss running/lifting. It evened out. You'll be okay.

Sometimes eating a big breakfast like that will jump start us for a great day.  I don't think it hurts the metabolism at all, and may help it.


Be a'ight. :P I did something like 520 calories for breakfast today (2 sammiches and a Swiss roll). Sooo worth it.

Look at it this way, you're 1000 calories down. I don't know your stats, but you can take 1,000 more calories and fit the rest of your day's food in that range. 2,000 calories for one day won't hurt. And if your goal is higher than 2,000, what're you complaing about? :P

Hey dburns2,

I also ate most of my calories for breakfast one day. I logged in my eggs and bacons and english muffins, and I was really surprised and sort of ashamed. I woke up so hungry because I had such an active day before... I also realized that breakfast is the best time to skip on butter.

So yeah, I think we burned a lot of calories and so that's what made us real hungry because we burn calories in our sleep, and I think I was dreaming I was playing the trombone and I may have been swinging my arm out to hit those low notes, in the night.

I think as long as we keep counting and are honest and mindful of what we've taken in, even after the fact-- that it'll help. Let's just keep counting, eh?

wow, this is exactly what happened to me today!! somehow, i'm always so hungry for breakfast and before i know it, i've downed a good 600-700cal for breakfast (mostly calories from nuts since i can't seem to stop myself when it comes to nuts). but it's ok, eating 1000cal for breakfast is not as bad as eating 1000 cal for dinner-- at least you have the whole day to burn it off and plus, metabolism is generally highest in the morning and eating a hearty breakfast has been proven to be advantageous when losing weight. Just exercise a bit more than you usually would and space out your calories for the rest of the day into small snacks of 100-200 calories when you're hungry. I had a similar binge this morning so now i'm going to the gym :D

Original Post by dburns2:

I'm so dead today.

I sell Avon and one of my customers meets me at a Cafe. I was just there.

They had their lunch specials posted and I gained 10lbs reading them. Tilapia (which is good) in a CREAMY BUTTER sauce and the lobster BISQUE!  I'm so glad the places I go have the low calorie menus or I would way over eat my calories. You know what? It's perfectly ok to indulge now and then, just lets not do it daily. RIGHT? I'm going away next week for a few days and I know I'll cheat. There's an amazing Italian Restaurant across the street from where we'll be staying! I'll just get back on track as soon as we get home . . . .enjoy yourself! 

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